Because some Aspergers have imaginary friends?

Today we will talk about an interesting subject that we have seen for some time and discussed in one of the groups in which we participate.

In this discussion, some members of the group talked about the fact that they have imaginary friends, does that is a common feature among people who have Asperger’s Syndrome in their lives?

It is always good to remember that Asperger syndrome is named as the most mild of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), its main feature would be some difficulty in social interaction.

Given this fact mentioned above, it is quite possible that the creation of a friend that only exists for the Asperger’s can be much more common than we think.

This is because we believe that these people tend to feel “isolated” in the world, and how can not perform “real” friends, just by imagining a friend for you, and pass well to have a fictional friendship with this.

Some studies have been made in this direction and they say that the appearance of imaginary friends are more frequent between 5:07 years old, which is when the individual begins to have an understanding of the world around him.

According to these studies, these imaginary friends tend to benefit the life of the individual who imagines, that because they supply the “grace period” for affection that they have and also help the individual conquer “fears” to be afraid to face alone !

Thus we can say that imaginary friends only bring benefits to those who idealize, so if you know someone who has an imaginary friend, do not worry! Tell us below you ever had an imaginary friend?

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