5 Common Myths about Restless Leg Syndrome

Despite the fact that about 10% of U.S. population suffers from RLS, the condition often goes undiagnosed. For most patients the condition is merely an annoyance or as serious as an itchy toe. This lack of awareness has led to several misconceptions about this problem. The five most common myths are listed below;

  • RLS is a Concoction of Pharmaceutical Giants to sell their Drugs: Drug Company advertising has in fact helped in increasing awareness of this condition. The experts believe that RLS is a real condition, established after a lot of research and efforts are on to create a laboratory test to confirm patient diagnosis.
  • Symptoms are always mild: This is a common misconception especially with those who are not the sufferers. The truth is that the disease is progressive and it only becomes worse with age.
  • RLS affects only pregnant women: RLS is found to be common in pregnant women but in pregnant women this problem is mostly temporary and often disappears after the delivery. For majority of patients it is a lifelong condition and it often worsens with age.
  • RLS is hereditary and runs in family: There is a strong relation of RLS with genetics, and up to two thirds of patients have some familial connection. However researchers are not sure as to how much of this is caused by genes or if there is any connection at all.
  • RLS affects only adults: Though the condition is definitely more prominent in adults but there are a sizable number of children who exhibit its symptoms. About 75% of children affected with RLS were found deficient in iron which has been attributed to presence of lactic acid in their milk, interfering iron absorption.

It is important that a person remains vigilant of these and other myths and shall always have a true picture of their condition. If there is some doubt regarding any symptom, it is always best to consult a doctor and have it checked and properly diagnosed..

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