Review of EasyCgi Web Hosting Company: Features, Plans and Prices

Boosting your local traffic. EasyCGI was originally founded in 1996 and has more than 15 years experience in the web hosting business. The various levels of support options are identified below. 9% uptime guarantee, boosted by such measures as Hot Spare servers and high-availability RAID array storage. This certainly makes them an authority in the web hosting business. Linux VPS X, Linux VPS X2, Linux VPS X4, and Linux VPS X10.

If you want to compare hosting plans from EasyCGI with plans from other web hosts, try our simple Hosting Wizard. Fatcow review: the truth about their cheap web hosting plan, we’ve had copious reports of representatives not knowing how to add or improve functionality, which can be quite troubling. SSL Certificates with Extended Validation – EasyCGI supports SSL-EV certification at a very low price ($159/yr at this time of writing). Very often, however, instead of getting referred to a technician, I got referred to some sort of an article. Select the domain name which you’d like to assign your nearly-uploaded SSL certificate to and proceed. Does easyCGI offer reseller packages? Their hosting packages are mid to high range, which maybe makes them unsuitable for startups and smaller businesses.

All of these plans come with Windows based servers.

HostingCharges. Plus they were the first company we have seen to offer ASP. You simply get a significant discount for amount of packages purchased. They do use vDeck, a control panel platform this is highly customizable making it so that they are able to easily add more features in order to give their customers a few more viable options when it comes to hosting a website. However, it has received a lot of enhancements over the years and covers basic site management. It looks like, if you purchase a VPS host with EasyCGI, that’s entirely up to you.

  • Their offerings are almost on-par with BlueHost’s VPS hosting plans, but EasyCGI have placed quite a hefty price tag on their packages.
  • To obtain a more detailed review of the Easy CGI features and capabilities, visit the easycgi hosting review site.
  • While not as feature-rich as other software, it has received many improvements over the years and covers basic website management.
  • With it, you’ll get 100 GB disk space, 2020 GB bandwidth, and 2 GB RAM (4 GB burstable).
  • They can be purchased on a monthly and a 12-month basis.
  • I have plenty of unused space already.
  • The plans are filled with features and applications as well as bandwidth and disk space.

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The disk space can hold up to 30 gigabytes and it can hold 512 megabytes of memory and 1 gigabyte of burstable memory. 0 - Easy-CGI supports the Microsoft. Image hosting service, the best photography website hosts specialize in showcasing your vibrant, engaging imagery to the masses, showcasing your portfolio to those who may gain inspiration, learn a new method, or even place an order for a print. UUNET (Verizon/MCI), Sprint, Savvis, Verio, Global Crossing, InterNAP and NAC. There are no separate billing systems you have to deal with, which makes things easier and far less confusing.

Linux VPS X10 costs $143. Some shared hosting plans begin at a discounted rate, then renew at the regular rate. EasyCGI is a well known hosting provider consistently ranking high in many reviews. Sure, some of the major hosts out there focus on managed WordPress hosting or dedicated servers, but on average, you’ll find that a typical host sells shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domain names, and all the tools required to launch a site or blog quickly. NET web hosting provider. That said, keep reading to find out what this host offers and how it can help you launch your next blog. Credit card processing through PayPal.

We review each product thoroughly and recommend only those which we feel are best for our readers. They help me figure out problems with my coding, and they know what they are talking about thus they have the most friendly customer support team I have ever dealt with. EasyCGI’s basic shared hosting plan, Advanced X ($7. Hosted microsoft exchange, email hosting can seem expensive, and that's largely because the big companies are forever competing to offer the largest amounts of inbox and file storage space. )EasyCGI doesn't fool its clients with empty promises; this web hosting provider really fulfils its duties. There is a useful tutorial available for their customers to familiarize themselves with EasyCGI’s control panel. It’s somewhat of an onboarding process, but with a few additional perks. December 10th, 2020 | Shared hosting provider EasyCGI offers upgrade to. Additionally, it includes Microsoft SQL 2020 database and premium customer support.

  • It offers only Linux.
  • 9% up-time guarantee along with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • I don’t really have any issues with their uptime.
  • November 20th, 2020 | EasyCGI offers latest version of DotNetNuke to customers DotNetNuke Platinum Sponsor, EasyCGI, is now offering the latest version, DotNetNuke 4.

