Fatcow Hosting Review

The same goes for WordPress optimisation features, advanced site protection and the performance accelerator. Reliable and affordable minecraft server hosting, the program will generate a world and configuration files, as well as text files to use as lists to either allow or block players. Individuals always select the business using fatcow hosting according to the fatcow hosting review to provide good internet hosting in order that they just need to pay money for the website and its particular hosting companies. We highly recommend FatCow for business use! Now that’s a mighty high price for a simple shared hosting plan and it’s definitely a pricing trick that you shouldn’t put up with.

  • Or, maybe we’re jumping to conclusions – though, it’s still a bit odd.
  • It's not only a distraction, but it makes you feel inundated.
  • Give them a ring at either of the numbers below, or feel free to access the Live Chat function.

The company even has a “Heifercratic Oath” you can check out, which promises to contact you within your first 7 days of use, and adhere to the highest standards of staff training and answer calls within an average of one minute every day. Best web hosting companies in 2020, they even followed up with me to make sure everything was fine. And even fewer have stuck to their core product like FatCow has. It is again owned by the web hosting giant, Endurance International Group (EIG). Nonetheless, we decided to test their services to see if they were true to their word. 00 a year and can be used for domain parking.

You have a choice of themes and there will be some pre-installed plug-ins as well. As a short-cut to a solution, the support offered to install WordPress for me. These include: It serves as a middle-of-the-road package for growing businesses. To upkeep their uptime, FatCow claim to have thrown in a content delivery network and super-fast caching to optimise your WordPress site further; another great offer as WordPress plug-ins can work more efficiently. Simple tips to hire the best dedicated server hosting provider, if you have any cons about Liquid Web, put in comments. They jumped up from honorable mention to top-tier status. Let’s look at just one good example of FatCow testimonial (which is listed as number one reason why FatCow clients are mooing with delight):

  • They're Eco Friendly - Who wouldn't sleep better if they knew that hosting their website didn't damage the environment so much?
  • A lot of newbies fall for manipulatively inflated ratings on fake, paid and affiliate-biased hosting review websites and then, having chosen FatCow, begin to suffer.
  • InMotion’s cheapest plan is not that much more expensive than FatCow – and it’d be well worth it.
  • We feel it’s about time we sat down and took a good, hard look at the provider, especially as we’ve already covered some great hosting options like HostGator and InMotion.


At one time, it was a promising service with a lot to offer its customers, but that time is gone. The 10 best video hosting sites in 2020, " Many of these companies also offer their own user-generated video sharing website both for commercial purposes and to show off their platform. Designed to be a provider that sticks to the grass-roots approach, FatCow’s service target audience appears to be small businesses and personal pages. Free is fine for a small and simple website. There are two types of SSL certificates available – Positive SSL (low cost security available at a price as low as $31. )FatCow uses a custom control panel instead of cPanel. 99 12-Month plan:

  • For this testing, I use a website-monitoring tool to track my test sites' uptime.
  • Fatcow comes with one great hosting package that fits for all types of customers and their needs, as well.
  • Uptime refers to the percentage of time your site will be online throughout each month.
  • It can save you sometimes from a bad decision.

FatCow Web Hosting Packages

Adding new FTP accounts is the simplest it can be. If you are interested in creating a web-store, some of FatCow's tools also allow users to create their very own customizable web-store. There are advantages to using FatCow’s web hosting services. When it comes to money, there area a few other areas worth mentioning about the company’s hosting plan. On face value, you would imagine that their hosting services will support developers more so than beginners, though judging from the mixed reviews we’ve come across online, it was difficult to identify FatCow’s outstanding features. The “Original FatCow” and “WordPress Hosting” plans use a custom control panel built on vDeck.

You can also get email spam protection for an additional $9. I suspect that FatCow wants you to use a credit card because they know that you have less control over automatic payments scheduled on your credit card by FatCow. Their shared and WordPress plans include a free domain, website builder, and unlimited disk space. It’s not a FatCow issue. If you run a thriving business and need a dedicated server, this is the plan for you. As always, the customer support team assists the customers at every step. 99/month and offers 4 GB RAM and 500 GB storage. Depending on the one your choice of pick, it can be even cheaper than the plan discussed above.

  • Though not the cheapest on the market, their plans are reasonably priced even with the add-ons; yet, SiteLock’s features, we believe, are worth investing in!
  • 9% up-time guarantee.
  • Shared hosting is like living in a four bedroom apartment with three roommates.
  • Credibly backed up by EIG.

Our Verdict: Outstanding Tools for Beginners

If you're planning to use WordPress, upgrade to the Essential Plan since the solid-state drives will help you with a better experience in the long run. Expect to wait around 15 minutes on hold or in the queue for chat support, and over a day for a response via e-mail. Add or edit system MIME types. Image hosting, these sites are also a great way to share photos with friends and family. Their allocated memory is consistently lower than the competition.

What is FatCow?

This plan is best if your business is just joining the online world. Google domain review (march 2020): 8 pros & 2 cons using it! FatCow team is monitoring their servers day and night, and is able to solve any issues regarding up-time in very fast. Our readers can currently save 64% on FatCow hosting by using this special discount link. If you are curious, just Google something like “what’s wrong with EIG hosting” and enjoy reading. We did add in the pros section that they offer unlimited bandwidth, emails, and storage. This hosting service would be an excellent choice for a business looking to make their website more responsive and increase the customer self-service appeal of your site!

SSL Certificates

Customer services and technical support are provided 24/7 by the MooCrew via email, phone or online chat. Most people were annoyed with long waiting times and long delays in between responses. Benefits, only advanced users should select default. There are two WordPress hosting plans from which you can choose: The company utilizes two data centers in the Boston, MA area. The main concept of the company is to provide simple hosting solution for individuals and small business at an affordable price and eliminate as much as possible the need of technical knowledge. Assuming you have an existing website hosted somewhere else, FatCow will help you transfer it free of charge.

Best Web Hosting Service for You!

Now for the surprise! It doesn’t make sense to go with FatCow if you can get the same for less. You should not count on getting a perfect software that will be suitable for each company regardless of their background is. Representatives were not knowledgeable about their products and services. If, after a bit of time, you find that you've outgrown your shared plan — your site has grown much larger, you're seeing much higher traffic levels or both — you might consider FatCow's VPS hosting plans. FatCow is a company that provides web hosting services. No web hosting company would be complete without a domain registration service, and thankfully, FatCow offers this, also!