Greatmail Terms of Service for Email and Application Hosting Accounts

Ayera cannot guarantee that such events will not occur. Section and all other headings used herein are provided for convenience only and are not to be given any legal effect or considered in interpreting any provision of this Agreement. Neither party shall acquire any rights to any information privacy or other proprietary rights of the other party as a result of this agreement. Standard response times for managed services are defined in Appendix A.

Client is not permitted to use the Client Account to distribute or store unusual amounts of graphics, audio, or video files (collectively “Multimedia Files”). Additionally, if Vendor creates new applications and features on Vendor’s platform (so long as there are no exclusivity provisions associated with those applications or features by contract with another client), and Client wants those new applications or features, then Client shall receive them with no licensing or purchase costs, and shall only have to pay Vendor’s custom development costs to implement those applications or features in Client’s system. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement and/or Client’s use of Metisentry Services shall be settled by arbitration conducted in accordance with the then-current Rules of the American Arbitration Association (the “Association”), strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the substantive law of the State of Ohio. Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, Customer shall not have any confidentiality obligation to Clarity with respect to any information provided or made available by Clarity hereunder, and Clarity shall not have any confidentiality or non-use obligation to Customer hereunder with respect to any information, software application, data or content provided or made available by Customer hereunder that: Like other types of ASP contracts, it specifies who within your client’s firm has authorized access to your software and servers and how and when these resources can be used. Before hiring any of the services offered, please carefully read the Conditions of Contract governing the provision of the service you want, including the technical, operational and functional service and fees to pay.

Client may not use the Services to collect or "harvest" user-names of Ayera clients or other Internet users without the expressed prior permission of the user.

The parties' addresses for purposes of notice shall be as set forth above, provided that all notices to Inktomi shall be sent to the 16 [*]=CERTAIN INFORMATION IN THIS EXHIBIT HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. Either party may terminate this agreement for material breach, provided, however, that the terminating party has given the other party at least twenty-one (21) days written notice of and the opportunity to cure the breach. Top 9 best web hosting providers of 2020 – in-depth reviews. Further, Metisentry acknowledges that Customer owns, and shall continue to own, any and all data and content which Customer stores on Metisentry’s servers, and nothing in this Agreement shall transfer ownership of Customer’s data or content to Metisentry. The CUSTOMER will not use the Plan contracted in any way contrary to good faith, public order and current legislation. Web hosting services crafted with care, this is also a good option for folks that want to pay a little extra so they never have to worry about anything related to their hosting. Notwithstanding the notice provisions contained in Section 14. 4 Third-Party Software. Price changes will become effective on your next regularly scheduled invoice period.

In any case, the website will be operational once again at the start of a new month. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE MAXIMUM AGGREGATE LIABILITY OF US EXCEED THE TOTAL AMOUNT PAID BY YOU FOR THE SERVICES FOR A ONE-MONTH PERIOD, BUT IN NO EVENT GREATER THAN ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100. )Licensor will safeguard the confidentiality of such data using the same standard of care that Licensor uses for its own confidential materials. 14 "Web Indexing Data" means such data as Inktomi may collect relating to the documents crawled by its crawling software in connection with its operation of the Product. A full outage refers to the entire system going offline for a period of time; a partial outage refers to a major component of the system becoming unavailable or unusable for a period of time. Best web hosting 2020, if you’re looking to host multiple websites with significant traffic, Flywheel will get pretty expensive pretty fast. Upon expiration of the Transition Period, all rights granted to Microsoft to use the Product (other than Microsoft Technology, Joint Derivative Technology and the Microsoft Derivative Technology) and/or any Inktomi Technology under the transitional license referred to in clause (iv) or otherwise shall cease, and Microsoft shall immediately return to Inktomi all Confidential Materials (and all copies thereof), provided however that, notwithstanding any provision of the Ancillary Agreements to the contrary, the undertaking by Inktomi to indemnify Microsoft and hold it harmless against Taxes as provided in clause (ii) above shall survive any such terminations.

SUCH WRITTEN ASSURANCES MAY INCLUDE THE POSTING OF PERFORMANCE BONDS OR OTHER GUARANTEES. METISENTRY HAS NO CONTROL OVER AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER FOR THE CONTENT OF MATERIALS TRANSMITTED OVER THE INTERNET, SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS, ANY CLIENT EQUIPMENT FAILURES, OR ANY OTHER SUCH CAUSES. Customer agrees not to bring any action and/or claim against AIT for such disclosures. Metisentry service pricing per your initial Order is guaranteed for the duration of your Term, except with respect to any third-party license costs, per section 8. Customer’s billing cycle shall be twelve calendar months, as indicated on the Quote. Fees for other services will be charged on an as-quoted basis. The failure by Clarity to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall in no way be construed to be a present or future waiver of such provision nor in any way affect Clarity’s right to enforce such provision thereafter. We may also attempt to collect payment of the outstanding amount owed (including all associated fees) from any alternate Payment Method on file for the (mt) Account.

