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Why are some Aspergers afraid to enter into a loving relationship?

Today we will talk about a subject that we have discussed here on other occasions, a subject that is a very delicate subject in the lives of many people who carry the Asperger, or even the TEA, as it is known today.

It is never too much to remember that Asperger’s Syndrome today is termed the mildest degree of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Its main characteristics are a certain difficulty in social interaction and still some motor problems.

But these individuals can have a life, very close to what is nowadays seen by society as “normal”.

Relationships for people who have Asperger’s in their life has always been and always will be a big dilemma, because, for these people, usually starting a relationship with someone else is an arduous task that demands too much of themselves.

This usually occurs because of the difficulty these individuals have in social interaction, something that is essential for a relationship to be initiated.

Usually these people, even if they are interested in someone, end up not knowing the correct way to reveal this feeling and so they may never get to have a relationship.

Because communication is a barrier to these people, even when they can practice it, they still end up dealing with other internal conflicts.

This is because a person who is Asperger tends to act more thinking about his reason, and so these may end up putting in the balance the pros and cons of a possible relationship with a particular person.

And they may come to the conclusion that it would not be advantageous to give a segment in that relationship, when we say that, we are talking about the fact that these people usually measure everything that occurs during the relationship.

Another interesting point in this sense would be the fact that these people end up creating false delusions even before a more concrete relationship is initiated.

As mentioned above, these people tend to be more rational, and thus they try to have control of all the situations that occur in their lives, and it is at this stage that enters the aforementioned fact, when they begin to like someone.

These individuals may end up projecting situations from which they may occur, in case he takes the courage to act and reveal his feelings to the other person, in these hypothetical situations, he may end up concluding that it might not be a good idea, try something, or even create false illusions and be very disappointed when they do not occur.

Our advice in these cases is for the Asperger to try to think of today and leave the “tomorrow” for later, we know that “control” is part of its essence, but trying not to think about the future, it may be that it is different from the that could be in your projections!

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