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High performance with optimized features. With that in mind, we have hand-picked the best free website hosting sites that you can use to get started. If you pick a less-than-reputable provider, your site might go down, get hacked, or you run into server issues. Nonetheless, as we’ve seen time and time again – popularity and performance aren’t always correlated. The hosting company also has the latest versions of PHP, CSS, MySQL, and more. However, these unique “features” don’t do very much to improve the quality of their hosting. If you decide to go with the subdomain, you can choose from two different domains:

So I did, but my motivation didn’t last all that long. They offer shared hosting plans perfect for creating a starter website. They are fast and reliable with secure servers, hacking protections, custom firewalls, and DDoS protection. This appears to be the same for the Pro account plan as well.

  • However, this is a stripped-down version of WordPress, without the ability to add specific plugins, themes, or more in-depth settings that you need to create a great website.
  • A lot of times, free web hosting and paid hosting offers the same security, network bandwidth and port speed.

Out of all these services, we will be more interested in their hosting services and whether you can start hosting WordPress on AWS. Web hosting awards monthly best managed , level 3 Communications, nLayer, Comcast, Cogent, and Hurricane Electric. If your choice is followed by lots of numbers (as in this case), you may want to choose a different sub-domain name. If those are deal-breakers, you probably do want web hosting. Service you can depend on.

That's changed. And bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic that is allowed to your website. It's not very intrusive. No SSL is a problem. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best almost-free website hosting companies first. Hosting website, immediately after the migration, the same page was now taking 1. In the feature and template departments though, you’ll find a lot less variety. 97% uptime constantly. Avail site builder.

  • For example, web hosting companies like Bluehost give away free domain names to customers who host their websites with them.
  • Creating a free domain name only takes a few minutes, and all that’s required is a credit card.
  • Offering free hosting for more than 13 years, Free Web Hosting Area is a veteran option that upgrades users’ experience with multi-CPU servers, ample RAM, and solid-state disks that boost speed and reliability.
  • A domain name is the customizable part of a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, which most people refer to as an Internet address.
  • Learn more about Wix in my review.
  • You can host as many domains as you want but you will only get 10 e-email accounts and one FTP to upload your content.


An installation of any one of these three applications will have problems, and potentially fail to function at all, if the version of PHP or MySQL isn’t sufficiently up-to-date. Offering web hosting since 2020, Awardspace has been around the block a few times and is still standing. We get emails from readers on a regular basis asking if there’s a way to get free website hosting. The open-source version of the content management requires site owners to purchase and configure a web hosting plan, but WordPress. 5+ million customers and 17 years in the web hosting business, AwardSpace has carved out a name for itself as one of the top free hosting providers available.

They no longer accept new accounts.

Which Free Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce?

The performance tests were impressive, and the support level proved satisfactory. EasyWP is their latest managed WordPress hosting service, something that has been missing from their collection. However, I had to re-look at it this time round since there are different plus points for web hosts and site builders., both have its own benefits. Small mercies abound however, since at least there are options to backup your files and databases in the back end. Other free website builders are more generous with bandwidth.

This intuitive tool makes it easy for beginners to build their own websites, without the need for any coding. So if you don’t mind poor uptime/ reliability, this could be a worthwhile pick. Well, you’re in the right place! Own domain name.

How can one offer something so costly as web server and maintenance at no cost? Get a personal profile site or business website. In addition, ZendOptimizer was not offered by any free plan we saw, which may further slow down PHP processing further. Learn more about Hostinger hosting service in this review. It is common for your storage and bandwidth to be capped on free plans. Image hosting service, 500px offers both free and paid accounts. It works just like Weebly for any small business or personal website, but is geared for educators. No reset option, previous credentials still don’t work.

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This is a really generous amount of disk space (10x what 000webhost offers). A sales rep confirmed that it runs up-to-date PHP and MySQL. The security services provided by AWS are awe-inspiring, and your site will always be safe from attacks. However, if you want to build trust with your website visitors, an SSL certificate is essential, so this is one upgrade that you should seriously consider. Our content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links in this post that we may earn a commission. Looking for a free web hosting service?

