Best Linux Web Hosting Providers With CPanel

Not being affected by other users was the whole point of getting a dedicated server in the first place. However, while deciding on the dedicated server hosting to implement, it is vital to put into consideration various factors prior to taking the jump. If they don't, they suffer for it in our scoring. SECURITY Each deployed dedicated server is secured by essential physical, network, account and application security options. You can start updating your website any time you wish to do so. This is despite the fact that Windows, its key rival, offers several user-friendly features. The main features of this provider are the following: Since its founding in 2020, it has served customers ranging freelancers to Fortune 500 companies across the globe, strengthening its market position both locally and internationally.

The custom dedicated servers are pre-installed with LAMP. This may be expensive, but it avoids disappointments when the website becomes clogged. Most of all, undertake a fact-finding study to establish whether the host can install extra software such as 1-click software installer (Softaculous), billing software (WHMS) and others if needed. CloudWays is another good web host, the service offers high-quality hardware and lots of features that a few companies offer.

All servers come with RAID-1 storage.

If not, they may offer the service as an add-on. Instead of answering our questions in a personal way (which we loved about Liquid Web), they provided a lot of links that provided more than enough information. Cloudways hosting plans feature ready-made CDN, auto-healing servers, and optimized stacks for improving server load times. The best hosting provider is the one that understands your project’s needs and knows how to address them. A2 Hosting ranks at or near the top in our speed and performance tests. This kind of power doesn't come cheap, and although there are some good signup deals around, you can easily spend $50-$140 a month and more on just a basic package.

IPv6 Support

Put it all together and the Hostwinds dedicated range is refreshingly honest. Disk mirroring. They have by far the best speed we’ve seen in the industry (248ms). More CPU means your projects can grow bigger and run faster. Within the web hosting business, the term dedicated server is used in reference to the rental, as well as, exclusive utilization of a computer, which encompasses a web server, the related software, not forgetting the internet connection, usually housed within the web hosting firm’s premises. When you go the dedicated hosting route, it is even more crucial that you read the terms and conditions of the plan before you sign up. No access to the physical server and risk of losing data if the provider is unreliable or inefficient, and does not backup up properly. On the contrary, through the years, DreamHost is continuously launching new services and daughter companies.

You can expand it too because of the enormous bandwidth that you get with it. No matter what kind of website you want to host, it runs smoothly, and it’s a reliable and affordable web hosting business that you can count on. FastComet is arguably among the fastest web hosting service you can get, so if you’re after speed, consider FastComet an excellent choice for you. Choose our Managed Dedicated Hosting. If you don’t realize that now, you may experience the painful epiphany when your system goes down over the weekend and you don’t know why (or worse: )Also, we weren’t exactly thrilled to find out that cPanel is not included in their price plans as most people need one to set up their site. Hosting is like renting a virtual plot of internet space for your website.

One of the advantages of the Intel Xeon is that it can offer dozens of cores (4 or 8 are more common). HostPapa has a 100% wind energy powered data centers. With every plan, you get a free SSL certificate.

  • Many providers will object to sexual or graphic content, some types of political content, and material that violates copyright law.
  • Utilizing a system steering framework is an incredible method for giving excellent systems administration.
  • It is largely dependent on the distance between the server and the client(your website visitor).
  • Bluehost is falling behind in almost every aspect.
  • Lastly, what kind of support does the hosting provider give to the customer?
  • On the other hand, if a comet struck a web host, few would blame them for taking just a second to get your site back up while they looked for a broom.


Beyond this Bluehost manages all servers in-house making this more reliable. Besides their supreme speeds, they are only slightly above average in everything else. This encrypts and secures the data between the server and the remote admin computer, hence making harder for the hackers to intercept and capture the server login information.

On the off chance that entrepreneurs are worried about one key angle, at that point that is security. Bluehost is like a good reliable friend – it’s been in the industry for a long time and never fails to deliver what they have promised. Such money will get you an eight-core, 8 GB RAM entry-level server, packed with all kinds of goodies. VPS and dedicated hosting are Linux-based and fully managed. ScalaHosting claims to offer the fastest web experience for busy sites and provides 24/7 expert support.

Request some websites that they already host for references and read their reviews before you sign up. Depending on the kind of RAID used, your data is faster and protected in the event that one hard drive fails. Feature-filled. It is a good idea to use monitoring tools to keep track of the status of your server. An optimally operating business or eCommerce website is a revenue generator which can significantly improve your bottom line. If you decide to upgrade from VPS and shared hosting to dedicated hosting at anytime, this can be done by Hostiso without downtime or data loss. JustHost was started in 2020 and has offices in the US, the UK and Australia with a data center based in Chicago, IL. Bluehost is a capable hosting provider with 24/7 support so you can call for help any time you need it.

  • They can be managed or semi-managed solutions that provide maximum performance and are ideal for larger businesses and high-traffic websites.
  • Stay with me on this one; I promise it’s going to be well worth it.
  • Generally, Plesk (Windows & Linux) or cPanel (Linux/Unix only) and considered as the most ideal.
  • SiteGround offers multiple hosting plans for users to choose from and provides genuine technical expertise for new customers.
  • See how the major hosting options stack up against each other based on customization, uptime, congestion, security, and support.
  • If you find out about a serious software bug or need some kernel recompiled fast, you don’t have to wait for a tech worker, and you don’t have to hope that they do it right.
  • What is unique about Bluehost?

