Because one can not Asperger eye contact during conversations?

Eye contact during a conversation, can be a challenge for a person who has Asperger in your life!

Today’s article will deal about a subject which is routinely approached by people who have some kind of contact with individuals who have Asperger in their lives.

As always we perform once again we will remember that Asperger Syndrome nowadays more widely known as the most mild of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

And these people who have ASD tend to have difficulties in social interaction and may also have some motor problems due to a “deficiency” in its coordination.

But other than that, these individuals can lead a very normal life, like any other “normal” person.

It is known by those who live with these people that they have some characteristics in his personality that differ from the rest of the people living in the world around them.

One is due to the difficulty of having a dialogue face to face with a person and keep a direct eye contact to the same.

This usually occurs due to the fact that Asperger feel uncomfortable to look into the eyes of his interlocutor, this discomfort tends to distract these people.

And because of that, sometimes they tend to focus their look in other directions, something that may end up bothering the other person you are talking with Asperger now.

For those unaware of the “peculiarities” that these individuals tend to take their personality, they end up thinking that Asperger may not be fully interested in the subject, or that is being “arrogant”.

There are cases in which these people even say to Asperger about them actually do not look in the eye during a conversation, it is because the vast majority of people seen by the world as “normal” tend to talk looking one in the eyes of others .

The question to look into each other’s eyes during a conversation tends to convey more security person who is the listener of a certain conversation, so that in the item relationships, lack of visual turn, may eventually lead to the interpretation that one party is hiding something.

This is a far relative and complicated for an Asperger’s very complicated to have to live with this issue, many can maintain eye contact without problems, others have many difficulties to do so.

Our advice in these cases is that these individuals, seek to look at the line up of the person’s eyes, which is talking, focus his gaze on the brow or forehead or hair.

In this way the person in front of you, will think that you are looking into your eyes and be safer you are interested in the subject that she is telling you!

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