Which Is the Best Blogging Platform? (for Beginners)

Making your blog with Jekyll avoids the need to work with technicalities such as databases, upgrades and so on, so there are fewer things to go wrong, and you can build something completely from scratch. Check out my ultimate guide How to Start a Blog (on the Side). And because of our unique differences even blogging platforms, the most basic of blogger necessities, will vary between all of us. Thankfully, Bluehost was very beginner friendly and I felt like it was geared directly to me: You can start using Weebly for free, which will be enough for small personal blog sites. Blogging usually involves sharing your personal opinions and experiences. You change the content in a separate window, which is not really state of the art. 95 a month, and it includes all of the above plus priority support.

Not a lot of people are using Blogger as a free blogging site these days, because it isn’t up-to-date with other options like we’ve broken down here already.

It’s a good option for small blogs or hobby blogs that are not actively maintained. Google plus founded by Google developers on June 28, 2020. If you get in with the right community, Tumblr can have incredible reach. You might not need them at the beginning or not use them at all, but you have to make sure that the best blog platform you choose gives you the ability to customize or change your website completely if required. For the Business plan, pricing starts at $26/month, or $18/month billed annually.

  • Extra options are often dangled under your nose then yanked away, but the core offering is a good one, and if you simply want a place to record your thoughts and practise writing, Penzu could be just what you need.
  • Has seen a decline in usage since acquired by Yahoo and now hosts 0.
  • If you want to focus on writing content and not about anything else, this can serve you perfectly.
  • Sometimes, they even display WordPress.

Top 10 Best FREE Blogging Platforms of 2020

Can remove your site any time if you violate their terms. These are 47 of the best blogging platforms where you can start your site in 2020, publish amazing content and build your audience. Because of Bluehost’s ease of use and its 1-click WordPress installation, we consider it the best web hosting for small business owners and beginners. Coolhandle reviews at hostjury, we will publish some great web hosting deals on this website in coming black Friday and cyber Monday, so stay tuned and bookmark this page. While it’s powerful, it’s everything else but free (or easy to use).

Blogetery is a WordPress-powered online blogging service that offers a modest set of features. You are normally stuck with whatever the free blog host offers, which means that your blog will look like a lot of others. Feature restricted free version. In a nutshell, if you’d like a really simple, free ecommerce site, our recommendation would also be Webstarts. Webnode offers a low-cost variant at $3. For instance, a beginner blogger would need a different platform than a geeked-out, code nerd who wants customization and complete control of their blog’s format and style. It’s worth thinking about if you want to grow your audience, but ultimately build your own site. It’s an all-in-one dashboard for publishing and analyzing your content.

Similar to WordPress. One last potential drawback to using self-hosted WordPress as your free blogging platform, is that you’re responsible for managing and maintaining everything on your blog. But these free platforms come with a lot of restrictions that keep you from growing, like: This makes sure your blog post gets a lot of exposure. Get free website hosting for life with this discounted arch hosting subscription! A blogger can make a “dot com” company to online easily and will be making huge money by using Banner Ad, Adsense, Affiliates on his blog which already he created. Web-based file manager for easier uploads.

Personally, my pick for the best blog site goes to the self-hosted WordPress blog, and I don’t seem to be alone on that one.

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Wix sites are completely free, but you have the option to upgrade to a Premium Plan which gives you access to additional features such as connecting a domain name, removing Wix ads and additional storage and bandwidth. Optionally, you can add a proper domain name directly. A person who reads your article can also follow you from there, so they’ll be alerted when you publish your next article. 24/7 awesome customer support. Paid plans start at $8. The key feature of Wix is that the web pages or blogs you create with the platform are supported for portable devices, so your readers can see your work easily displayed on their smartphone or tablet. So remember to take your future plans into consideration when weighing up your options, especially if you might want to get a proper domain name, matching email addresses or an ad-free version of your website at some stage in the future.

Although I said it’s easy to use, it may be somewhat confusing at first to newer bloggers. You can also add a blog to your website with Wix Blog app. Setting up a site and want to work on it behind the scenes?

Additionally, there are a number of plans that fit a range of budgets — each of which offers a year of a free domain name and Office 365 email.

Wrapping It Up!

There’s only one snag: It uses the popular open source web software WordPress, and offers many features in its free version — traffic stats, anti-spam filters, SEO, gorgeous themes and more. The blogs are usually accessible from a subdomain of blogspot. Blogs offering wholesale or dropshipping business information One of the best blogging platforms that offer wholesale and dropshipping business information is Shopify. Joomla is one of the best free blogging platforms. So I stayed with Bluehost which was giving me a LOT of trouble as I was bringing in more than 80,000 monthly pageviews at the time. At the end the Wix platform will try to get you to upgrade.

