How is the writing of an Asperger?

Today we will talk about a very interesting subject, is that people have in their lives Asperger’s syndrome, which nowadays is classified as the most mild of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), has a problem with his handwriting?

Remember that among the main characteristics of these individuals, we have a difficulty in social interaction and even some problems with motor coordination.

These “problems” with the coordination, causes several individuals who have Asperger in their lives, have difficulties in writing made by hand.

Generally these people, however attempting to make “beautiful” letters do not end up having a handwriting that “fill” the eyes of those who read it.

This difficulty of writing a “cute” way is still perceived in the early school years, usually these people try to improve their calligraphy the most they can, but never come to a sweet spot.

Some even try to make known to use “copybook” it would be an excellent tool to improve your handwriting, but even with this tool in hand writing is not improved.

Given all the above mentioned, it is the Asperger accept that your letter is not the best, but it is at least readable, is already great!

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