Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Expedia is a major global travel brand that is the parent company of others on this list. If you promote randomly web hosting affiliate to your audience that doesn’t convert in the sale. No reason to recommend Bluehost. If you’ve chosen the WordPress theme you want to go with, next up you need to choose a hosting provider for your website.

  • You will get a decent amount of commission for referring A2 Hosting to your client.
  • You can easily earn $50 – $125 depending on your monthly referral sales.
  • You can access to many pre-designed banners to promote hosting plans.
  • These have been chosen based on their payout, reliability, and quality.
  • I’ve used the live chat feature any time I have had an issue and they have resolved it in a matter of minutes without any hassles.
  • You’ll get access to a ton of banners you can use to promote HostGator web hosting plans effectively to increase your affiliate earnings.
  • Another method to refer visitors to hosting company is adding your affiliate link in your site header or footer.

You can select from the Tiny ($2. )Conversion ratio play a very important role in affiliate marketing and conversion ratio depends on, of which web hosting company you are choosing for affiliate marketing. It is the biggest domain registration program.

High Paying Affiliate Program That Guarantees Success

Based on their referral fees, they are my #1 choice for the best in the travel category. If the first payment of your referred customer is higher than $200, you will receive that amount. It should be noted that you generally don’t have to buy your domain in order to host your website, but it is HIGHLY advisable. Their recent price increase lowered my sales, but the overwhelming social media evidence (specifically the 26 Facebook polls) are still brining in tons of sales for me. Tons of brand recognition which can make sales easier in certain markets. They also have strong conversion rates and dedicated account managers to help you drive sales.

First, you can write a post reviewing its services. This is done by “pixeling” them when they visit your site. It also pays $20 for every customer referred to WP Engine by your sub-affiliate. Hosting wcf services, iIS also monitors the health of each worker process and will launch a new, healthy worker process to service requests as needed. Because suppose you are getting 1000 clicks per month and sign up is just 5-6 then it really cost you. This makes it easier to attract the audience to the portal. When you decide to build a site, there are three essential things you need for it to work: Some popular Web Hosting Affiliate programs that you can join now are A2 Hosting, Bluehost, DreamHost, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting and HostGator affiliate programs, Select the best Web Hosting Affiliate Program from them and start promoting it.

10+ Best Affiliate Networks & Marketing Platforms of 2020

You must sign up with an interserver affiliate program to earn a high commission ($100) on each sale. Best php hosting services of 2020, jAVA The use of Java for web-based applications is growing in popularity every year. Like a few good affiliate programs, HostPapa also puts no caps and earning limit on your commission payouts so you have chances to make unlimited earnings by promoting their web hosting plans to your target audience and customers. What is the payout for Flywheel affiliate program? A friend of mine runs their program, and they offer a 30% per month. Personally, I have joined SiteGround affiliate program but not able to make anything from that so far. GreenGeeks is trying to change that by replacing 3x the amount of energy consumed from the grid in the form of renewable energy credits. Therefore, beauty and makeup influencers tend to be tutorial-focused with videos and images showcasing how to use their newly endorsed products. – There’s no restriction on the amount of money you can earn.

It has a slightly better reputation and quality then iPage, though it is more expensive and offers slightly lower payouts. Grab a link and place it on your site and earn $100 for each successful sign up by it. You can earn a minimum of $2700+ recurring/passive income through the best hosting affiliate marketing. I have personally seen many posts in the WordPress Hosting and WordPress Speed Up Facebook Groups with customers praising Flywheel. I’ve had several different hosts over the years and by far my favorite is BlueHost.

The program offers a minimum of $200 on every sale.

Hostwinds: Web Hosting Affiliate Program & White Label Service

Like WP Engine, A2 Hosting also gives you the opportunity to earn every time your sub-affiliates make a conversion. IPage is a right web hosting provider for hosting WordPress blogs. Well, these are the best hosting affiliate programs that you can join.

Where can I read your Affiliates Terms of Service?

Bluehost affiliate program pays 65for each sale, and the minimum threshold to get paid is 100. As the name indicates, it has the power to fly your website´s hosting services. The idea is to build a collection of content focused on less competitive terms, gain authority in the topic and then you can attack the more competitive keywords. In this post, you’ll find the best paying web hosting affiliate. Their reputation will do it for you, and you can enjoy a considerable commission. Travelpayouts calls themselves “The Ideal Travel Program to Monetize Your Travel Website”, and I have to agree. Their affiliate program brings out great incomes. DigitalOcean is one of the best cloud hosting companies out there.