Not to be confused with the WordPress. Six steps to hosting heaven for web designers, there is a lot of demand for web hosting, whether it is shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, or virtual private server (VPS) hosting. There’s nothing wrong with getting free web hosting for your website, and it definitely has its perks, but it certainly comes with limitations as well. A2 Hosting isn’t just good for your website, it’s good for the environment, too. Educators and nonprofits often qualify for free (or deeply discounted) hosting by some truly excellent providers.

I’ve been round and again over this site but there doesn’t seem to be any mention at all an uptime guarantee, which is a little frightening. When leveraging VPS hosting, one server acts like a series of separate servers. See terms of use Official website: So, if you disregard the apparent false promises of no-limit hosting, you get quite a lot with Byet. And when I say “super simple,” I mean it. We will continue to better its services because we want you to have everything you need. Wordpress starter hosting, additionally, their performance is one of the best I’ve tried, meaning that your project (even big sites) will be safely hosted at DreamHost. If you want to switch to GoDaddy from another hosting site, you upload your website files to their servers with the control center or via FTP.

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Along with their free hosting, you can also opt for their premium plans whenever you wish. And if you’re looking for security, they provide SSL certificates with domain mapping. There are also a few disconcerting lines of legal jargon in their TOS that seem to permit them to sell off your data to third-party vendors. Web hosting, for example, some web hosts only allow you to build a basic websites with their builder, whereas others even let you launch an online store with it. Unlimited data transfer. Their starting price of $3. They also offer a free domain, email address, and $200 worth of free ad credits for search engines like Google and Bing. Sure, company representatives seem present, but they mostly announce news/downtimes or confirm a client site is down because of some server problem. Their data centers are located in the United States.

Which one should you go for? Space provisions with sub-domain. Malwarebytes cybersecurity for home and business, , cost and guaranteed uptime), while other criteria (e. Approved by Microsoft as a WebMatrix Compatible Hosting company, they are the recommended company to use because of their ASP. The URL you will get for free: PHP powers popular CMSs such as WordPress , Drupal, and Joomla. If you like the sound of Weebly and a website builder, check out WordPress’s version, Edublogs. With more than 165,000 hosted sites, Googiehost’s revenue model relies on some of the free websites converting to paid-for ones via Interserver. They also incur various overhead fees like electricity, servers, and developers and office space.


Oh, and the cookie notice they show is just as annoying there is no way to switch it off (also it interferes with Google Analytics visitor tracking). You’ll either have to suffer website downtime or hire an expert to fix your problems for you. Some disconcerting lines of legal jargon in their ToS that seem to give them permission to sell off your data to third-party vendors. There are some limitations to GoogieHost’s free plan, however. In every case, higher versions of PHP and MySQL are recommended by the software developers, but the applications will run as long as these minimum version requirements are met.

000webhost by Hostinger

You get a VistaPanel, equipped with the latest version of the Softaculous Autoinstaller, which makes Byet. When combining all of these things together, customers receive a web host this is extremely unsecure and prone to attack. They utilize robust and stable servers that use 1 GBPS internet connections.

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It has only one data that is located in Chicago. If you have coding skills, you have the freedom to edit the codes for your template. However in saying that, there are some providers that are less bad than the others, if that makes sense. Hostinger is excellent for beginners. You also get 10 free email accounts, 99. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner and have no coding or programming knowledge, free web hosting gives you the opportunity to learn, build and grow without any restrictions! You can try out their service risk-free for 45 days and, if you’re not fully satisfied, you can get a complete refund. Why you shouldn't register domains with your web host, 9% uptime, free backup and restore, and expert hosting support available 24/7, all year round. AwardSpace has an intuitive user interface that’s easy to understand.

As my mum always used to say, there’s no such thing as a free breakfast, which couldn’t be more true in this scenario. If you want to install web applications for advanced functions such as forums (e. )One host went so far as to admit that the number of accounts hosted on a free-account shared server was very large. 2020’s best node.js hosting providers, if the results from input A are ready before input B has finished processing, the results from input A will wait in line until Node. So while it might be appealing in the beginning, there will be a cost in other ways of dropped out servers, slow load times, potential data breaches and being stuck with a host. Mobile-friendly site creation. That excludes anything to do with articles, social media or ecommerce.

As eCommerce and online stores require more storage and functionality, a free web host simply can’t hold up to the requirements.