A Pop-Up Shop at a Portland Florist Is Selling Cannabis Bouquets

This weekend, Starflower florist on Southeast Hawthorne will be host to a “Cannabis Flower Bouquet Pop-Up.”

Among their usual flowers and greenery, these colorful collections contain extremely fresh and subtly fragrant Oregon sun-grown hemp flowers from East Fork Cultivars.


Starflower will be selling “bud vases” that contain some gorgeous, CBD-dominant, very-low-THC, and terpene-rich cannabis flower (AKA craft hemp), along with non-cannabis flowers in the arrangement for $15, $20, and $25, with full bouquets from $50 to $100 upon request.


These beauties got comments from my Lyft drivers to and from the Mercury offices to be photographed. They have a mild cannabis smell—not an overpowering skunk aroma, but one certainly indicative of their shared linage with its THC-heavy relative. The buds are vibrant and rich, and pair remarkably well with the other flowers. “We’ve wanted to create and sell cannabis flower bouquets for years,” writes East Fork Cultivars’ co-founder and president, Nathan Howard.


Lots more photos after the jump.

wearing a hat while reading this, please make sure you have a firm grip upon it, because these have an extra bonus—YOU CAN SMOKE THE DAMN FLOWERS WHEN THEY DRY. No, I’m not kidding. These are CBD-rich, and as Howard says, “Some dispensaries in Portland have the same flower on their shelves for three times more than Starflower will be charging.”


These would make fantastic conversation-starting centerpieces at dinners with family members, and could help open the discussion about the differences between hemp and cannabis, CBD and THC, and how pretty the flowers look. When seen next to other, less-regulated flowers, it helps reframe the conversation about “weed.”


Starflower, 3564 SE Hawthorne, 11 am-6 pm daily











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