1 Without Cause.


CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT CUSTOMER IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA INTEGRITY, BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY AND AGREES TO HOLD CLARITY HARMLESS AGAINST CLAIMS RELATED TO LOST OR DAMAGED DATA. At no additional charge, Greatmail shall monitor and maintain the Hosting Service in good working order through qualified, on-site personnel, during Greatmail's normal business hours (i. )Upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement for any reason, Customer agrees (a) to immediately cease using all Services, (b) to promptly release any Internet protocol numbers, addresses or address blocks assigned to Customer in connection with the Service (but not any URL or top level domain or domain name), and (c) that Metisentry may take steps to change or remove any such IP addresses. For the avoidance of doubt, Customer acknowledges and agrees that (a) Customer’s application software and website may have certain software or hardware dependencies in order to run properly in a managed hosting environment using Metisentry’s Service(s), (b) Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that Customer’s applications and/or website will function properly on Metisentry’s Service(s) using the hardware and software supported by Metisentry prior to contracting with Metisentry, and (c) Metisentry has no obligation whatsoever to assist or ensure that Customer’s applications or website functions properly on Metisentry’s Service(s). Unless otherwise prohibited by law, Metisentry may also change service prices, as well any other term within this Agreement at any time, in accordance with these procedures: Greatmail and contracted technicians are available on a consultant basis to assist in any needs of the Customer at a prearranged cost. This information shall include, but not be limited to, the provisions of this Agreement, product and services information and pricing. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Microsoft will not be obligated to make any payments to Inktomi pursuant to clauses (a), (e) and/or (f) of Section 4.

Our ability to offer the Service and provide successful support depends upon your timely feedback and approval. BroadAspect may charge a minimum of Fifty Dollar ($50. )3 Subject to Section 12. 1 above (attributable to the use during the Term of such new Hosting Servers); such payments will commence with respect to each new Hosting Server at such time as Inktomi's repayment obligations begin with respect to such new Hosting 7 [*]=CERTAIN INFORMATION IN THIS EXHIBIT HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION.

1 (revised March 21, 2020) I.


The term for hosting service begins on the date Earthling first provides Hosting Services. Resellers are limited to the monthly Billing Cycle. (68]% annually) or the maximum allowed by Law, whichever is less. Clients purchasing a Ten, Fifty or One Hundred Hour Block will be charged for the entire block at the receipt of this signed Services Agreement and must submit payment for the block in advance. If there are any unpaid fees for Hosting Services, Client is obligated to pay for those unpaid services through the last day of the month (or other commitment period) in which cancellation occurred. This MSA will be binding and have effect upon Hostway|HOSTING and Client and their respective successors and permitted assigns.

Unless otherwise expressly stated in the Agreement, AIT will provide Support only to Customer and will not provide Support to Customer's customers, end users, subsidiaries, affiliates, third parties, and/or third party affiliates. Customer’s use of third party software, services, and other products is governed by the terms of any license or other agreement between Customer and the third party. Small business web hosting, currently, it is investing in web design supplies to boost this number even more. This may include routers, firewalls, internet connections, cooling systems, power systems and servers. The amount of the prices stipulated on the www. Client will not use the Enterprise Services, in whole or in part, to do business with any person who has been determined to have committed or supported, or who poses a risk of committing or supporting, acts of terrorism or who otherwise is subject to the prohibitions of Executive Order 13224. Additional domains (Cloudflare Pro):

  • Re-opening an account does not mean that we are willing or able to restore your Content.
  • For all actions that exceed the fulfilment of this contract written authorisation will be required from MrDomain.
  • Clarity makes every attempt but does not guarantee to keep logs of all usage activity and provides tools for Customer to download or view the logs related to Customers hosting services.
  • In summary, the CUSTOMER is responsible for respecting the laws and regulations currently in force and the guidelines relating to the functioning of the Plan online, electronic commerce, authors rights, maintenance of public order, as well as the universal principles of Internet use.
  • Greatmail shall operate and maintain the Hosting Service at a locked and secured location, with access restricted to Greatmail's employees, agents, or technicians.
  • You understand and agree that you are responsible for any and all network bandwidth, compute, hard-drive usage, and any other overage charges you incur for using the Services, even if such overages arise because your account is compromised or "hacked".
  • The terms also highlight the duration of the contract, their renewals and whether there are any defined cancellation policies.


Customer is prohibited from utilizing Greatmail's services to compromise the security or tamper with system resources or accounts on computers at the premises or at any third party site. Neither party will be held responsible for any delay or failure in performance of any part of this Agreement to the extent that such delay is caused by events or circumstances beyond the delayed party's reasonable control. Termination for Material Breach. 2 Except as set forth in Section 4. Net and its licensors exclusively own all right, title and interest in and to the The Web Application Content, including all associated intellectual property rights.

