Reseller hosting. We have reviewed and listed all the best reseller plans.

Talk about giving power to the little guy. As a preliminary stage of signing up as a reseller host, you should know what this type of hosting entails. Software like WordPress, Joomla! As the market started to grow, more and more people were interested to get their online presence and with that more money has been spent on web hosting services.

Over 10 credits cost $37 per unit. All reseller plans include free WHMCS billing software, backups, and enom domain reseller. You can use your allocated hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of other companies and individuals. Its load times are among the fastest in the industry, and the features are fine for most resellers.

  • For instance, some hosts provide your customers with technical support, while others expect you to provide it yourself.
  • Will they guarantee 99% uptime or better?
  • There are pros and cons to this approach.
  • Nevertheless, there is still a wide variety of pricing in the industry for the resale of TLDs and gTLDs under service plans.
  • While it may not offer the cheapest packages, the services it provides are well worth the price.

After all, this will be your partner, and you can expect your future public image to match theirs. In the world of hosting, it hardly has a reputation at all. InterServer provides hosting for those who require consistency, transparent pricing, and great performance.

If you don’t need any particularly crazy features, ResellerClub is the way to go. 99/mo, GoDaddy’s deals are far from budget-friendly. Sitejabber score — 3. Enrollment in our Reseller Hosting 101 course is 100% free, regardless if you decide to signup with us or not! It's a top choice overall, and VPS and reseller hosting plans are particularly strong. 99 a month, well worth the extra unless you have very few customers. If you pay monthly, they cost $24.

HostGator’s top package offers 140 GB of disk space and 1400 GB of bandwidth. Let’s dig right into its offer. Just in case a client deletes something important, we perform automatic backups of your data every 24-36 hours. GreenGeeks has fantastic features, is great for learning, and, if I might add, has support that are real Linux reseller hosting experts. This is because once you acquire a customer, it's fairly easy to keep them for life or several years. We want all of our resellers to create long-term successful businesses that are able to help spread our high quality hosting exponentially.

DomainRacer provides high uptime, reliability and excellent end-user customer support with affordable price.

Top 3 Comparison Chart Breakdown

Reselling with GoDaddy, you are betting on a company with long experience and an extensive portfolio of hosting solutions. That’s just $3. Anyone looking to start up a small business may consider reseller hosting. You need to buy a minimum of five credits to get started initially. Instead, plans are priced on a per client basis, which could get more expensive than other providers on our list, such as GoDaddy, which offers unlimited client accounts as part of its Pro Reseller plan.

  • With the GoDaddy reseller program, you can set your own profit margins (how much you charge the end-user), so you can control how much money you make from each product you sell.
  • If there is a problem on their website or they have to fix their email setup or submit the most recent variation of WordPress, they’re going to concern you.
  • You can’t blame Scala for lack of reseller choices — there are four shared and one managed VPS deal to pick from.

The Top Website Hosting Reseller Program

Sure, the server speed is above average. What’s more, InMotion Hosting’s 90-day money-back guarantee on reseller accounts gives you plenty of time to make sure your reseller business will succeed for the long haul. It is a difficult task to choose cheapest reseller hosting India because we don’t have experienced and also having an issue with the fund for testing to choose the right top web hosting reseller plans package for our business. The support could definitely use some improvement, though.

9% Uptime

The good news is, this guide has been created to not only explain what reseller hosting is, its pros and cons but how to find the best reseller hosting service for your needs. 800 GB Accounts : Nonetheless, it's all very much worth it as A2 Hosting includes a ton of great features for its resellers. To affect our business, providers had to offer unlimited bandwidth. You get 90/120/150/240Gb of storage and unmetered bandwidth. But in some cases, it can be a benefit to use the parent company’s brand as a selling point, and it means that you can potentially put your customers in touch with the parent company’s support department for complex questions. What additional services can be rebranded and resold (VPS, Dedicated, Domains, etc.)

These are usually people for whom they already manage websites and who pay for shared hosting. Find answers, share tips, and get help from other WordPress experts. Privacy is very important here. Individuals wanting to have a voice can leverage a website to express their freedom.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is not for everyone. 95/month (50 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, unmetered resold accounts), the Standard plan costs $33. Join now (it’s free)!

SuperCacher is SG’s proprietary solution for optimizing and speeding up websites.

All of our Reseller Plans include these features

Want even more added value? Credits never expire, so you can use them to add or renew accounts at any time. Firebase summit 2020, because response time is a fundamental metric for any website, using a CDN to lower latency and increase performance is often a requirement, especially for a site with global web traffic. The private DNS function lets you mask your nameservers. InMotion’s accounts are plentiful, but that comes at its price. The reseller focuses on marketing and sales while leaving all of the heavy-lifting to the larger hosting service. This could mean buying new CPUs, RAM, and more on a semi-regular basis. 99/month for the Enhance plan. Test how quickly they respond to tickets and live chats.

GoDaddy – guarantees excellent performance for unmetered resources. The all above points are very important for top reseller hosting companies 2020 which helps you while choosing the best reseller hosting providers 2020-19 for your business site. It’s up to you how you run your business.

Also, there is a limit on the number of cPanel accounts, based on your plan. Most of them have comparable costs and their plans match up rather well. We’ve all come across amazing stories of people becoming online entrepreneurs in various ways. Saying that this is restrictive would be an understatement.

ResellerClub’s features put them among the top reseller hosting providers.

