How are the crises that an Asperger?

In this article we will address one of the issues that most concern the relatives of people who have Asperger’s syndrome, or any other disorder that is part of the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

We will talk about the crises that are sometimes experienced by these individuals and you end “scaring” the family not knowing quite how to handle the situation.

These “attacks” usually occur when the Asperger is going through a very stressful situation, or when they are upset about something.

Or simply by being hyper stimulated, which in other words, would be placed under “pressure”.

These crises can sometimes be dangerous for the individual and very “scary” for parents, or for those who are nearby at the time that this “attack” is happening.

In these crises Asperger tends to get very busy and usually has a “mix of emotions” and may feel scared, confused, frustrated, or upset.

This usually happens in cases where the individual failed to accomplish something that for him is of great importance (One of his hiperfocos, for example).

Or when this under “pressure” to perform some task that is having trouble running, or also to be stressed to go somewhere, which does not feel completely “comfortable”.

Usually these crises, Asperger’s tend to have symptoms of anxiety and is very common, present crisis shortness of breath, sudden crying spells, pain in the rib cage in the heart and lung area, and a great sense of utter discomfort leaves and “disoriented” and beside himself.

They can end up saying things that have no control and that can hurt those who are nearby.

This ends up happening because at the time the individual is under “outbreak” and does not quite know what they’re saying, and so may regret later.

With all that stated above, it is for families seeking to understand the best possible way this difficult time and look Asperger try to calm it. So that it returns to its “normal” state.

Sometimes necessary in these cases are only positive words and said with great calmness and clarity to how the individual feels “safe” and calm down.

In other cases a hug can also be welcome, this act helps a lot to control the symptoms of anxiety, but should be used only if the individual to accept well, because otherwise can further worsen the crisis suffered at that time.

One thing is certain, these crises suffered by Asperger not only is it you need to calm down, but who is around you as well.

With parents, relatives or keeping control of the situation, these crises can be contained in more effective ways and occur less frequently.

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