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Dedicated hosting implies that you also get far more control over how the server is configured. Harness the full processing power with single-tenant bare metal servers with root/admin privileges for complete server control – down to the kernel. Limitations such as maximum RAM, disk partition, and applications it supports.

Who's Best for Dedicated Servers?

Increasingly, servers use solid-state drives (SSDs) with SATA hard-disk drives (HDDs) used for back-up. Comprehensive control. With an average plan of $100 per month, the ultimate solution for business and enterprise sites is found. Even though A2 is somewhat less known than some other hosts above, they are a fierce competitor.

Rackspace Ceiling

Are the features up to those tremendously high standards? And if they aren’t properly maintained, they won’t work at all. Websites help enterprises showcase their products and services to the internet audience and connect with valuable prospects. 98% and a speed of 369ms. You can only get a USA dedicated server, East or West coast. You can specify your server configuration, select your hardware and software, and the resources that you'd like to access. Finding the best provider could make all of the difference for your website. You should know and get what you pay for.

That’s why we recommend picking a web host that has round the clock support for dedicated server plans.

The Dedicated Hosting Features You'll Need

You have your own space and freedom to do things that you want to. If you have a large website (not necessarily the size of Amazon or BBC), that demands an enterprise-level, gold-standard web hosting service with bags of flexibility, customization and storage, then a Dedicated Server is most likely the way to go. At this stage, you either have a high-traffic website or a project that requires a very specific configuration. India’s #1 Domain Registration & Web hosting company offers a plethora of specialized web services including domain registration, domain search and domain hosting. What to monitor and check may vary from one website to the other, depending on the OS, applications, configuration and hosting environment. What is unique about ServerHub? Dedicated servers offer a number of performance and security benefits to the clients.

It’s just going to cost you a bit more.

Unlike many popular hosts, no one still look for, how to host a website on a Linux server, the cPanel control panel lets anyone install any software like WordPress or others with a few clicks. Many hosts won’t help you if your server is wrongly configured. You are free to create any amalgam that best suits your business. Like our shared hosting and VPS services we offer add-on options such as SSL certificates, DDoS protection , additional IPs, and cPanel for maximum efficiency. But this is usually optional with dedicated servers. The password-protected directory, and also, the IP blocking features are what you need to protect your website or blog easily. We advice going with best dedicated server providers that are rated highly by testing services and users.

May require spending money training staff or hiring someone to manage the server.


The further its location from the potential customers, the slower the loading speed is. They offer regular updates and products lines on a regular basis. It eliminates costly system reboots and maintenance downtime.

Since you’re probably expecting upwards of 100,000 monthly visitors, your hardware needs to be able to deal with that. In addition, you'll need to handle firewalls and maintenance yourself unless you opt for a managed server, which costs even more. Both their dedicated server and Linux VPS plans are reasonably priced and suitable for starting enterprises. But considering their disappointing uptime, you might be better off with some other provider instead. To keep single users from using more than their fair share of resources, web hosting companies may throttle your CPU. You can check the uptime consistency through the data gave by the OS. 21 No votes so far!

Linux comes with an array of tools and utilities that let you perform tasks like managing server, adding users, installing software, managing networking and disks and monitoring performance. Lots of server choices. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised an A2 rep was active in TrustPilot, trying to address every customer inconvenience. They don’t have SSH access, So, that’s a problem for developers who want secure and scalable VPS servers. Customers are assured continuous uptime with low latency, high security, scalability, and reliable troubleshooting options. You can install any program you like, and have full control over your services, number of hits and users. Increased security risks when client does not follow best practices.


When you go with a dedicated hosting provider, you'll find that they offer not only more packages, but also more flexible and customizable options for customers. Technical support: Some have a small number of packages, while others provide very long lists of different configurations. This is one good reason why you should choose a dedicated server hosting. The reason your ISP doesn’t let you slide on this is that they are just as crunched on costs for it as you are. 99/mo with cPanel included – it’s not a bad choice.

We were intrigued by the good features they offer on their plans for (considerably) low prices.

Other features – The configurations are flexible across Primary memory, secondary memory and Backup Hard drive. This is critical in establishing the status of dedicated server and resources utilization. They also provide many extras like cPanel control panel to make maintenance easier. Your website will be hosted on a server that only belongs to you. The innovative control panel of this PaaS allows site admins to control their Linux-hosted applications more comfortably.

Server Optimization

Except for instances where servers are not in stock or it is a custom order, server deployment normally takes just under an hour. Website loading speed has been steady, but unfortunately, steadily slow. Cloud-based flexibility. Namecheap provides dedicated hosting services and has been around for almost 18 years since its launch in 2020. 99 per month ($119. )In comparison to shared, VPS, and some other types, this option is the top-drawer in terms of security and stability. It’s that life is simply too chaotic. Shared and cloud hosting plans are always at least partially managed by the hosting company.

In case anything goes awry, the host is always in touch to resolve any emerging problems. Not all dedicated server providers are the same. Soon enough, you’ll crave your own space, and get your own apartment – or maybe, eventually, your very own detached house. KnownHost hostings offer cutting-edge website performance thanks to their sophisticated SSD RAID configurations. Before deciding on any of the promoted/recommended providers, there is a top 5 question list to follow: Customizing options: State-of-the-art data center.

We need a dedicated hosting service to give you all the best possible experience – a site that loads fast, with no error messages.

It sure sounds like a bargain. I mean, would you be ready to splash more than a thousand bucks on something you’ve never tested? Unlike shared hosting, the server resources do not have to be shared among multiple users.

Being one of the top recommended cPanel web hosts, InMotion is proud of the quality services they offer.