What Is The Importance of an Asperger’s have a job?

Does having a job, make a difference in the life of an Asperger?

Today I will narrate the article in the first person, as the treated subject requires some practical examples and thus, will be based in my own story to try to make my opinion clear on the subject.

As you know good of the people who frequent this blog, a person who has Asperger Syndrome in your life, tends to have difficulty relating to others and may still be half “muddled” due to some mobility problems.

It also never hurts to remember that Asperger’s is now rated as the most mild of Autism Spectrum Disorders or simply TEA, as it was more popularly known.

Given these characteristics mentioned above, it is clear that through the lives of these people, to be fraught with difficulties, and work is not much different.

That’s because when inserted in the labor market, Asperger have to leave your “bubble” and face the world around him the way he is, it is due to that fact that defend both the Question that an Asperger need simply be an ordinary person like any other, to say that I’m not telling anyone to pretend to be what it is not, I’m just telling everyone to be himself!

But back to the subject, is the work that many of the interpersonal relationships of these people is started and many face great difficulties, as it has certain “deficiencies” to abide by orders that are not narrated clearly and specifies another point of difficulty is the the fact of not knowing to behave well in a group of people, something almost essential in most professions.

Only it will be that the work has some importance in the life of an Asperger?

In my humble opinion that once did stress that can not be the same as others and do not want it to be, I believe that a work can help and a person who carries the Asperger in your life to develop more effectively.

This is because to have a function within a company, as stated above, the Asperger’s can not live in the parallel world which many live, and will need to learn to deal with the world around him.

It might be hard at first, some may have to adapt, but as already mentioned several times here, an Asperger can be a “normal” person like any other out there, it just is not like most, but between us who is equal to all?

Thus I conclude this article by saying that if you are an Asperger and has willingness to work, do it, it helped me a lot in my development before working at a company I had little notion of the rules of the world and suffered a lot with everything I learned to deal with people, dealing with tasteless jokes, dealing with my differences for the rest of the world, in other words, I learned to be me, not wanting to pretend to be someone else!



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