Month: March 2018

POT LUCK Where is cannabis legal, which countries have the harshest penalties for smoking weed and will it be legalised in the UK?

Via-The Sun news UK Prison time, hard labour and DEATH are among the most severe penalties WHETHER or not cannabis should be legalised is a debate that has [...]

20 of the Most Excruciating Pains a Human can Experiences.

A question many ask but few dare to answer. Would it hurt more to break a rib or have a hernia, is it worse to have appendicitis or punctured lung? Or [...]

How when the family does not accept that the child has Asperger?

How is the life of an Asperger when your family does not accept that it has the syndrome ?. We've talked a lot around here about Asperger Syndrome which [...]

As it is for an Asperger use public transportation?

Today we will talk about something that is typical of anyone who needs to go to a certain place and not to have its own transportation. In this article we [...]

What To Do If You’re Abruptly Cut Off Your Opoids

It seems there are two kinds of opioid-using chronic pain patients these days: those whose doctors have abruptly cut them off from their opioids and those who [...]

This Powerful Herbal Tea Can Treat Fibromyalgia.

Due to our busy and hectic lifestyle, we rarely have the time to eat healthy anymore. Most of us eat an unhealthy diet which consists mainly of processed and [...]

Lupus and Depression: It’s Not Just Sadness

Lupus and Depression: It's Not Just Sadness Those who struggle with lupus often experience overbearing symptoms of depression, which are usually tied to [...]
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