When I first started using cannabis, I was a victim of the fear setup by the propagandists in my life – parents, teachers, and politicians. Of course, my first time using cannabis came before smartphones and the current prevalence of cannabis information, so I was at the mercy of the old guard. Despite my cautious approach to cannabis, I pushed through and enjoyed the experience. The experience of being high consistently comes in phases for me, some of those phases I was warned about, and others I discovered on my own. The following seven stages of being high might seem familiar to you, and you might have a few of your own to add to the list.

1. The build-up

Comparable to when Skrillex prepares to blast a crowd with the bass cannons, the build-up to smoking cannabis can be exhilarating. You’ve taken the time to get your favorite strain, figure out how to consume it, and then find your stage. Preparation is key, and the anticipation is one of the best parts.

2. The Drop

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Commence cannabis cannons. Whether you eat an edible or light up a blunt, the moment that “THC bomb” hits your system, you are sent into the stratosphere with a boost from the good ol’ cannabinoids.

3. Bring on the clouds

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Some people reach stagess of “highness” that allows them to become euphoric and nearly out of body. Lifted up, up and away with pleasant feelings of serenity. Perhaps you are consuming cannabis for different reasons—and instead of being out of this world, you are hyper focused and ready to go to work.

4. Deep Thought

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I don’t care what the reason you chose to consume cannabis was, the moment of deep thought and reflection after consuming cannabis is inevitable. It may come as, “What did I just do” or, “Why is the sky blue” or, “I want to do that again.” Regardless, cannabis will send you deep into the nooks and crannies of thought.

5. Paranoia (hopefully not)

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Paranoia is one of those negative aspects of cannabis use that the propagandists love to bring up. It is true; sometimes cannabis can speed up your heart rate and perhaps make you question your very existence. Try not to let these thoughts overcome your wonderful experience. Think about big and open spaces with lots of fresh air and happiness!

6. Groggy munch time

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Coming down from a cannabis buzz is almost as much fun as the ride up. Just make sure you don’t have any obligations pending. Indulge yourself with tasty treats and comfy sofas. Turn on some tunes or the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

7. Rinse and repeat

Obviously, you went through the last 6 stages by choice, so why not do them all again. If you have snuggled up on the couch, set up your viewing options, satiated your hunger, then the time is now to do it again. Think about it like you do desert!

I hope these seven stages of being high resonate with you like they do my friends and I. If you have any other stages that you think fit into this puzzle, I encourage you to let us know on social media, or in the comments below.

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