Second, look into if the program is recurring, or provides one-time payments.

Best Web Hosting Recurring Affiliate Programs

– They pay commissions weekly and even if you made only one sale. Most of them offer one-click solutions or require minimal know-how to get your site up and running. The better campaigns will send you specific ads depending on the pages you visited on the affiliate marketer’s site. So, get ready to earn huge money in 2020 using these huge lists of highest paying web hosting affiliate programs. So you can earn a huge commission by referring CloudWays Affiliate.

BlueHost is another alternative for best web hosting affiliate marketing and its payout is fixed i.

Unlimited earnings: Having a link-building plan in the early stages of setting up the site ensures that you will be able to jump right into driving traffic to your site as soon as it is up. He knows what he's talking about because he makes around $30k each and every month from promoting Bluehost. Anyway, right now you can join Hostgator affiliate program with impact-radius. Next, look at the cookie duration and potential earnings per click (EPC). But if you can increase the number of sales per month, you can make $125 per sale. Previously, SiteHround was ranked #8, but after personally testing the program, SiteGround is now one of my most recommended web hosts. Cloudways is a managed web host that lets you quickly deploy websites to cloud servers like DigitalOcean, AWS, Vultr, Linode and more.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

They offer 4% and 7-day cookie duration. Join A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Now ! Their team helps you in every aspect that you need to initialize your business. Recurring commissions for lifetime: Here are top 7 web hosting affiliate programs for 2020: Use at your own risk! After checking this web hosting comparison, you’ll be ready to dive into it real quick, and get to know how to choose the best web hosting service!

Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely FREE. Feed the beast servers, within the unzipped file, locate your JAR files and move them to a single “jar” folder. Data centers in USA, Canada, EU, UK, Australia, Asia. Additionally, if they add a product to their cart and it remains there, you get credit for up to 90 days. Industry leading payouts: To join the HostGator cheap web hosting affiliate program, you can earn higher money for every deal. People like you and me are earning huge money while seating on the chair. While many of the best affiliate programs offer one-time CPA payouts after a sale, others provide a recurring payout ever month. You can earn $50 as a commission for each sale and the commission rates depend on how many sales you drive within a month.

Here are the commission rates of A2 Hosting affiliate program. You’ll also get access to a wide range of banners to promote Kinsta hosting plans. Best wordpress hosting in 2020 (top 10 comparison), this is the lowest amount of bandwidth on offer on our list, but it should be enough for simple websites and blogs. Affiliate marketing through web hosting services can be a great way to generate income, but it can get confusing due to the hundreds of web hosting affiliate programs out there. As the name suggests, they only do WordPress hosting – and are generally targeted towards people who have big sites or need high-performance hosting.


However, their hosting services are great, and it’s growing in popularity. More commission for less sales: One of my suggestions is DomainRacer as it has all the good features and high conversion ratio so you can earn more commission by choosing DomainRacer. WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting for mission-critical sites around the world. To take your online earnings further, check out other great articles on the best ways to make passive income, use affiliate links and more ways to make money online.

WP Engine

It also runs intermittent sales promotion offers that you can use to increase your referrals. The payment is made one week after the sales are verified. Affiliates can sign up for the 1&1 affiliate program by searching for them on Commission Junction. As a final piece of the puzzle, web hosting services are often the biggest stumbling block for the burgeoning affiliate marketer, whether because we simply forget about it, or it seems so complicated to set up. Some networks specialize in specific verticals like fashion, beauty products, and home goods, while others may have more B2B brands and business merchants. As an affiliate marketer, you have the liberty to select a plan that meets your current resource demands and scale up later, should it become necessary. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a private company web host or small name for your business, FatCow has the administration and experienced group to help you. You will get paid.

There is no best ever hosting affiliate program – only the one that works best for you. Mostly web hosting affiliates work best for the host where you have hosted your website. DreamHost gives you premade banners that you can use to promote their hosting plans on your site to generate more sales.

