13 Habits of People with Concealed Depression

Depression is something that should not be taken lightly. It is a serious condition, that is not easy to notice. Sometimes people suffer from depression for months or even years without knowing about it.

Depressed people want to keep their troubles to themselves and don’t want to burden others. Here are 15 common habits that depressed people have, so take notice:

1. They are often talented and expressive

A lot of famous people have experienced depression. This might have even given them more greatness, because of the deeper emotions. Depression is not always easy to see, but it usually reflects on the person’s creations, whether it is music, art or writing.

2. They search for purpose

People, who suffer from depression, need to have some purpose or meaning in their life. They do not want to live a regular life, they want to accomplish great things and somehow change the world.

3. Sometimes they cry for help

There might be a tiny sign, but if you notice it, try to help them as much as possible. Usually, people do not want to seem weak, so they hide their true feelings. If you are close with someone, who is depressed, they might turn to you for help.

4. Substances affect them differently

Someone, who is dealing with depression knows, what helps them to ease their pain. They know that sugar and caffeine will make them feel better and also some medicine can help. But usually, same drugs do not work the same way on them as on ordinary people. For example, a simple painkiller won’t assist them with their headache.

5. They think about death a lot

Depressed people reflect on the meaning of life and what comes after. They are often curious about the concept of mortality. Some people with deeper issues also deal with suicidal thoughts as well.

6. They have irregular eating habits

Some people forget to eat at all, or they just do not want any food. When they are feeling their worst, everything makes them feel sick. Others tend to eat a lot salty and sweet snacks while they are feeling down. Anyway, none of them eats regularly nor in a healthy way.

7. They have strange sleeping habits

Like with eating, some depressed people cannot sleep at all and lie awake at night in the bed. Others have a hard time getting out of bed because they feel tired and unmotivated all the time. Irregular sleeping habits can affect both the physical and the emotional well-being.

8. They have abandonment issues

They feel insecure and are always afraid that someone they love will walk out of their life for good. Living in fear all the time is exhausting for them, but they just cannot chill down and go with the flow. They become more secretive and with that tend to push their loved ones away.

9. They are great at cover-up stories

They can hide their depression in a very believable way if they want to. They are professionals at coming up with different excuses and cover-up stories for not answering the phone or having not slept at all during the last night. They are also masters at changing the subject quickly.

10. They might have habitual remedies

Depressed people, who acknowledge their problems, often want to make changes. They try different things to make them happy. For example, they can take up a new hobby, go traveling or find new people.

11. They try to look happy

People, who suffer from depression, do not want to burden others, so they hide their real emotions very well. They can even make their closest friends believe that everything is fine. They might look happy and healthy on the outside, but inside they might feel like dying.

12. They seek love and acceptance

They needed to feel safe and loved like everybody else. They even need it more than others. Depressed people tend to hide their true feelings, but not because they want to be fake or dishonest, but because they want to protect themselves and others.

13. They have a hard time shutting off their brains

They tend to overthink everything that happens in their life. They might lie in bed awake at night and think about all the conversations they had during the day. Analyzing every situation and person can be quite exhausting, and they start to imagine things that did not happen.

If you know someone, who is suffering from depression, try to be there for them and help them. Sometimes all they need is a friendly face, who will listen to them and comfort them. If you are the one, who is depressed, try to seek help. It is always easier to handle things when you share them with someone you trust.

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