Month: April 2018

Your Fibromyalgia may be the Cause of Occipital Neuralgia

One of the worst things about fibromyalgia, besides the chronic pain and fatigue, has to be the way that people who suffer from fibromyalgia are at risk of so [...]

White Blood Cells Test Can Detect Fibromyalgia: New Findings

Suffering from fibromyalgia means dealing with pain, sleep disturbances, depression, and thinking and memory problems. Just as hard can be the skepticism [...]

Workout Stay Fit and Beat your Fibromyalgia

Best Exercises for Fibromyalgia Get active Walk Heat Stretch Lift lightly Fibro fitness can reduce pain Fibromyalgia [...]

Knitting Linked To Reducing Depression, Anxiety And Chronic Pain, Report Reveals

The researchers suggest knitting could 'save the NHS funds' By Rachel Moss Knitting could save the NHS vital funds [...]

Fibromyalgia Can Mask Chronic Inflammatory Disease of the Spine and Pelvis, Study Suggests

Fibromyalgia symptoms can mask the presence of chronic inflammatory disease affecting the joints of the pelvis and spine, according to new research. The [...]

21 Symptoms Kids With Fibromyalgia Had That Were Brushed Off as ‘Growing Pains’

By: Paige Wyant As a kid, I would lie awake at night crying because my knees ached so much I couldn’t stand it, and the muscles in my legs felt so [...]
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