I believe there are some in the WordPress Hosting + WordPress Speed Up Facebook Groups. Mobile CPA affiliate networks and push notification companies help affiliates push traffic to smartphone apps and mobile platforms. Also, get 24/7 customer support by InMotion expert team. To promote the InMotion affiliate marketing web hosting program, it will give you a huge commission for referring to its product. This means that you are promoting a solid hosting option for your website visitors.

Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Sister company of Bluehost. The variety of their hosting plans and their reliable services coupled with premium features make ASmallOrange a top-of-the-line hosting provider for affiliate marketers. If the sale is made between Dec 21st to Jan 20th, then you’ll get your commission on or after Mar 20th. Bluehost is one of the great names in the web hosting affiliate niche. Set up is a breeze. Commission rates depend on which types of plan you refer. Most hosting providers make the world’s most popular content management system available through a one-click installation, and users will have access to a rich open-source community full of themes and plugins to help build and oversee an affiliate marketing program.

It’s popular for both good and bad. Do you get any help from SiteGround to increase your affiliate commissions? The best platform to generate passive income.

Its totally free sign up with no this and that. Affiliates can also apply to their other programs Deluxe Business Products, PsPrint, InkHead, and more. It’s powered by Google’s cloud platform to ensure lightning-fast load times. Make more traffic and convert them into paying customers. You can earn unlimited with it by referring their products and services to those having heavy traffic. InMotion best website hosting for affiliate marketers commissions. Because, if you promote a low-quality product, it reflects badly on you.

How To Write A Product Review That Sells Without Making Your Site Look Cheesy (Template & Examples You Can Follow)

You can either write a review, or add a banner on your site's sidebar. Amazon affiliate websites are quite popular with affiliate marketers, but IT related review websites are also a lucrative affiliate marketing field. It was addicting. Plus, it’s good for the environment! Even if you make just one sale a month, your commission will be released.

Plus, because paying customers may stay for 24-36 months, and they have a high lifetime value (LTV), SaaS companies can afford to pay higher than 100% of the monthly sale price. If you have any questions and suggestions let me know in the comments. 15 best: web hosting for small business (email, builders, & reviews). That is why we believe any client of ours should have an SSL installed on their website.

Liquid Web Affiliate Program

This means people are remarkably aware of how important their domain name is, and getting it is a straightforward thing – you just use one of many domain registrars and purchase your domain, or domains. If you are using your blog to promote it, keep the coupon code close to your brand name. Especially, if your blog teaches about how to blog, how to start a website or around Blogging and hosting niche, Web-hosting affiliate can always help to earn more than what you are earning from Adsense or any Ad network. 11-20 referrals: Here are some reasons to promote a Bluehost cheap web hosting affiliate programs in India as below:

Mediocre hosting companies, good payouts. Apart from providing the affiliates with well-designed and customized banners for promotion, it also gives them access to an affiliate manager who can be approached for any assistance. Their affiliate program is (thankfully) much better than other independent hosts, offering a commission range of $50-125 per sale. Because all affiliate hosting companies are not trust worthy. Azure welcomes parse developers, backendless provides all kinds of services needed to build and scale mobile apps:. Very low risk of earning additional revenue. Each day you recommend products and services to friends, family, and co-workers, so why not earn up to $100 for each recommendation?

However, if you’re looking for an up and coming industry, you can earn some high commissions. It also has a performance-based commission structure which rewards a high volume of conversions; the basic commission starts at $50. I tend to use a separate email account for researching. 2 million properties, and they offer 4%, but there is a downside as the cookie expires when a user closes their browser. All these factors make the WP Engine affiliate program one of the best options. We have shortlisted our favorite and high paying affiliate programs. Yours earning as an affiliate of JustHost solely depends on the number of customers you refer. After buying a hosting plan through your referral link if a user maintains an active paid account for at least 97 days you will get paid.

Yes, it is fixed $65 per sale as commission.

ECommerce Hosting

According to market share, it is the biggest web hosting company In the US, it’s for all intents and purposes an easily recognized naIt is notable for its dubious trendy advertisements, and for other related showcasing tricks. Now, there are many Web-hosting companies that you can pick and join their affiliate programs. There’s a minimum hold of 60 days then, you’ll get your affiliate commission every month to your PayPal account. The highest converting product is Pabbly Plus – a package that includes all Pabbly apps with their unlimited features at the price of a single product. It is very popular for WordPress bloggers and has better quality.

