New facts about Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence

In this article we will talk about adolescence in patients with Asperger syndrome. As everyone should know and have already lived or are still experiencing.

Adolescence is one of the most complicated stages in the life of an individual, be it a “normal” person or an Asperger carrier or any other disorder whatsoever.

It is in adolescence that the greatest changes occur in the lives of individuals, whether they are physical, hormonal or psychological changes.

It is during adolescence that much of the social life of an individual starts. And for those with Asperger’s syndrome that is one of the most difficult stages of their lives. As everyone should know by Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that affects social interaction of individuals who possess it. Something which can hinder communication of these people, and that makes young people isolated from the rest of the world and often depressed.

In adolescence with all the hormonal changes taking place, young people with Asperger’s have a whirlwind of sensations and so end up having difficulties understanding social conventions and are still difficulties in expressing clearly what this feeling.

At this stage of life the interaction of parents with young it is essential, since they had to be your “guide” for the young Aspergers adapt to all the changes that are happening to him. Careful attention should be paid on all the child’s actions.

According to Spain’s Asperger’s National Federation the main difficulties faced by Asperger’s adolescents are listed below:

  1. Emotional immaturity
  2. Interests at odds with their age
  3. Aware of the difference and loneliness
  4. Feelings of incomprehension
  5. feelings of vulnerability
  6. Depression
  7. sudden stress
  8. extreme anxiety
  9. Auto Abandonment
  10. Increased hiperfocos

All of these factors listed above are presented in young people with Asperger’s, of course in each individual these factors appear at different levels.

The stage of adolescence, according to modern science is the cycle of life going from 10 years old up to about 19 years, when the young leaves of being a teenager and becomes a young adult.

It is in adolescence that Asperger’s patients suffer a lot because of their difficulties in making new friends, not because they do not want it, the more they do not know well how to accomplish this simple task.

This because they did not know for sure how to start a dialogue that can be understood by others of their age, as young people with Asperger’s tend to have interests not too conventional to the rest of young people taken by society as “normal.”

Because of all these factors often these adolescents with Asperger become isolated and lonely beings, by not to approach others for fear of being seen as a “crazy” with issues “bizarre” and nothing interesting.

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