How when the family does not accept that the child has Asperger?

How is the life of an Asperger when your family does not accept that it has the syndrome ?.

We’ve talked a lot around here about Asperger Syndrome which nowadays is known as being the most mild autism and can be termed as simply TEA, which is short for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

An Asperger person is a high performance autistic and may have a “normal” life because of having adequate considered development and in many cases even above the average of the general population.

Their main difficulties can be summarized by a “deficiency” in social interaction and even in your motor functions, as many individuals who have Asperger’s tend to have some difficulty in their motor coordination.

The diagnosis for this syndrome is difficult to reach, this because it is not a “problem” as known by the population as a whole and there are few professionals who end up becoming more professional in this regard.

The diagnosis also becomes complex due to disorder identification difficulties, which can sometimes be confused with other problem.

Usually most individuals suffering with Asperger, spend their entire lives without having the diagnosis confirmed.

But there are cases in which the diagnosis is reached, but the family of the individual refuse to accept it.

That’s because these days the “autism” is still seen by society with prejudiced eyes, where people believe that these people are unable beings and that may never have a fully independent life.

In other words, much of society considers an autistic person, as a “delayed”, “crazy” or something of this sort.

And it is precisely because of this reason, many families refuse to believe that your child suffers with Asperger. Even if the experts responsible for the diagnosis, explain more about autism these refuse to believe that diagnosis.

And so who ends up being affected is the individual who suffers with Asperger because he is missing the chance to get a “treatment” that can contribute to your life to be a little less “difficult”, as these individuals will have to face several challenges along their journey.

Challenges those who have already been addressed to the extreme here in this blog.


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One thing is certain in all this, if your child, or close relative has been diagnosed as a “carrier” of Asperger do not think of all the stereotypes that society can the frame.

But think only in himself, with qualified professional help for proper treatment, life of family and Asperger itself tends to be simpler.

As for the bias, this is far from being exterminated, but it that old saying “Who are you to judge my life. You pay my bills? “.

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