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The same page was created on the site hosted on the DreamPress managed WordPress hosting plan and monitored in Pingdom. Also, you are getting a daily scan for malware, increased security protocols, a more robust ability to fend off hacks and cyber-attacks. A2 Hosting is another low-cost WordPress hosting. Dreamhost is one of the best web hosting companies providing 1. Over the years, DreamHost has become famous for its generous 97-day money-back guarantee for Shared hosting plans.

This simulates multiple users accessing your site at once, and records the results.

It provides you with unlimited bandwidth, 2 GB RAM, 1 vCPU and 80 GB SSD + 100 GB block storage. Most of DreamHost’s packages are marketed to individuals and startups. 95 a month and includes: DreamHost provides coupon codes which customers can use to get a discount when purchasing any DreamHost hosting package. Extensive domain-management tools. You’ll receive an email from DreamHost once WordPress is set up, and you can go straight in and start using it. That’s why knowing that there will be a knowledgeable team member to help you out at any time is crucial. DreamHost also made to our list of the best free web hosting companies.

1 day of credit for 1 hour of downtime. Dreamhost offers all sorts of hosting such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated and cloud hosting. They host about a million sites. When you’re picking out a hosting company, you’ll want to make the decision carefully. There is also an understanding that over the years, and long into the future, DreamHost has grown and will continue to grow into a larger business that uses more of the earth’s precious resources. They also offer free site migrations with all of their plans.

The plan offers you 2 TB open source storage space, fully scalable storage + DreamSpeed CDN and S3 compatibility. We appreciate how the independently owned company was built on a passion for open-source technologies. DreamHost is a company that provides web hosting and domain name registration services. As expected, price increases as you add storage. The list of Cons But there are a few downsides to DreamHost as well. Customers can open a ticket through the DreamHost control panel, and there’s also a form on the website.

DreamHost's wide range of dedicated server plans run from an ordinary Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread and 4GB model to an enterprise-level 12-Core 24-Thread 64GB setup.


In a click or two you're able to choose a template site, begin editing the content, then configure it with your details (name, email address, social media links, and more.) DreamHost offers antispam on its email, but no antimalware services. Unlike some of DreamHost’s competitors, you can also change the website’s theme at any time, without disrupting or deleting the content; which is a bonus for companies that are rebranding, or even for those who have a change of heart.

Feedback and reviews on different (WordPress) hosting providers are more than welcome in the comments section below. This plan comes with 30GB “SSD storage, PHP 5. Outgrown shared hosting? You will be able to turn the privacy back on as you initiate the transfer process in the DreamHost Panel. DreamHost has some quality products and the prices are fair, but there are one or two unusual catches: Excellent cloud hosting offerings. 24/7 WordPress support : 95 monthly and can go up to $79.

It combines both low prices and high quality, something that’s very difficult to find these days in the hosting world. – DreamHost has won the PCMag Readers’ Choice Award for best business hosting for the past 3 years. DreamHost Result YSlow Score 81 West Coast Load Time 1. According to DreamHost, all hosting plans include a “hand-rolled” control panel. Especially if you are a new, inexperienced webmaster, the better part of the first month will go for setup tasks and barely any promotion.

  • DreamHost’s sites and servers are protected around the clock.
  • The plan includes pre-installed Git for each version and WP-CLI for the management of the CMS.
  • WordPress brings the creativity of people and the power of computers together in a way that few web platforms have been able to accomplish.

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Other customer support options include: This allows subscribers to create a repository for their code. I started by reading DH web hosting reviews on Cnet, then I checked out a few web hosting related forums and blogs like WebHostingTalk and LifeHacker, and that gave me a better perspective on the reliability of DH. The focus of this DreamHost review is their shared hosting plans, so from now on, I’ll be referencing those. Just as the name suggests, it is a popular Dreamhost VPS plan that is intended for single CMS sites that require a hosting upgrade to get more resources than those provided in shared hosting. In fact, DreamHost’s uptime policy mentions that if uptime is down, customers are refunded a day’s service for every hour their website is offline. This plan features SSL certificate, 24/7 dedicated WordPress support, automated WordPress updates, automated backups and restore PRO, WP website builder, built-in server-level caching, Jetpack pre-installed, and 1-Click staging.

