As it is for an Asperger use public transportation?

Today we will talk about something that is typical of anyone who needs to go to a certain place and not to have its own transportation.

In this article we try to speak as a person who is Asperger, deals with the fact of having to use public transportation to go somewhere!

How is knowledge of those who follow this blog, a person who has Asperger’s main characteristic difficulties in social interaction.

Given this fact, as it will be for these people to have to stay in a place full of people around you?

Usually these people get a little uncomfortable in these means of transport, of which others in their majority are unknown to your side!

But you are wrong who think that the discomfort they feel is with the fact that many people out there, on the contrary, they usually think in these situations is whether someone will sit next to her, and even if that person will pull any subject matter.

Remember that what we are saying does not happen to everyone, but it is a valid question, an Asperger sometimes prefer to be alone in your space, either in a bus, subway, or on a plane, just so you do not talk with someone close to him!

That we’re talking about happens, because these people have a certain fear of ending up talking about something that another person who is at his side, does not understand well, and so can the bad way to judge!

In view of this we have cited, the vast majority of individuals Aspergers often use these means of transport, using headphones, so that no person around you the bother!

As we have already mentioned, this is not a rule, but it is what we see out there, and you is that Asperger’s and frequent public transport, as acts in these places? Tell us below !!

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