Q?Can cannabis or cannabis oil cure cancer?


Jen Geller, BRCA1 prophylactic surgery & breast cancer support

Cancer in this context is such a generic term. There are many different types of cancer , each with many variations. Every one responds to a different type of treatment. Some don’t respond to any.

So while some studies show that cannabis oil can help with some cancers, calling it a “cure for cancer” is ridiculous. The best use for cannabis with cancer is using it in conjunction with chemotherapy, in order to help mitigate the side effects of the treatments

Even though studies show it has cancer-fighting abilities, that’s not the same as cancer eradication. It may slow down tumour growth, or even shrink some in some cases, but to eliminate it, even if it theoretically could, would likely take too long. The reason screenings are done is because a cancer stopped early is a cancer that is less likely to come back or spread. Survival rates are much higher when this happens.

Many cancers can be extremely aggressive, and the longer a tumour stays in your body, the more likely it is to metastasize. This is why surgery to remove it as soon as possible, followed by aggressive treatment to kill cancer cells left in your bloodstream – as fast as possible – is the wisest option.

Cannabis has many uses, including helping with cancer treatment. It is not, however, a “cure for cancer”.

I will also note that some people have very strong allergic and non-allergic reactions to THC. In these cases, it’s not a matter of building up tolerance, because every attempt makes the reaction worse, even if it a minute dose. This means that the use of cannabis (other than CBD) is not possible for everyone.


MaryAnne Lucas, Cannabis patient and advocate.

There have been many anecdotal reports of people claiming that cannabis oil has treated their cancer; and by treat we mean that it has actually shrunk or cured tumors/cancers in many cases of different kinds.

There may be few but significant studies proving that cannabis (due to its status as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States, this makes it difficult for scientists to effectively carry out human trials), or cannabis oil can treat cancer and its symptoms, but there are several forms of anecdotal evidence. One of the most popular of these is the story of Rick Simpson, who developed his own cannabis oil to treat his cancer – you can read his story here: Phoenix Tears | Rick Simpson

The National Cancer Institute also acknowledges the ability of cannabis to treat cancer cells: Cannabis and Cannabinoids, and even the US government admits that cannabis can treat cancer: US government finally admits cannabis kills cancer cells

Here’s a link to a site with dozens of studies proving that cannabis can treat cancer, as well as hundreds of other conditions: 700 MEDICINAL USES OF CANNABIS SORTED BY DISEASE

Cannabis oil is just a method of ingestion, but the general consensus in the medical community agrees that cannabis indeed can treat cancer. Using cannabis regularly regardless of your choice of administration can also help prevent inflammation, which is a primary cause of several life-threatening cancers


Ash Wilson-Smith, 4th Year Medical Student.

Marijuana is not an effective treatment modality for any type of cancer, as we currently understand.

There are some interesting experimental studies that have shown efficacy in targeted cancer cell therapies, but these are probably decades from being clinically relevant/applicable. That’s the truth of it unfortunately, and buying into magical cancer cures will only bring heartache and anger, presumably.

It is a highly effective pain relief/nausea management option, but that’s about it. Here are some high impact studies on marijuana’s pain relief properties, if you’re interested:

To be 100% clear – you’re not going to find any reliable studies or articles on how cancer can be cured by marijuana, or any of its derivatives. That’s coming from someone with no confounding biases/prejudices and as a training medical professional.

In terms of its pros and cons as a pain relief treatment – by all regards, it’s quite brilliant for cancer-related pain. Minimal to no side effects, and at least in the short-term*, no risk of conventional smoking-related diseases.

*Note: Long-term studies haven’t been conclusive on the risk of typical smoking-related diseases (e.g. lung cancer) with marijuana use – most are inconclusive or are of poor design. More studies are currently being conducted, as this continues to become more relevant to everyday practice.

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Cannabis kills cancer, there is no question.

Original Question “Has marijuana ever completely cured cancer?”

Cancer can never be “completely cured” it is impossible since defective cells which may become cancerous are discarded by a healthy immune system every single day. It is when your immune system cannot keep up, it tries to protect you by putting those cells inside a tumor, which are symptoms.

So, “Has marijuana ever completely cured cancer?” yes, as much as cancer can be completely cured, it has. There are countless stories of real people who saved their own lives, many under threat of arrest.

We have to start with Ricky Simpson, who found out cannabis oil cures cancer down in Nova Scotia, his case went to that province’s Supreme Court. 2008 NSSC 57 (CanLII) excerpt – The pre-sentence report shows that he has a grade eight education, as well as courses through the community college which caused him to become a stationary engineer. He was convicted by a jury of simple possession of cannabis marijuana, possession for the purpose of trafficking, and production.

[2] The first count on the indictment, the crown rightly points out should be stayed on the basis of the Kienapple principle, and that count is stayed. The possession for the purpose carries a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment, and the production one of seven years.

He almost got 12 years in jail for curing cancer with cannabis oil.

His story….

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? (2011)

**Updated July 23, 2017 there are 1318 studies posted to PubMed cannabinoid and cancer – PubMed – NCBI

Science Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells | CBD-Healthcare News

Granny Storm Crow’s List has provided a valuable resource of studies by conditions including cancers THE LIST

There are some patient stories and studies here at

Cure Your Own Cancer dot org Home

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