E-commerce Tools from EasyCGI

It already includes unlimited disk space and unlimited transfer. 2020's best "drupal hosting", it’s easy to setup, manage, and offers great uptime and reliability. The quality range runs from decent to rivaling that of a low-end dedicated server, so hardware power isn’t much of a problem. EasyCGI promise to provide a flexible and secure hosting solution with their Linux VPS plans. This version offers several additional benefits to customers, including increased resource efficiency, additional pre-installed modules, and numerous other enhancements. Easy CGI has been one of the best web hosting companies I have ever used.

  • But it doesn’t publish any uptime stats to indicate that it sticks to this SLA.
  • The control panel looks similar to Cpanel but there are a few differences in its usability and capability.
  • One feature that may stand out for some is the inclusion of automated backups.

Offers and Pricing

I am surprised to see some companies have so many complaints out there on the net, but if you just go to their home page, everything looks so promising. • The Advanced X2 package permits for 500 GB disk space, 5,000 GB monthly data transfer, 1,000 of POP3 email accounts and 100 MySQL databases. Their sales and service pages are almost identical, it's actually easy to confuse the two. I specifically asked them not to do this, but they ignored me. This straight-up pissed me off. How to buy web hosting for better seo ranking, 90) eNomCentral—Expensive domains and lackluster hosting. But since the correspondence for this complaint was done with my Gmail, I don't think this was the case. If you want to enjoy a discount web hosting at Easycgi, you can visit our Easycgi Coupon page. Easy CGI is by most standards, a fairly large host.

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July 06th, 2020 | EasyCGI Increases Shared Hosting Resources EasyCGI has aggressively increased their bandwidth and disk capacity for all shared Web hosting plans. Their network boasts a redundant Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic uplink to geographically diverse providers using Cisco routers and Dell Dual Xeon servers with 12 GB of physical RAM and RAID storage. Log into your control panel. NET Framework, PHP, and Perl5.

Having either of these lets you achieve the highest level of security during online transactions. What payment options are supported? With their own servers, customers can create their own hosting packages to use for their clients or support their entire website and extras on their own. It offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, Web forwarding, and other products and services. (96/month) almost shares the same features as the Linux VPS X plan, except that it comes with 30 GB disk space, 1000 bandwidth, 512 MB RAM (1 GB burstable). Co-Location hosting services are available for as low as $79.

These errors can be configured to be unique for your website. This plan allows 500 POP3 E-mail Accounts and 50 MySQL databases. Their e-mail support is also considered superior and effective because of their very short response time. EasyCGI lets you choose between Positive SSL Certificate and Extended Validation SSL Certificate. It doesn’t have any special name (it’s simply called “Control Panel”), and it’s not as feature-rich as other software. 24/7 support and a solid knowledge base to complete your own research. EasyCGI, an established New York web hosting provider, founded in Year 1998.

Special Pages

6 Support Now, shared-hosting customers of EasyCGI have the choice of building new Web pages, with more powerful database options, using PHP 5. 7/24 security, Both data centers run on N+1 power (both A/C and D/C), and have the same network architecture and equipment. Year of foundation: Read the Full Review Add Your Review! All standard features are provided across the three plans, so your site will run smoothly no matter which tier you pick.

But there’s no setup fee at least, and it comes with a pretty hefty list of useful features. 9% up time guarantee. Easy CGI Reviews Visit Website: All shared hosting plans come with CM4all Web Site Builder and with Mojo Marketplace, which features one-click installs of popular web apps, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. EasyCGI has custom developed shared web hosting platform, which offers complete flexibility and reliability. We know web hosting industry is a very competitive market.

  • EasyCGI has an affiliate program and a reward program for successful referrals.
  • They are committed to providing top quality; dependable hosting services by offer a variety of hosting options.
  • Also, be sure to check your order total before submitting as some boxes are automatically selected for purchase when placing your order.
  • Quality support is never guaranteed in the hosting business but rest assured that EasyCGI will not leave you stranded.