Wix also provides a good amount of information and support for its users, including email and phone support for customized answers to your questions.

Yes, they’re both owned by the same company. If not, you will be given a subdomain (mysite. )There’s no better option. The reasons to start a blog are endless, and I applaud you for taking the first step on your blogging journey. Small business owners of restaurants or online stores looking for industry specific website templates. Starting at $8. Bluehost was a great hosting in the last years, but now, their servers’ performance is lower than any time before, however, they still able to host a blog and make it load fast. World-class editor – The editor is simple and fun to use and the easy-to-use tools make sure that your content looks great.

The free plan gives you a blog that is restricted to yourname.

And if not, it’s easy to find a forum or site where you can ask for help, or a developer you can hire whose rates are within your budget. If you need help, then WPBeginner’s team of experts can even help setup your blog for free. These are the best practices to secure your WordPress site. The platform is secure, with significant customer support and room to grow your blog in any direction. Would you like to waste that money to get better tools and things? No technical skills needed Cons Of Pen. But they’re two very different entities.

It’s simple to use and doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Examples of Blog Posts Created on Tumblr

Do you really need the best blog sites? It is a type of software or service that you use to create a blog so that you can publish your content online. This allows your readers full visibility of your site any time, and, with no limits on traffic, gives you the ability to grow your audience quickly. Unlike its fraternal twin WordPress. When I was a kid, I remember how excited my parents were when they received news they were eligible to become the proud owners of a brand new, 16-foot sailboat. Tumblr’s basic functions are free, but external hosting or upgraded themes cost extra.

Webnode states on their pricing overview that you can’t connect an existing domain name to a free Webnode site. For those with technical know-how and that really know what they want to do with their site. When you’ve completed a post, click “Publish” to make it live on the site or save it as a draft for later editing. If you’re not, it can feel a little lonely. Instead of just a profile, I recommend creating a Medium Publication. One of the best things about BigScoots (in addition to the impressive speed and customer service) is that they don’t increase your fee after the first year. (99 per month ) It’s actually the same price as the Plus plan! The main characteristic of this platform is that it comes with drag-and-drop options, so you don’t have to handle anything in the back-end.

Overwhelmed by all the different blog hosting services? New video overview added. This site provides you with 24 hours live chat support for any kind of help. Type your domain name and click on the “Check Availability” button. Their cheapest Jimdo Creator plan at $9 per month and will allow you to use a proper domain. But it is not an easy task, especially when there are tons of service providers out there that give you the option. However, LinkedIn is mostly made up of businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers. The uniform appearance of all Medium posts puts all the emphasis on your writing.

  • – Over time, your needs and requirements for your site will change.
  • Unlike the other two options, Weebly does allow you to put in a custom domain name with the free version of Weebly.
  • If you have previously started your blog somewhere other than WordPress, and now you decided to move to WordPress, you don’t have to worry.
  • Your template is locked in.

Joomla (Self-Hosted)

One of the drawbacks of Wix as an editor though, is it does not offer the same flexibility with blogging features as it does on your more static pages. #1 managed joomla hosting, you are offered a 60GB storage to host unlimited websites. Tumblr blogs are easy to use, even from a user/reader standpoint. It could be on the way to join Google Reader and other products Google stops liking. It features a quick and easy setup process and you can try out their service before making a purchase. Unlike most other free blogging sites, the big advantage of Medium is that your articles will be exposed to a wide audience since the platform is visited by 60 million readers per month (and the number increases every year). You can also build your blog using Wix. So here are the top blogging platforms we’ll be comparing in this article. Whether it’s because of the generic-looking themes, tell-tale widgets in your sidebar, or credit links in the footer, it’s quite obvious when you’re blogging on a free platform.

The monthly price after the discount starts at $2.

Then you enter your billing info and TADA! Whether it’s for expressing your passion or hobby, or for business purposes, it’s important that you find the best blogging platform that perfectly suits your needs. We’ve dealt with more hosts than you can imagine; in our opinion, the hosts below represent some of the best and brightest of the hosting world. I tried dozens of web hosts for WordPress and other CMS.

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Are you going to host your blog with any cheap web host? Because unlike WordPress. These are a sampling of the platforms that are out there waiting to host your blog.

One of the most popular is TypePad. At first glance Sitey & Co. A site builder targeting designers and agencies. 89 per month for the ad-free version. DreamHost offers choice, performance and value for new users and experts alike.