Unfortunately, DreamHost doesn't offer standalone reseller plans; you can resell your own server space, but only if you add other domains to your own. But at the time we tried, no one was available. They also claim to use a range of programs operating on the most recent patches to provide security for their servers. The managed WordPress hosting only allows you to host a single domain on each account.

DreamHost Reviews – Main Features

Although all of the “tech veterans, geeks, and nerds” we spoke to were very helpful and knowledgeable, getting in touch with them took longer than average. The 6 best web hosting canada 2020 (see test sites & speed results!). Packages include: As the power behind 1.

The know-how they have built over the years shines through in server management, the control panel, uptime, and support. Powered with SSDs, their servers work considerably faster than those with normal, mechanical hard drives, making them better suited for high traffic websites. However, if you don’t expect major traffic on your site, this may not be a deal breaker.

The tech team manages your server resources accordingly to maintain the best possible loading speeds, uptime, and bandwidth. Plugin restrictions: For the vast majority of their customers, this is a guarantee that DreamHost WordPress hosting has not had to deliver on since their uptime usually verges on 99+%. 21 seconds San Jose: Here, we’ve detailed some of the drawbacks or quirky attributes we think you should know about:

Although a live chat facility isn’t available , the support staff is available around the clock to help you with your ticketed queries.

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It provides you with 200 GB open source, fully scalable storage + DreamSpeed CDN and S3 compatibility. There are too many configurations for us to list the price of each one, but the most “basic” dedicated server starts at $149. All four plans have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains. Now that I am in the mood, let us get straight down to business of reviewing this web hosting provider: They provide a dedicated platform to store and test apps and even let you deploy your own cloud servers. Additionally, automatic backups are taken regularly.

After seven days of testing, the average loading time of the test page from the WordPress website using a lightweight theme hosted on the low-cost DreamHost shared plan was 1. Their cheapest WordPress hosting plan starts from $0. The plans vary in RAM and storage.

Lastly, Dreamhost’s 97 Day Refund Policy acts as an icing on the cake as it entrusts the customers to go for their annual hosting plans over the monthly payment model without much to worry about. Ready to get up and running with WordPress? Checks were made every five minutes over a seven-day period, totaling more than 2,000 individual samples.

DreamHost offers a wide variety of web hosting plans for customers of all sizes.

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Very broadly, the best providers manage 150-200ms, and most others are in the 200-350ms area. Those are DreamHost’s hosting plans in a nutshell. Dailyrazor hosting review: fast servers but are they actually any good? Have you tried out any of DreamHost’s hosting plans on your WordPress site? You should look into dedicated hosting if you're expecting your site to see an incredible amount of traffic, and if your site is so mission-critical that it absolutely can't go down or slow down. During the testing for this DreamHost review, the support staff were helpful and responsive, via both the live chat and email channels.

  • This is the final step of transferring a domain.
  • It provides you with 8 GB RAM, 4 vCPU, unlimited bandwidth and 80 GB SSD + 100 GB block storage.
  • Again, note that these prices were at the time of writing.
  • They also have live chat where you can talk to an expert in about 20 minutes.
  • Their cheapest WordPress plan starts at $3.
  • These plans come with unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains, e-mail accounts, and 24/7 customer support.
  • There are also optimized pricing plans for WooCommerce users, that you can find here.

DreamHost Hosting Plans

DNS Management. This isn’t a service intended for developers, but for WordPress users who want to run one or two fully-optimized and managed sites. I was able to get on chat support multiple times without waiting for more than a minute. DreamHost creates courtesy backups that stretch two weeks back in time. This is especially true of the mid and top-level Plus and Pro plans that come with the Jetpack Professional plan and all of the useful features that includes. For our tests, we used the Pingdom and Load Impact services to measure how fast our sites were.