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon

You can receive payment even after referring just one person. You can earn up to $140 for every successful sale you make through their web hosting plans. Bluehost has one of the best tracking methods to track all your commissions so you’ll get paid for every successful referral. It has three web hosting domains:

Web hosting is a huge and competitive industry, and many companies are willing to pay lots of money, some more than $100 per sale!

It has one of the widely used and most trusted hosting affiliate programs. 7 best windows vps hosting – big brands aren't always better 2020. WP Engine is a little bit more expensive than some of the other options, which may deter potential customers away from using it as their hosting platform. Nothing beats what-you-see-is-what-you-get usability, but be sure to check out WordPress themes for affiliate marketers, as well. First of all, you have to create a content or a post reviewing its services. Currently, Fatcow offers affiliates USD $25 for every successful referral to its "Cheap Sheep" plan. CloudWays Affiliate Program. For a starting price of only 5. There’s no cap on the amount of commissions you can earn.

For fledgling affiliate marketers, that loss can sink a brand’s reputation among impatient readers who are counting on the website to provide helpful recommendations and discounts. There are many affiliates promoting Bluehost, but they could be making more money (and earning more trust with readers) by recommending a different host. High levels of customer support.

20% OFF Elegant Themes Coupon 2020

180 Days Cookies: Siteground’s commission structure is unique; like BlueHost, it operates on a dynamic commission structure that increases your payouts as you make more successful referrals. Greater the sales, greater is the commissions. That means if someone looking for a free domain with hosting then he/she must sign-up with Bluehost. But, many people shared negative reviews about the WPEngine affiliate program, and personally, they have declined my affiliate account as well. Plans also come with a free domain, online marketing credit (Plus and Prime plans), and spam protection (Plus and Prime plans), site backup and domain privacy (Prime only). In addition, the customer support doesn’t seem to be stellar.

As far as content management systems go, WordPress is probably the CMS with the most benefits lined up in its favor. BlueHost also offers several managed WordPress hosting plans, which are suitable for high-traffic websites that need extra performance and enhanced security. The head keywords are just not worth targeting. Slow down, Cheech Marin. The recurring model plus one-time commissions make the Kinsta affiliate program truly unique in the WordPress hosting industry and one that can help you grow your passive income.

Affiliate Marketing With All The Perks

You can use the WPEngine affiliate program by ShareAsale. A2 Hosting is one of the best WordPress hosting provider. In the following, I’ve described you the details of each best web hosting affiliate program that will sort your confusion of choosing the best affiliate web hosting. All networks provide some level of support but are better than others. ★ Get access to your affiliate locations. The company offers a high commission in minimum sales. Get out of bed and see that you have $957. Also, if you need a step by step tutorial on how to build a WordPress site, please visit our step by step tutorial on How to Create a WordPress Website for Beginners.

Their managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting are fast, reliable and secure. A2 Hosting cheap web hosting affiliate website commissions. There’s no limit on how much commission or sales you make. That means we made an average of $1000 per month from HostGator affiliate program which is not bad considering the fact that we rarely promote HostGator on this blog. For every referral by your sub-affiliate that purchases from A2 Hosting, you receive $5. Affiliate earn $85 per sale for the first 10 customers and can earn increased commissions up to $140 per sale based on their monthly sales.

Affiliate marketing, however, enables you to share others’ successes — and grab some of the revenue by recommending services and earning a commission each time your reader converts to a sale.

By joining their affiliate program, you can earn up to $125 per sale based on performance and traffic levels. In fact, I have included a couple of hosting companies who offer recurring commissions on their affiliate programs. Choose the trustworthy hosting company so that you will not get hitch by someone. Now, the reason they have one of the best affiliate programs among web hosts is because they offer great commissions for sales and an excellent service. Whenever you find any discount offer, that is hard to resist. The lowest is $65 and the highest is $150. They pay a generous commission of $65/sale and payment is done via PayPal.

