Girls Suffering from Anxiety Are the Strongest Girls in the World!

Although it’s thought that people who suffer from anxiety are emotionally weak, their ability to survive when they’re burdened with debilitating and depressing emotions is proof of their mental strength.

In fact, anxiety tells people that they are unworthy and weak, as well as that they should not even get out of bed at all. It actually needs great willpower to face the day and get ready despite such compulsions.

Moreover, if an anxiety sufferer manages to be positive, productive and sociable, they need to be praised instead of being blamed for anything.

In addition, just because a girl is suffering from anxiety, it does not mean that she is weak. The truth is that she might be one of the strongest girls you know. She may be simply experiencing anxiety.

She is definitely strong as she is in a continual battle with anxiety. As we have already mentioned, her anxiety may be telling her that she is not strong. Also, it may be telling her that she should not get out of bed and that she should not speak up.

Sometimes, the girl listens to what the voice is telling her. However, sometimes she ignores it and finds the strength to smile, get outside, and socialize.

She breathes, even if her breath is shaky. She speaks, even if it is with a cracked voice.

It’s easier for her to call in sick from work, cancel plans, or skip class. Sometimes, she actually does it since she does not want to be around people.

However, the girl usually does everything she needs to do. In short, she gets up, takes a shower, dresses, and gets shit done.

She may get distracted during the day. Even the smallest thing may send her mind spinning. It includes a strange look from a coworker or crush, an email she does not know how to answer, a text from a person she did not expect to hear from.

Although she is suffering from persistent self-consciousness, she does not pay attention to the way she thinks others are judging her and looking at her. She simply tries to be positive and productive. Furthermore, she focuses on what is really important to her.

She does not allow anxiety to control her life. She is actually a warrior. She also puts in too much effort.

Many people do not want to get out of their comfort zone. However, she gets out of her comfort zone each day. She is not relaxed as she is usually on edge.

This means that she is constantly learning and growing. She often surprises herself with how strong she could be.

It is good to know that girls suffering from anxiety are, without a doubt, the strongest people in the world, since they don’t have a minute of peace.

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