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There's a single free domain if you need one (that's one domain for the entire plan, not per cPanel account), no setup fee, and you're protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee in case something goes horribly wrong. 9% uptime guarantee, white label customization, 24/7 support, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Yes, free reseller accounts exist. Our recommendation is to check at least a few different user review platforms to minimize the risk of fake or sponsored reviews. I think you must aware about what are top reseller hosting services and their features. The services are monitored by a group of administrators, which make sure that everything works in tip-top condition, including up to date server backups. After that, you just need clients. Resellers act as separate hosting providers, and for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee the hosting provider will create a virtual private server (VPS) and make it available to the reseller.

Before you choose a reseller hosting plan, it’s vital to understand what factors you need to consider beforehand. AwardSpace, ResellersPanel, and 50Webs are some of the most prominent companies that let you become a reseller with zero investment. As cost will always be one of the main factors in our buying decision process, hosts tried to compete by lowering their prices to the bare minimum until we eventually saw the first free reseller hosts. All reseller web hosting clients have the option to stack more cPanel accounts, coming at only $4/mo for 20 additional panels. As for tech support, we sent three questions regarding account isolation and malware prevention and patiently awaited our response.

It’s a renowned hosting provider around the globe, and the best of all is that with GoDaddy reseller hosting, you have the freedom of selling it on major platforms, including GoDaddy’s website builder, SSL security certificates, domain names, among others. The reseller package you choose affects the amount of work you’ll have to do, too. You’re already handling things like development and design, so why not handle the hosting as well? It does go the extra mile and includes a bunch of additional cPanel features like Apache handlers, IP filtering, and password protected directories. You can’t get 10,000 visitors in one minute and expect the server to handle it. Unlike with other alternatives, with us, if you make no sales, there will be no charges.

Each individual customer usually has their own unique login to a cPanel account for domain management and server administration, which can also be rebranded by the reseller.

Final Thoughts

We reviewed over a dozen popular reseller web hosting providers and chose the six best—including the best overall—based on price, storage, bandwidth, reseller options, client management, uptimes, and customer service. Now, imagine those prices come renewal: Test hosting providers for reliability and speed to set your customers’ websites up for success. All wanna-be resellers can choose from 5 plans all of which include: Reseller hosting allows you to sell white labeled hosting services to your clients under your brand name.

The company was founded in Ontario and first entered the market as a dedicated server and hosted application supplier. The more you buy with GG — the better your rates get. Some focus on performance, while others focus on reliability and support. Enjoy 300GB of RAID Protected Disk Space and 500 web sites with our Enterprise Plan. Reseller web hosting provides a simple way for web designers to offer additional services to their clients while making extra money. You might also want to check out our other website hosting buying guides: HostGator is one of my favorite web hosting companies that always delivers intuitive tools, competitive pricing, top-level support, and exceptional performance.

Not only with the reseller revenue cover your own web hosting costs, it’ll put some extra bills in your pocket — paving the way for reaching new audiences and upgrading the infrastructure powering your burgeoning business. There are four packages on offer for both Windows and Linux servers. This gives you SSL for 100 domains, but it costs $159. This also allows you to make a profit on your own customized hosting packages. Forget about complex upgrades and server downtimes involved — you are always online and in full control with HostPapa. We’ve put particular focus on the features most important for reseller hosting such as the plans you can offer to the clients, white labeling, the control panel, billing, and CRM software. A few providers go as far as letting you pick your control panel. It is a master in providing all web hosting plans at low-cost in the world.

Reseller Hosting - Loaded With Features!

Their customers never know who’s providing the hosting on the other side. We hope it will give you valuable insights and help you start your own successful hosting business. Do you want to learn to programme with it? While the idea of adding a supplementary or even a main income through reseller hosting may be tempting, you need the right hosting provider to help your fledgling business soar.

The best reseller hosting provider for most people is definitely HostGator.

Some of you may not have any experience with reseller hosting. There is no free billing tool on the lower tiers. We still had a whopping 1 00+ hosts to sift through. It is available by live chat, email, a support ticket system, and by phone at 888-404-1279. You can’t create any additional accounts. For now, there are better options. What is the best reseller hosting company? When you choose to become a reseller through an existing hosting provider, they take care of all of this work, and all you need to do is sit back and watch the subscription fees roll in.

99/month with a 12-month contract $14. You can sell domain names, business email, website builder packages, SSL certificates, and so on. 39/mo, there are certain conditions attached to it.

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And split it into 10 plans which costs $9/month. So let’s not waste any more precious time and dive right in. Yes, we will transfer your site for you. If you’ve read the reviews, you know there are plenty of awesome reseller hosting provides out there. A2 Hosting is one of those providers that gives you complete freedom. The R-1000S plan costs $13. Boy, where do we start?

Our list of the best reseller hosting also includes ASmallOrange’s reseller hosting plans, which use enterprise class server hardware (Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors and SSD storage in redundant arrays), custom access (full FTP & SFTP, phpMyadmin database management, SSH access, etc.) With it, you get the Plesk panel. R-2020S costs $29.

Because it allows customization at the client’s side; this secures your brand name and appears on the client control panel. Free WHMCS, Free cPanel, Free Dedicated IP and a Free eNom Domain Reseller account are just a few of the tools that you get with InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting program. Providers owned by GoDaddy or EIG often underperform in the post-acquisition period because the hosting behemoths “optimize” everything for profit, not performance. Contact us today to speak with the best reseller hosting provider in Colorado. The company offers extensive international coverage, utilizing servers in eight locations on four continents. Trying to get any useful information from the GoDaddy operators is like fishing — you have to be patient and ok with the fact you might not catch anything. All of InMotion Hosting Packages Come With: