7 Best Cheapest Windows & Linux VPS Hosting Providers (2020)

Moreover, users get root access to the server, giving them the freedom to install applications and make environment changes without having to go through the hosting provider, as they would with shared hosting. He was now back with a new version — my nameservers were wrong! If you encounter any problems, there’s a 24/7 live chat service to help you. InMotion Hosting offers both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. But, they offer a nice mid-level option for growing sites. They offer free site migration services too. This is the main performance difference between VPS and dedicated server plans which may be configured with similar amounts of RAM, CPU cores, or RAID storage. Both their dedicated server and Linux VPS plans are reasonably priced and suitable for starting enterprises.

This is because cheap Linux VPS hosting gives users the opportunity to control their own servers using web interfaces, as opposed to shared Linux VPS hosting. Your website’s gaining rapid traction among your audience so you think your site might outgrow your existing hosting service in the near future. HostGator – Most Unlimited ($29. )As you can host unlimited domains so for that, they also offer ample 75GB storage on the SSD’s. Moreover, If you want to use a cPanel or Plesk, then you need to subscribe to their Virtual Server “Cloud M” plan. Bluehost’s cheap pricing makes Linux VPS accessible for everyone. CHEAP VPS HOSTING is one of the main services we offer to our clients world wide.

  • Even though you still have access to support, it is not as available as for “managed” customers.
  • If you need complete control over a server, consider a dedicated server instead of a VPS.
  • They provide data center choices in the USA, Germany, and Spain.
  • You can also add on some services for additional functionality.
  • At the very least, we recommend getting a VPS plan that has 2 GB of RAM.
  • If you'd prefer a package that comes with unexpected surprises, rather than hidden catches, we'd give InMotion a try.
  • I sent them a couple of tickets at different times of the day, and both support replies arrived within 10-15 minutes.

Its reviews around the web are anot abyssmal but they are definitely a mixed bag as users complain about dodgy customer service and the overall feeling that the company prioritizes profits heavily, at the expence of its customers. If you want to save money in the subscription of Hostwinds you can take the annual subscription which will cost around $3. Both, our Linux VPS server and Windows VPS server, helps you manage your website traffic in an exceptional way. Amazon pioneered the elastic cloud model based on virtualization and running multiple simultaneous versions of a website with geolocative positioning and global network load balancing on traffic request routing. The VPS resources are guaranteed for you and your hosting needs only. Having this type of bandwidth allows you to increase the number of visitors without any problem. Mageia manages to retain the strength of the predecessor Mandriva and also has many new features and functions. Increased reliability.

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Most hosts offer beefed up security for managed VPS hosting customers, but Liquid Web’s Heroic Support™ team goes the extra mile for their VPS users. If you need fast assistance, please get in touch via our 24/7 Live Chat. You can also install an SSL certificate, and all software program types. The cheaper plans are also more than sufficient for standard websites.

  • In the case of Hostinger, live chat and phone support are the victims.
  • In fact, the heights that you can reach resource-wise with Kamatera are beyond comparison.
  • VPS installation on SSD storage is much faster than HDD, where managed platforms offer a pre-installed partition available instantly after sign-up for a new hosting account and some "bare metal" partitions take longer to create.
  • CPU cores are responsible for processing information and handling the load of your content, databases, plugins, apps, and more.
  • Their expert team of technical support makes troubleshooting effortless and is available 24/7.

The Best VPS Hosting Service Providers For 2020

In the event the provider has been in the VSP hosting business for some years, one can easily weigh the number of the positive reviews against the negative reviews. It is fully managed with dedicated resources to create and manages separate cPanels. Overall, Ubuntu, Debian, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) are commonly found in web hosting and private cloud data centers in use as web servers, with Fedora and openSUSE more popular among independent web developers and PHP/Python programmers.

These are cheaper compared to Windows because Linux is an open-source platform.

Cloud Hosting

Maintaining an up-and-running VPS requires regular updates and monitoring, but providing a premium service with a stable, constantly smooth performance and reliable configuration requires a highly-trained team of professional technical support, which is online 24/7. Domain privacy and protection, and SiteLock are categorized as optional add-ons, so you’ll have to pay extra if you need them. It does not associate with commercial Linux distributions.

What is the best VPS hosting for WordPress?

Other features offered by MilesWeb hostings include a free domain name, innovative site builder, Cloudfare CDN, and so on. Everyone’s talking about cloud and so does Just Host. Web designer hosting options (quick guide), for web development, you want to know if the service provider will create original page templates, and if so, how many (often the home page of a site will have a slightly different look than the blog or article pages, for instance.). Starting plans includes 4 GB RAM, 75 GB Storage, 4 TB Bandwidth, 3 IP addresses etc.

Whether you want managed services, a WordPress plan, or just a virtual machine with CentOS installed, InMotion leads in high-value VPS hosting.

Beginner Tips

95 per month (if you choose the 4-year billing) and renews at $7. No free ad credits offered. When it comes to pricing, HostGator may give you a serious shock. Bluehost regularly improves their VPS server hardware infrastructure by working with industry leaders like Intel and AMD to constantly evaluate their platform for maintaining optimal performance. VPS hosting is one of the most effective ways to host a website.

The first thing to consider is the promised uptime of the host. The provider should also provide regular updates so that you can enjoy the latest features as well as the security of the hosting service. A2 Hosting will work with you to create the perfect solution.

You can also use the Web Hosting Wizard to compare other Linux virtual hosting plans.
  • After that, they go up, ranging from $24.
  • 1&1 is one of the largest and most popular domain name and web hosting providers in the United States.
  • Stop hogging the toilet.
  • The server setup includes advanced security and DDoS protection measures, a free CDN for faster website load time, and built-in backups.
  • Those are a couple of necessary expenses that you can save with Bluehost and invest in your business.
  • MediaTemple Support I was anxious to check out how the support team of a 20+ year-old company stacks up against the competition.
  • There's a lot of choice out there, but don't panic – our list of five best VPS providers will point you in the right direction.

How to Find Best Linux VPS Hosting

Our editors have found Bluehost to be the perfect solution for starting website owners due to its competitive price tag and robust feature set. SiteGround offers multiple hosting plans for users to choose from and provides genuine technical expertise for new customers. The basic plan for hosting on Hostwinds starts from $4. The beginner user of this web hosting server is offered a free domain, free SSL, free site builder with many templates. The managed hosting should be in the range of $20-40/month. You can install and maintain the kernel of your choice.

We utilize our own custom control panel which is integrated in our client area saving you from logging into multiple interfaces.

One can easily install cPanel, WordPress, Redis, MySQL, nfSense, phpMyAdmin, and LEMP as well, thanks to user friendly custom made control panel. InMotion User Reviews around the Web InMotion Hosting is often praised about its superb support. Usually, these web hosts offer a trial VPS for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and sometimes for longer duration i. It is not very unswerving but features it has tooffer its users are simply remarkable. They provide all premium hardware and Gigabit Network and it can handle all pressure easily. Along with the premium quality services they also provide Guru level customer support. Join now (it’s free)!


With this type of hosting solution a physical server is virtually divided into several independent hosting containers. Hostinger supports not only the standard IPv4 protocol but also the more recent IPv6. Sounds YUMmy, indeed! Although all reviewed hosts are great but we undoubtedly recommend InMotion managed VPS hosting which is backed by Cloud infrastructure. That’s because the system is much more flexible.

These VPS hosting providers provide their services in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia and all other countries in the world. WPBeginner is the largest independent WordPress resource site that receives millions of pageviews per month. Compared to shared hosting accounts, VPS accounts are often run on better physical hardware with higher connection speeds. VPS, a type of Internet service, short for dedicated private server. This UK-based company has an impressive portfolio, featuring over 300,000 servers and 27 data centers located in 19 countries. It is founded in 2020 and proudly powering over 2 million websites.

A handful of web hosting providers do offer managed VPS servers. Despite sharing the same hardware, the sites are completely separate and have their own resources to use. What are the package upgrade possibilities? VPS scalability gives you the freedom to increase a specific component according to your particular goal. So if you are not satisfied with their service, you can cancel your service anytime. It is the best platform for VPS hosting server to inflict the fastest connectivity, security and reliable infrastructure with a server reboot. Or start the conversation in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals. The same goes for adding more resources to your VPS server.

Digital Ocean

Just below the table, you will find the details on our multifactor evaluation. The most basic unmanaged plan includes 20GB storage, 1core, 512MB, and 2TD data transfer. In the A2 hosting when you log in through your account you can literally run commands as you are directly controlling the server. Your account can take advantage of 8 cores of processing power, 2GB RAM, and 30GB SSD storage even with the lowest VPS plan. You need to process more resource-heavy scripts and applications than a VPS server could handle. For the tier one package, you will get a single core processor, 512 MB Ram, and 20 GB of disk space. They should provide features like better security, backup, installation of software, the latest operating system. If you need to know that your website won’t be dragged down by a bad neighbor, a VPS will be worth the extra spend.

They are known for the best 24/7 support in the industry which is why they’re an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. Free SSL/TLS Certificates. Clouds usually grant greater scalability and expect the client to take control over the server by means of direct management via a dashboard. DreamHost is one of the cheapest Linux VPS hosting providers with managed services. It’s truly a one-stop-shop. Customers who have not signed up for the free trial in the past are eligible to get Oracle cloud free trial.

Unlimited bandwidth – usually, providers take into account the maximum required bandwidth across the sites they service and add a bit more on top. VPS hosting is still, technically speaking, shared. 10GHz with 20M cache. We will not approve any unreasonable justification and will require justification if requesting 5 or more additional IP's.

You have the ability to install any available Linux Template and your system will be automatically installed and given an IP address.

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GreenGeeks was founded in the year 2020 by Trey Gardener where his experience of many web hosting companies helped this company to understand the needs of the clients who want to host their website on a web hosting server. One thing to keep in mind when using a virtual server is that it has no real physical hardware. You can use the world’s most popular content management system with VPS hosting. I tested the live chat a couple more times, which only solidified my positive experience of courteous and knowledgeable support that seems to care a great deal about the customer. The company runs off of SuperMicro gear in a clustered configuration, which equates to 96BG of RAM, dual E5 CPU, and enterprise-level SSD drives.

All of them include optional root access, a user-friendly control panel, easy scalability to coincide with growth, 24/7 customer support, and guaranteed memory. However, it can be quite expensive and may not be necessary if you are just building a small website. Even with a discount for a new client, Media Temple’s VPS hosting prices are on the steep side. Let’s have a look.

The lowest one caps at 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD space, and 1TB bandwidth. FatCow is another industry stalwart, first opening its doors in 1998. 95 with a discount for new clients.

Features Required For The Best Linux VPS Hosting

95/mo while the cost starts declining as you increase the subscription period and becomes as low as $19. 100% Uptime Guarantee. However, they come with the added benefit of professional assistance at every turn. For example, they were late in the game for Let’s Encrypt. This plan is also fully customizable. If you’re not an expert in managing VPS, We would suggest you go with 1&1. Every plan has some appealing configuration options.

Like shared hosting, VPS hosting puts your website on a server that also has other sites running on it, except that there are fewer sites per server. On a VPS server, all customers share the limitations of the particular hardware and software installed — e. Plus, all plans include Let’s encrypt that can be activated by a click and is considered an essential element in SERP. But of course, you can always opt for a managed virtual private server. Dedicated server hardware is also limited to a single tenant usage whereas VPS hardware is shared by multiple hosting customers on one partitioned web server. If you have questions or need help with anything at all, reach out to us anytime via phone, Live Chat, or support ticket. The difference, however, does remain. Keep in mind the domain registration is valid for the initial year only.

There is also a live-state snapshot tool that will update you on the status of your server and websites. What is a shared server & VPS vs shared hosting? While you might see that a provider offers an extremely affordable plan, they might charge extra for technical support, software installations, or domain registration. Despite it is new, it is giving a good competition to cloud hosting giants like Amazon and Google. Each time you come across promises of unlimited/discount/promo, open T&Cs to check what it really is. Managed VPS plans offer a managed environment similar to our shared hosting accounts. All of the cloud VPS hosting plans come with free premium business email. GoDaddy offers every type of hosting plan under the sun, including for VPS.

After a second day with no website, I was back in the support chat.