Jennifer And Justin Theroux’s Love Story Is Proof That Every Broken Heart Can Be Fixed

Only love can mend a broken heart.

You don’t fix someone unless you reach their heart. Love can break us apart, make us wither and scream in pain. But it will still remain the ONLY thing that can mend us. Don’t take my word for it, let Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux teach you, how to love.

Let us walk together the series of events that brought Jen and Justin together and keep your pen and paper ready, plenty of lessons in store.

The world can vouch for the heartbreak that was the break-up of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt in 2005. The much publicised split had the fans in a frenzy.

While we gorge on greasy food and tubs of ice-cream to get over a bad break-up. It is not just that easy for celebs. With cameras following you everywhere, every tear becomes news. Jennifer Aniston was at a very bad place in her life at the moment.

After Jen healed and caught control of her life, she kept doing unusually amazing work.


So, Jen and Justin Theroux first met causally on the sets of Tropic Thunder, a film Justin wrote with Ben Stiller. Talking about her first impression of Justin in the year 2007 she said,

“My first was that this was completely easy. He is funny, kind and easy to be with. I met Justin and I thought, “Woah, he is very sweet”.

But I remember thinking he was very dark too.”


While shooting for the film ‘Wanderlust’ in 2010, their romance officially began. And from what we could tell they had fallen in love. But they did not make it public as Justin was going through a break-up with Heidi Bivens, who he dated for 5 years. 

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In 2011, they came out to all fans when they attended the MTV Movie awards together. Then, they made most appearances together. It seemed like Jen had found her lobster!


While promoting their film, ‘Wanderlust’ in 2012, Jen was gushing over his brilliant skills as an actor. In this interview published by the Mirror– they had adopted a puppy together! Jen said –

“I just didn’t recognise when we were at the camera test for Wanderlust because there was all this hair and the beard.

That is the beauty of him and who he is as an actor. He disappears and the character comes through. He is brilliant.”


On Justin’s 41st birthday August 10, 2012, he popped ‘the question’ on their romantic getaway in Rome! While Jen and Justin have always kept their relationship private, Justin’s spokesperson told Us –

“Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage.”

And that was it! They were and still are the sweetest couple there can be. While fans and reporters asked them about their marriage plans, they would always say that there is no “rush”.


Eventually, on the third anniversary of their engagement and on Justin’s 44th birthday, they tied the knot in a secret wedding at their Bel Air mansion in 2015! They made us wait three long years, but it was worth it.


Since then it has only been uphill for Jennifer and Justin. Very soon after the wedding, Justin appeared on the Ellen show and was so excited about being married. He said –

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And while promoting another film, a reporter got her hands on some TMI from Justin! Who doesn’t love that?

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And Jen just cracked up, just like that! We have no clue what happened to Justin after that.


In an interview with a magazine, Jennifer said the sweetest thing she could say for Justin. She has always many times said that he is brilliant human being; but this summed it all up.

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Life doesn’t always work the way we want it to. But in the end, it all happens for good.

To find love in this ever changing world is a tough task, to accept someone with all their baggage and quirks is the biggest sign of love there can be. I am glad our lobsters found each other.

We wish you a long life of love and togetherness, Jen and Justin.


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