EasyCGI Hosting Plan Review:

EasyCGI Reliability/Performance rating: The prices seem very good considering all the programs they do offer. One slightly unpopular hosting plan offered by EasyCGI is their Email Only Hosting plan, which is ideal for those looking to get in touch with their clients and prospects for their online business before launching a site. Your services are very affordable and convenient to use. February 8th, 2020 | Hosting Control Panel Now Five Times Faster at EasyCGI EasyCGI, a leading Windows Web hosting provider for small and medium-sized businesses, announced an improvement in the speed of their Hosting Control Panel. Easy CGI's control panel is very limited in what it is able to do. 27+ best web hosting of 2020 (biggest guide + pricing), uptime is a percentage that shows how good a provider is at keeping everything successfully running. The rule of thumb is that a control panel must be user-friendly and packed with the necessary tools and services. 2 Hosting Control Panel to its Virtual Private hosting plans.

We do not think there are any features that make EasyCGI’s VPS hosting plans stand out, but that does not mean they are not a good option. Easy CGI supports both Windows 2020 and Windows 2020. Some are great for online shops, and others create a helpful environment for startups. Along with support for SiteLock, WordPress hosting, site restoring, and alternative website builders, the professional services from EasyCGI look solid. To help you along the way, EasyCGI VPS has customer support waiting and ready to help, 24/7. Hostgator for just 1 cent for first month! We have always been impressed with the prompt and reliable support and have recommended EasyCGI enthusiastically to colleagues and clients. EasyCGI has been offering their online hosting services for a number of years now and are generally included in any conversation about the top web hosts.

Its servers operate in a pooled environment protected by two firewalls, and the data centre has 24-hour security, 365 days a year. It has 50 gigabytes of disk space and can hold 1 gigabyte of memory as well as 2 gigabytes of burstable memory. I then got another alert, still nothing upon inspection. Security and Updates EasyCGI VPS hosting handles server monitoring for you, and takes care of any problems that arise for you, before you ever have to know or worry about it. ORG Reliability Seal on EasyCGI's Web site proves that the customer focused Web hosting company is fully committed to the highest standards of customer service and product offerings, as well as fair and equal Terms and Conditions that BBB upholds all its members to.

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It’s not so simple to get across such level of professional integrity as EasyCGI features. This is provided through a telephone line manned by in-house staff, a live chat facility and an online ticketing system. The monthly data transfer is 5,000 gigabytes and the disk space holds 50 gigabytes. EasyCGI offers the convenience of building a WordPress-based website or blog with their managed WordPress hosting packages. I highly recommend them as a hosting company.

They will not transfer your website for you. There are four Linux based VPS plans are available and every plan comes with a dedicated IP address, private name servers and allows clients to host an unlimited number of websites. Therefore, the free expert consultation from EasyCGI might be a key consideration for you. Are you interested why? How about the actions? Send an email any time through the form located on the site.


Advanced X for $7. Hosting services, traditional methods of personal video distribution, such as making a DVD to show to friends at home, are unsuited to the low resolution and high volume of camera phone clips. They mostly cater to small- and medium-sized websites, with their packages comprising of shared and VPS hosting services. The high-tier plan, Advanced X4 ($21. )Not all web hosts are able to deliver an amazing performance and reliability, so it’s a big plus for me. I can’t recommend Easy CGI at this time because nothing really seems to be great with them. There are brand new startups and established businesses, but right in the middle there lies the majority of websites: The overall value of EasyCGI's web hosting services are considered to be good. Additionally, the Control Panel is packed with a FREE website builder tool that allows you to build sites without touching a single line of code.

EasyCGI has its own news page where staff post articles, interviews and other news items. Will easyCGI help me transfer my existing domain? While many web hosts go for the popular cPanel control panel, EasyCGI chose to provide their clients with a customized proprietary control panel that gives them complete control over their hosting experience. The system is entirely graphical, so it is as simple as pointing and clicking - whether you want to upload a new file or check out your site stats. Overall, EasyCGI is a good choice for most types of websites, but it’s tough to differentiate it from the hoards of other web hosts out there. We are here to answer your question and we are going to give you the real evidences. A lot of other web hosting companies will sucker you in by telling you, you get “unlimited bandwidth and disk space”. Then, again, not more than a month or two later, I got another alert.