Because Aspergers are so sincere?

The issue today is something that many people who live with a person suffering with Asperger’s Syndrome, or with one of the other degrees of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) faces.

It is the sincerity of these individuals, which for some is seen as a “quality” and to others as a great “defect”.

This is because generally the Aspergers tend to be sincere in almost all subjects.

This excessive sincerity could end up putting in the “fair skirts”, since there are situations in which we should not use all sincerity, so as not to hurt the people we are having a conversation on an issue “delicate”.

But this is not always noticed by Asperger which may end up saying something that he himself noted that it was “inappropriate” at that time and thus tends to suffer from the fact that he could have hurt the other guy with his “mouth uncensored.”

This sincerity “uncensored” may happen for Asperger account say what he is thinking, not caring what it can cause.

But there are people who love this eccentric sincerity in Aspergers and end up asking things to them, which are sure that others would invent some “lie” so as not to hurt the person in question.

Usually this occurs, for example in visual changes, where one question like this. And the vast majority of people say a “white lie” that the person was fine with the new look, even if you’ve been bad.

Asperger already tends to tell the truth even if it hurts the “ego” of his interlocutor.

The biggest problem this sincerely, is in the most extreme situations, such as at work for example.

Where Asperger to be wrapped in a subject, just giving his opinion on something, even if that is contrary to the central idea of the rest of the group.

Causing some discomfort at all, and especially with Asperger itself tends to perceive the “act” that spoke more of “should.”

One thing is certain in all this, honesty is something that is part of the essence of an Asperger’s and they need to learn to “control it” best so that do not end up causing “discomfort” to other people end up being “impolite” determined theme.

For people who ask something and want to hear something else, it is the message. A Asperger will tell you the truth, be it you want to hear or not.

So let’s use that old saying, where “You say what you want and listen to what you do not want!

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