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But is it true? However, the layout of the website’s images is rather restricting, as Remixer only supplies three different layouts (gallery, carousel and grid) and there is no option to alter layouts, such as adjusting the space between each image. One can also find free CloudFlare performance and security services at DH. Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator… etc. For context, the average loading time of the DreamPress hosted site (581 milliseconds) using the lightweight theme is very close to the times of the comparable plans in our recent WordPress. Higher renewal fees (Click to see if $2. )

In short, DreamHost is a simple hosting provider that offers its customers features needed to run a successful website. They have a longer than average 97-day refund policy to make sure you’re happy with the service before getting locked in. Dreamhost offers solid-state drives for all of it’s hosting levels. Speed test – how fast is DreamHost? Dreamhost also offers more advanced features such as PHP7. DreamHost doesn’t do that, which can make the learning curve a bit tough for those new to hosting or those familiar with cPanel.

It was founded in 1996 by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil. For those that are sceptical, others have analysed DreamHost’s uptimes by the month, and many have identified DreamHost as the most stable web hosting company out there, and that’s exactly what DreamHost prides themselves in. 4 best unlimited hosting plans (websites, bandwidth, and storage). Their cheapest plan costs $6. DreamObjects 200 GB: Or start the conversation in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals. If you choose either the DreamPress Plus or Pro plan, which include the Jetpack Professional subscription, you also get access to the Jetpack WordPress support staff, giving you another place to turn to for help with your website.

However, with prices starting from $0.

DreamHost Review: Do I Recommend It?

It lacks some advanced features like staging areas or pre-installed GIT repositories, but it’s actually one of my favorite providers. Shared and managed hosting are two of the most popular options for WordPress sites and deciding between them is one aspect that determines your site's success. Hostwinds also lets you apply your own branding to the servers you rent, and it supplies 24/7 tech support, too. It comes optimized for WordPress and with built-in tools. Let's dive in! DreamHost offers a lower monthly price if you prepay for three years vs. Most hosting companies claim to provide you with 100% uptime but they fail to do so.

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For example, some other hosts might give you a special discount of a dollar or two per month for the first few years. You also have a choice of OS between Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora. There are a few caveats to this policy, but it’s mostly legit. The ability to create a staging site gives you a safe place to work on a copy of your website, without putting your live site at risk. DreamHost provides support 24/7 via live chat, email and Twitter. A file manager enables uploading an existing site or working with files installed by other applications. There were some brief slowdowns, as you'll regularly see with shared hosting, but they weren't excessive, and most responses were within 20ms of the average.

99/month and renews at $2.

– as far as I know, they are the only shared hosting provider offering this much. You also have the ability to run a manual scan if you suspect something may be wrong with your site. Homestead review, even significant problems may not be resolved in a hurry. Add-on services like SSL certificates, unique IP addresses, and premium support are charged separately. It took a few minutes for a sales rep to finally join, and they were both knowledgeable and helpful.

DreamHost Reviews – Overview

If you have a WordPress site already, or you're an experienced WordPress user and happy to build a site from scratch, you're able to bypass BoldGrid and log in and use WordPress directly. Dreampress is the ultimate WordPress hosting plan that scales with traffic spikes and has no bandwidth limits. Customer service is another factor which most customers should investigate before buying any web hosting plan. On top of that, Google and other search engines won’t treat you too favorably. The backup features you get access to vary greatly depending on which type of hosting you choose from DreamHost, and which of their plans you choose. So check out DreamHost if speed is an important factor for you. No option to pay monthly.

Choose from 4 different plans, ranging from $15/month to $120/month. No matter what issues you might face, you’re always going to have highly skilled support round the clock who would walk you through the solutions or in most cases, remotely take over and resolve the problems. It gives maximum performance for a single site, which means reliability, speed, and hassle-free security. (99/mo discount is still valid with coupon ). Response times averaged 318ms. A bad host can (and will) make an otherwise good website crappy.

You can access live chat support 7 days a week during extended business hours, 24/7 email support, and pay for premium phone call-back support. Newbies will probably want to go with a more basic tier such as the shared hosting one around $10 per month (which stay consistent for the whole period – other hosting services usually bump the hosting price after your first year with them, a dirty trick that DreamHost avoids). This plan starts at $16. Most web hosts do that, too. Your managed servers are optimized to host WordPress meaning that every aspect of the host is tweaked to give you the best possible experience.

Dreamhost is a popular and solid hosting company.
Some have excelled, while others have stumbled.