I tried both shared and managed web hosting, and in both cases, for a small blog, you’ll notice no clear impact on site ranking on Google and others search engines. Weebly offers AN easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor, therefore, web site house owners with none cryptography information will build compelling, attention-getting blogs. Also, you have full access to the HTML and CSS of your website. This is the only downside in my mind, but you don’t have to be an expert — we have step-by-step guides on How to Start a Blog and How to Make Money Blogging. The complete guide to a mobile friendly website. Best linux shared web hosting services, their cheapest plan even includes free daily backups, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited MySQL databases. Here are a few quick pointers: Another cool thing about Bluehost and why I think that it’s one of the best blog hosting sites for making money is that if you try them and hate them, they’ll give you your money back. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a website and blog online. This has more to do with the type of articles that will show up on your feed and less about your own blog.

How do I choose the right blogging platform?

To customize your themes and use plugins of your choice you need to buy the premium plan Suitable For Casual bloggers with no intentions of monetizing their blog. Start writing, sharing and engaging with your followers on your favorite subject. What types of interactions does the platform encourage? Who is a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog for? If you need a blog with a custom domain they offer a premium plan for $99/year and business plan for $299/year and it will give you unlimited space, e-commerce, and other advanced things. Here are 5 ways to drive massive amounts of traffic to your new blog.

Give your blog more features like social sharing and image optimization. Still, there are 56 million blogs. Think about your own behavior here — how much momentum does it take to get you to follow a link that leads away from the platform you’re in? WordPress currently powers 34% of websites on the internet. They also include a free SSL certificate, unlimited storage, and free site migration services. The most popular features 000webhost offers are its 99% uptime guarantee and nearly limitless disk space and bandwidth. It offers you a very limited set of features.

When it comes to using WordPress as your free blogging platform, there are some definite positives to consider!


For further customization, you are given access to the CSS code, but for that, you will require a pro account. If you want to skip an introduction and start installing WordPress: An article isn’t a post and vice versa. All you enter is your business name and the industry.

A highly recommended free blog site for small business owners and freelance professionals.

You can manage your website files with their easy-to-use custom control panel. Here’s an excerpt from Ghost’s 2020 inside look: I’m so confident that you’ll love this that I was able to get you a special 50% off discount with BlueHost.

” It makes it really easy to blog videos, images, audio, and GIFs. BigScoots offers premium web hosting service, yet price themeselves comparably to the budget hosts, which is amazing! I truly think that the best site is either BigScoots or Bluehost. Fast web hosting, best managed wordpress, vps hosting services, at less than two bucks a month for the 36-month plan, you can buy three full years of hosting for under , a jaw-dropping deal no matter how you look at it. While you can find a lot of tips and tricks to speed up your blog, they won’t work if it’s hosted on a slow hosting server.

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There’s no page limit and SEO settings can be changed for all pages. No credit cards, no PayPal, no nothing. It provides storage for websites on the peer-to-peer web. Learn the difference between WordPress. Because of its simple type-and-publish blogging process, as long as you have a Gmail account, you can create your account for free and have your first blog post up within an hour. Still, if you decide to upgrade your blogging experience, Ghost will charge from $29 to $199 per month.

What’s The Best Blogging Platform To Use For A Portfolio Or Photography Blog?

WordPress is open-source, therefore encouraging developers to build thousands of custom themes and plugins. Seems like everyone is using WordPress – nearly 20% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, and it’s all you hear about in blogging circles. One of the most important advantages of this option is the 100% ownership of your content. Thus with awesome features to keep you hooked on their service, it certainly deserves a place on our list. You have to find a place on the internet where you will store all the files and databases that are used for running a blog.

Are you looking to start blogging? However, there’s only a 2-week free trial available. Overall, we found it more complicated, though, than other free website builders as the editor isn’t quite as self-explanatory. Build your site with easy drag and drop tools; no coding skills required. Let us know what you use and why it is better than the rest. All you need is a domain name and a hosting package from Bluehost for $2. This makes sense – forcing you to stick within the confines of your chosen template stops the page looking messy – but you might find it limiting.

Strikingly – Free One-Page Layouts

Yes 1-Click WordPress Install: Highlights – The posts are never static pages, you will find highlights from other writers. DreamHost DreamHost has been committed to WordPress and its community for over 10 years. With all the basic set of features, this Free WordPress hosting also includes a special bonus- Web Apps Installer. You can also upgrade to their premium version if you wish to have more freedom and increased support anytime you wish. At one point, there was some distinction between even longer blog platforms, but that’s dissipated by now.