As an Asperger deals with forgetting?

Today we will bring back a very curious matter to be discussed, which will be the reaction of an Asperger person to have to deal with forgetting?

Forgetting to do something is a boring thing in anyone’s life, but what about people who have Asperger in their lives, will be that this is even worse?

Before we sequence in the text, we must remember that nowadays Asperger syndrome is classified as the lightest degree of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Its main features are due to difficulties in social interaction and even some problems with motor coordination, the more these people can have a “normal” life.

Now back to the subject of the day, forgetting is something that seems to be becoming a routine part of our day, the rush that we have in our lives, do we often end up leaving to do something that would be important and only we remember of it, hours later.

For a person who has Asperger most of his life under “control” by almost always follow a routine very well prepared, forgetfulness can be a big problem!

That’s because when a person who has Asperger forgets to do something you find important to you, this person just can not think of anything else other than the subject which forgot to meet!

We know cases in which forgetfulness, ended up being the precursor of an anxiety attack, all the guilt of the act of forgetting some specific subject.

Obviously, what we are saying is not a general rule for any person who has Asperger in his life, but that does not make it be interesting, do not leave!

And for you that is Asperger, or who has an Asperger in your life, how to deal with forgetfulness? Tell us below in the comments !!!


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