We’ve sorted through the best and worst of them to give you the definitive list of the top ten web hosting affiliate programs in 2020.
  • Cookies life plays an important role when you are referring a product to your visitors.
  • If someone buys one of the hosting plans from DreamHost and maintains an active paid account with DreamHost for a minimum of 97 days, you’ll get commission.
  • Learn about the Yahoo!
  • That is the sign of a great webhost and it helps their affiliate program to be an even better way to make money online.
  • Make sure that you join all of them as it won’t cost you anything.
  • WP Engine pays $200 per new customer which makes it the highest paying hosting affiliate program around.
  • Make sure that your site is mobile friendly and always test for your site’s mobile friendliness over time.

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Sports aren’t one of the most significant categories in affiliate marketing. Learn about the Hostinger affiliate program. 15- A2 Hosting Affiliate Program: Their program offers plenty of digital merchants and products to choose from and commissions are high as it’s in the realm of digital products. Are you searching over the best web hosting platform, you should go for JustHost web hosting program. If affiliate market is something which interests you, Web-hosting Affiliate is something which you should probably look into right away.

However, you make revenue only when a user purchases within 24 hours of an eBay visit. Learn about the Kinsta affiliate program. If the conversion ratio is high then by default it will increase your commission. There are some top reasons why you should recommend WPX hosting. My name is Jamie Spencer and I have spent the past 5 years building money making blogs. So what are you still waiting for? Bluehost is a web hosting platform that is famous for its high-quality and low-cost offerings; therefore, its affiliate program has a stronghold among bloggers looking to generate an income.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program:

Most recurring programs are software as a service (SaaS) advertisers whose platforms require a monthly subscription. When you scan the list of merchants, do some math on potential earnings and product prices so that you maximize your revenue. Second, it’s also important for visibility, SEO, and your marketing efforts, which make up for a large portion of the affiliate game. Payout $50-75 per sale.

Besides that, I occasionally compile web hosting deals and round up posts where I am including different web hosting services.

What to Look for When Choosing a Hosting Service

Always refer to those products which give value for money and best standards. That means if a sale is made between Jan 1st to Jan 31st, you’ll get your commission on or after Mar 20th. ASmallOrange is a US based web hosting company that has been in the hosting business since 2020. For instance, you can simply include a footer that says “hosted by SiteGround” and drive visitors to the SiteGround website. Flywheel not just offers banner ads and text links but it also provides you blog articles, ebooks, videos, courses etc to effectively promote their hosting plans to earn huge commissions. What is the payout for iPage affiliates? The bonus point?

Why Recommend SiteGround?

These service come at a premium, compared to Bluehost’s standard shared plans, but the WordPress optimization and. DreamHost is widely used and most popular in web hosting industry which was founded way back in 1996 and offers all kinds of shared hosting plans including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and so on. What are the different types of web hosting?, in the end, choosing the right web hosting type is going to depend on a variety of things such as the size of your website, the features you require, and your knowledgeability when it comes to managing server resources. In your affiliate account you can quickly download banners and promotional materials to use on your site.

While there have been some complaints regarding its customer support, mostly due to the bandwidth issue, it’s one of the very few web hosting solutions that offer 90-day money-back guarantee. Try to include all the positive and negative points about that hosting. Siteground and Bluehost both are the close competitors of each other. They have a large range of markets covered including telecommunications, travel, financial services, and retail & shopping. The retention ratio of Cloudways is 90%, which means it is rare for clients to drop Cloudways. You get limited features, such as the way you upload the files, what programs you can run on a server, and so on.

Top Contributor

English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. Plus they have tiered commissions structures – the more affiliates you refer, the more you earn commissions. But they are not just the most environmentally conscious web hosting providers out there, they are also an award winning hosting provider with excellent web hosting packages, 24/7 customer support, huge customer base from over 150 countries, and 99.

Payments occur between the 16th and the end of each month, and you’ll need at least $100 to release your payment. They also run frequent sales and specials to help convert leads. Ecommerce hosting, if a business needs to transfer information about customers and products to a new version of their website, or if they need to back up their online store, they can use a data export. Most of the reputed bloggers make millions of dollars with this highest paying affiliate program. Payout $65 per sale. What is the payout for InMotion referrals? As like Bluehost, A2 Hosting also provides the best service to its affiliate partners. For every sale you refer you can earn up to $500 + you get 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions. Amazing sale tracking application.

You can make huge money by referring Siteground to your audience. By advertising your website as a relevant resource for various keyword searches, you’ll be sure to gain traction and stand out among competitors. 13- FlyWheel Affiliate Program: