How are hiperfocos in Asperger?

n this article we will talk about the “Hiperfocos” that both are common in people who have Asperger’s Syndrome or any other of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Hyperfocus is the name given to the interest “above” the normal for certain activity. Activity this passing is almost compulsory for the individual who is Asperger.

This “abnormal” interest for certain activities is often one of the “symptoms” most used by the family to note that the individual may have some of ASD disorders. Or some other disorder that makes it to hold your particular activity and is not interested so much for others.

Aspergers have several hiperfocos and tend to talk a lot about this issue and sometimes when they try to include in a group in society use this issue to try to make conversation with others.

What for it is extremely interesting for the other “normal” people it is regarded as the subject of a “crazy” and that this individual begins to suffer from social exclusion.

Another curiosity about the hiperfocos in Aspergers is almost the dominance by interest in any branch of science.

Many are interested in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and other subjects that are part of the exact disciplines.

Generally these materials are not very interesting in the eyes of people “neurotípicas” and so end up unable to understand the reason for so much excitement on the part of Asperger.

One of the problems is that these hiperfocos these sometimes become almost as an “obligation” for Asperger’s and if it does not do can get extremely upset and often aggressive. Even if you do not have this behavior.

This happens it feel like you have not performed a “task” which should have done and thus torture because of that. Aspergers has major trends of suffering by simple things, such as failing to follow his daily routine for some reason not regulate who has taken their activities are changed even momentarily.

When this occurs, usually these are remembering, almost obsessively so did not given task and the stress appears and “crises” tend to happen when this occurs. But this is another matter and will be dealt with in a future article.

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