Canadian Government Warning against overdose Because 59 people died of Marijuana overdose in Colorado and Washington after legalization

Canada is the second country in the world after Uruguay to declare marijuana cultivation and sale legal throughout the country. The new regulation came into force during the night of Wednesday. In Germany cannabis products are considered as illegal addictive substances. Possession, cultivation and trade are prohibited.

Mortler called for greater prevention of over-consumption of alcohol and new smoker products. With electric cigarettes or water pipes there is “a clear upward trend – both in adolescents and adults,” she said at the launch of the new drug and addiction report in Berlin. “Even in Germany, alcohol is still drunk too much and, above all, far too thoughtless.” This had to be changed, because alcohol was a real problem for many people.

The number of drug-related deaths in Germany fell slightly last year for the first time in a long time to 1272, as previously announced. The main cause of drug-related death is the overdose of opioids such as heroin and morphine. Concerned experts also observe an ever-increasing range of new, mostly synthetic active ingredients, some of which are difficult to analyze.

Berlin (AP) – The Drug Commissioner of the Federal Government, Marlene Mortler, has criticized the nationwide legalization of marijuana in Canada. This was “a capitulation” and a step in the wrong direction, said the CSU politician.

She pointed out that cannabis did not have anything in common with the substance of 20 years ago, but had become much stronger. Instead of legalization, it’s about getting advice earlier. Mortler made it clear that in this sense she was in talks with the motto “help instead of sanction”. For a while, she did not give details of possible new solutions.

Also the union of the police criticized the step in Canada. “If a ban, it is simultaneously suggested that something is not so dangerous, as has always been alleged,” warned the chairman Oliver Malchow. “Given the serious consequences of regular cannabis use, especially among young people, releasing would put too much risk at risk.” It is also a misconception that the legalization of a banned substance reduces associated crime.

Marijuana has caused a lot of controversy the past few weeks after it has been legalized in Colorado and Washington. There have been 59 reported deaths in both states due to marijuana overdoses. FBI agent Ronald McGuire says “I know mary jane is some good sh*t but you have to learn to control it”. It is not yet known how much marijuana the individuals consumed.

Reporters are telling us that most of the individuals who died were cremated and had so much marijuana in there system that funeral home workers and crematorium workers were all “Blazed as f*ck” while the cremations were happening and even reported to be high even after 5 days. Reporters are also saying that the families of the deceased also smoked their ashes and got “extremely high” and the ashes are now being classified as a type of marijuana called “Super OG death grip k*sh” and can only be found in the ashes of people who died on marijuana overdoses.

The names of the 59 victims, ranging from 14-58 years of age, have not been revealed and will most likely not be revealed. Colorado and Washington are also considering making marijuana illegal now because of the deaths.


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