Currently, DreamHost’s uptime averages at 99. Therefore, there will be no unpleasant pricing spikes, as you will only be paying for what you need! DreamHost also offers free secure-socket layer (SSL) certificates, which is a must-have addition for people who sell products online. View all our recommendations for web hosting services on our best picks page. Dreamhost offers custom cPanel which is user-friendly, and even a user with no tech skills at all will be able to use it easily. The fastest (and best!) wordpress hosting (updated for 2020!) 󾀄, plus, prices start at just . DreamHost doesn’t restrict the themes or plugins customers use, and the company allows files to be stored on super-fast solid-state drives, or SSDs. 40 Yearly SAVE $55.

Although you can use tools besides WordPress, you’re limited to the support and maintenance you’ll receive for them. You’ll be able to set up everything with just one click. Reliable, fast, good customer support CONS:

For a one-off fee, DH would handle all sales related transactions. There are several other plans, but picking just one, VPS Professional offers a more capable 4GB RAM and 120GB storage for $40 a month over three years, $55 paid annually. “People have the freedom to choose how their digital content is shared” is our Vision statement. Nonetheless, their 97-day money-back guarantee is one of the longest offers we’ve come across, so there is plenty of time for you to get used to DreamHost’s facilities. Prices don’t automatically increase when you renew your contract. The 4-core server comes with 1TB HDD storage, 4 to 16GB of RAM, with a price tag of $149 to $229 a month for annual subscriptions. Along with BlueHost and SiteGround, DreamHost is one of the three web hosting providers that are “officially” recommended on the WordPress website.

DreamHost Cheap Hosting Review

That said, not having the cPanel or Plesk control panel to manage account information can be a turnoff for those that love the intuitive nature of more traditional control panels. In a nutshell, managed WordPress hosting is when your service provider looks after any server resources specific to your WordPress installation. Unlimited storage & bandwidth, automatic updates, free SSL Website: DreamHosts’s Shared Unlimited costs $5. On average, DreamHost’s uptimes were extremely reliable, with readings consistently over 99.

Their “actual” average uptime during the last year was 99. They also claim to offer “24/7 in-house support. In this review, we focus on those plans aimed at WordPress users, including their lower-priced shared hosting packages and their premium managed WordPress hosting plans, to help you to find the right option for your website. There may be restrictions on the types of software you can install, which could potentially limit your site’s ability to scale and grow. For example, customers on all of the DreamPress plans can use the in-house DreamHost backup solution. Although most shared plans from other hosts don’t come with premium WordPress themes, some managed hosting plans do, such as WP Engine and the StudioPress themes their plans include. So if they don’t meet that standard, you’ll receive a credit for one day of service, for every hour that your site is down. You can see the interactive results chart from this test on the Load Impact website.

Most clients reported that they generally have no problem with the support staff. 5 best web hosting services in 2020, vPS means Virtual Private Server. Founded in 1996, DreamHost was able to survive the dot-com bubble burst of the late nineties and has remained as one of the leading web hosting companies owing to their reputation, which is pegged on speed, reliability, uptime, pocket friendly packages and excellent customer support. You’ll have to pay a little extra for the privilege, but it can help your website load more quickly and can even prevent downtime by serving up a cached version of your site to visitors if they’re unable to reach the main server.

Our site achieved 100% uptime, no outages at all.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Not that long ago DreamHost developed its own website building tool called Remixer. Chat is a permanent option for customers who pay a monthly call back fee. DreamHost clients in their majority report that they have a good experience with the support staff of this web host. This means your only option is to transfer the whole website, overwriting the entire destination site in the process. Good server speed is not only important for improving your traffic but it also helps to better your SEO thus improving your site ranking. However, if you’re a user that’s serious about web development, then we understand that DreamHost’s recognition for their WordPress services may be off-putting. I offer this opinion because I believe it is important for you to know these types of things, as they serve to increase your awareness of the kind of company you are considering associating yourself with. Among other things, every fresh WordPress installation comes with caching plugins configured for maximum performance.

Benefits of Using a High-Performing Webhosting Solution

50 per month while effective price per GB is 2. DreamHost doesn’t have any hidden terms or hoops to jump through that might jeopardize your refund, either. Once I knew that I was going to running my own legitimate online business, I knew this meant I was going to have to do a lot of research into who I would have host my web properties. Their security plans are not that well defined so that is always going to be a nagging issue for subscribers.