Use this Thyme remedy and say bye to Lupus and Fibromyalgia

Modern life has made us unhealthy, We have fast foods all the time,We live in pollution, We have stress and we work too much. These things damage our health and we have many problems. We can treat things with drugs, but always try natural remedies first. Thyme can make us healthier a lot and has minerals like iron, calcium, potassium and [...]

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Defeat Fibromyalgia and Take Back Control Of your Life

Its Time to Make Peace with Fibromyalgia A diagnosis of fibromyalgia usually morphs into a feeling that life is nothing more than illness. Despite the pain and the fibro [...]

Asperger’s syndrome: How ‘Aspie’ diagnosis slipped past world expert Tony Attwood

That's the question that Professor Tony Attwood still mulls over and deeply regrets. The clinical psychologist is recognised as a leading authority in the diagnosis and [...]

Maximum Relaxation:Finding The Best Muscle Relaxer for Fibromyalgia Pain.

Muscle relaxants are pain medications commonly used to relieve suffering caused by numerous illnesses, including fibromyalgia. Muscle relaxants help to ease tense muscles and [...]

How parents can help a teenager with anxiety or depression

A new study has revealed that half of young people experience a problem with mental healthA new study has revealed that young people's happiness has dropped to its lowest [...]

Autoimmune disorder lupus may be triggered by body’s bacteria

By Jessica Hamzelou The bacteria living in and on our bodies don’t always work in our favour – some seem to provoke the autoimmune disease lupus. The finding suggests [...]

Pediatricians Call For Universal Depression Screening For Teens

Only about 50 percent of adolescents with depression get diagnosed before reaching adulthood. And as many as 2 in 3 depressed teens don't get the care that could help [...]

This Breathing Exercise Can Alleviate Depression or Anxiety Almost Immediately

This Breathing Exercise Can Calm You Down in a Few Minutes “It’s totally private. Nobody knows you’re doing it.” Although venture capitalist and author Scott Amyx [...]

Your Fibromyalgia may be the Cause of Occipital Neuralgia

One of the worst things about fibromyalgia, besides the chronic pain and fatigue, has to be the way that people who suffer from fibromyalgia are at risk of so many other [...]

White Blood Cells Test Can Detect Fibromyalgia: New Findings

Suffering from fibromyalgia means dealing with pain, sleep disturbances, depression, and thinking and memory problems. Just as hard can be the skepticism from friends, [...]

Workout Stay Fit and Beat your Fibromyalgia

Best Exercises for Fibromyalgia Get active Walk Heat Stretch Lift lightly Fibro fitness can reduce pain Fibromyalgia causes chronic body [...]
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