Self –Help treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS is a permanent and lifelong condition and a person suffering from it has to learn ways to deal with it. This condition is more common in its mild or moderate form where medication in not normally prescribed. Medication may provide immediate relief but it has side effects and as such it is not recommended for long term use. In such a situation, it is best for a person to look for self help treatments.

  • One must be careful in their eating and drinking habits. A wide ranging diet rich in iron, folate and other minerals and vitamins is very essential. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine based beverages is strictly advised.
  • Alcohol and other stimulants or sedatives are to be equally avoided. Any medications based on these should not be taken.
  • Stress can be a big aggravating factor in RLS symptoms. Practice some form of relaxation such as meditation etc. to reduce stress.
  • An active work setting can be another solution for those experiencing daytime symptoms. Take frequent stretch breaks at work.
  • It has been found that pressure can help in reliving some discomfort of restless legs. You may try wearing compression socks or stockings to see if they help.
  • It is important that your friends, family members and co-workers are aware of your condition. This is likely to make them more accommodating and as a result you will be more comfortable.
  • In situations where movement is restricted such as in movies or while travelling in plane or train, it is advisable to take an aisle seat so that you are free to get up and move.

The treatments listed here may not completely erase the symptoms but if a disciplined approach is followed, relief can be obtained to a great extent.

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