Autism & Aspergers. What’s the difference?

What is  Asperger’s Syndrome?

And autism spectrum disorder

  • Autism affects individuals in different ways,butgeneral symptoms include impairments in speech or communication skills that are usually recognizable from an early age.
  • The disorder can affect the individual’s motor skills as well, and those affected are usually less likely to make eye contact and may have a fixation on specific parts of objects.
  • Individuals with autism sometimes lack interests in developing relationships with their peer as well, and can sometimes lack the desire to engage in make -believe play

How is it different from classic autism?

  • asperger’s syndrome is,in many ways, a milder form of classic autism.
  • whereas those with autism do not attempt to create relationships,children with aspergers’s syndrome attempt to have interactions with others, through they may have difficulty understanding conventional social rules.
  • aperger’s syndrome does not usually affect language and communication skills as severely as classic fact,those with asperger’s usually have a good handle on language skills without a speech delay.


Autism & Aspergers. What's the difference?

Autism & Aspergers. What’s the difference?

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What is the difference between Asperger’s and Autism Classic?

That is a question that often I come across in groups of which I am part, many people still do not understand the difference between an inconvenience and another.

What most people know today is that both one as the other is part of the disorders that make up the TEA, which is short for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

This consolidation of the disorders on one thing, has left many confused people, but I will try to explain as simply as possible in this article.

First we need to know a little more about one another, and let’s start talking about Asperger’s.

An Asperger’s is a person whose main characteristic difficulties in social interaction and sometimes it can be a bit clumsy, due to some engine problems.

Despite this fact, one Asperger’s can lead a normal life, without being dependent on their parents, usually an individual who has Asperger’s has an amazing ability to learn, even above the average of many other people who are seen by the world as ” normal. ”

In the case of Autism Classic, these individuals tend to be more dependent on their parents, they also bring with it the motor difficulty and the difficulty in social interaction as its main features.

What differs Autism Asperger Classic is the intensity of these aspects.

Difficulties in communicating an Autistic Classic tend to be more pronounced than those of an Asperger, there are many cases where an Autistic Classic begins to speak his first words after many years after his birth.

Another aspect which differs Autism Asperger Classical is the level of the nerve crises that these individuals tend to have, a seizures despite severe Asperger’s tend to be less intense than a classic Autistic may present.

Another point that I can mention as a watershed between a disorder and the other is the diagnosis, usually the diagnosis for Autism Classic arrives early in the life of individuals, as for Asperger, he can spend a whole life without knowing your frame.

This is because, as mentioned above, an Asperger’s can lead a normal life with only some behaviors not very conventional.

An individual who has Autism Classic tends to have a higher level of inattention and are more impulsive, about 5% of individuals who have Autism Classic in their lives, have their learning abilities above average, 40% of them have normal levels learning and 50% of these people tend to have some sort of mental retardation associated, which can sometimes hinder its development.

Finally it can still be cited the fact that an Autistic Classic, present some other associated disorders, something that is not very common in the case of people who have Asperger’s.

In both cases, a suitable treatment is indicated, that can develop in this way the best possible way.

And how could it be different, you must remember that both a Classic Autism, Asperger’s as a not like to be seen as “different”, seek to treat as a “normal” person, even if he is eccentric.

When an individual feels part of something, it tends to have better results in its development, hope to have resolved the doubts pertaining to the subject!

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