We stand behind our products and service. Hosting ireland reviews & expert opinion, joost de Valk Yoast SEO Founder and CPO “We keep track of which hosts we get a lot of support requests for, so we can reach out to them. Any agreement to this MSA or submission of an Order Form by a Minor will be deemed null and void to the extent that Hostway will not be liable in any way as a result of the Minor’s age or legal incapacity or the Minor’s use of the Hostway|HOSTING Services. Upon any suspension of the (mt) Account or Service, the Service may become unavailable until all issues are resolved by you, to our satisfaction. 1607 E Big Beaver Rd. Greatmail will exercise NO control whatsoever over the content of the information passing through the Hosting Service. Organization will not receive any credits under this Agreement in connection with any failure or deficiency of Subscription availability caused by or associated with: Client will not create any derivative work, program or product based on, or derived from Licensed Software, or use any information learned from Licensed Software to create any other program or product.

Right To Erasure

To view the Enterprise Supplemental Terms, please click the following link: Client will comply at all times with all applicable laws and regulations and the TOS, as updated by Ayera from time to time. Top 10 web hosting companies of 2020, uptime, which is the percentage of time that a hosting service is up and running, will be guaranteed by various companies with a certain percentage of time to be up. Service shall begin immediately following such payment or agreement date as agreed between parties. WE DO NOT MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS NOR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT OR THE SERVICES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, UNLESS SUCH REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES ARE NOT LEGALLY EXCLUDABLE. A one time implementation fee of zero dollars ($0), and a monthly fee, which is posted on the Web Application's website, due two weeks after the anniversary date of each month for the terms of this agreement. Any price increases initiated by such third parties for use or access to their services, products, or licenses will be passed along to customer in kind.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement, we shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide FTP Backup services on a twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week basis throughout the term of this Service Agreement.

You authorize Media Temple to manage your AWS Account and perform work on your behalf. For instance, if you receive a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Takedown request for content on your site but fail to timely remove it, your website hosting provider may terminate your services. Client will review Hostway|HOSTING’s Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time, posted at http: Check the Service Level Agreement, or hosting support agreement, before signing on as a customer. In consideration of Client’s timely payment of all Service Fees, and subject to Client’s compliance with these Professional Services Supplemental Terms, the Order Form, and the MSA, Hostway|HOSTING will perform, and provide to Client, the Professional Services as described in the Order Form.

“Billing Cycle” means the recurring period of time for which Service Fees are payable by Client to Hostway|HOSTING as specified in the Order Form, Client Portal, or invoice (as applicable). 77 video sharing sites optimize and promote your web videos and host videos for free. Without prejudice to the generality of Section 2. Consent for children[16] must be given by the child’s parent or custodian, and verifiable (Article 8). Customer represents and warrants that Customer is not on the United States Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control's list of Specially Designated National and Blocked Persons and are not otherwise a person to whom AIT is legally prohibited to provide Services.

Except for Metisentry’s rights in Metisentry Property, Metisentry agrees that any and all inventions and Deliverables conceived, written, created or first reduced to practice in the performance of Services under this Agreement are, to the greatest extent permitted by law, deemed works for hire and shall be the sole and exclusive property of Client.


Reservation of Rights. Forum hosting with free forum installation, they claim to utilize lightning fast, performance-optimized servers connected worldwide by some of the leading bandwidth providers. You agree that all requests will be reasonable in nature and within the scope of the Service purchased. Metisentry recommends that all Customers also perform their own independent periodic data backups.

31 "User" has the meaning set forth in Section 3. 1&1 hosting review 2020, bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies in the world and an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider. The voluntary annulment of a service, effected prior to the paid expiry date, will not imply the reimbursement of the unconsumed proportional part. 2 of this Cloud Services Addendum.

In this sense, once DonDominio has started the fulfillment of the contract or this has been fully executed, the CUSTOMER will not have the option to withdraw from the contract described in the above mentioned standards. 2 Nothing contained in this Agreement will be deemed to require Microsoft to deploy the Product in Hosting Servers owned by Inktomi, or to require Microsoft to continue to utilize Inktomi's services to host the Product at any time during the Term; without limitation, Microsoft will have the right to deploy the Product, in whole or in part, at other site(s) (whether owned by Microsoft or third parties) during the Term. If the indemnifying party does not undertake the diligent, good faith defense of a claim, the indemnified party shall have the right to conduct the defense of such claim at its sole defense and cost, provided, however, that (i) nothing in the foregoing shall limit or be deemed to limit a party’s right to dispute a claim (and/or any Losses arising therefrom) that relates to an indemnifiable matter hereunder, and (ii) if the indemnifying party has agreed that a claim relates to an indemnifiable matter hereunder, the indemnified party shall have no authority to enter into any settlement or compromise on behalf of the indemnifying party, which consent shall not be reasonably withheld or delayed. This MSA, and all Order Forms, will automatically terminate if Client makes a general assignment for the benefit of Client’s creditors, Client appoints or has appointed on its behalf a receiver, trustee in bankruptcy or similar officer to take charge of all or part of its assets, Client files or has a petition filed against Client for bankruptcy, or Client is otherwise adjudicated insolvent or bankrupt. FTP Back-up may not be available on all hosting plans. It sets specific limits on the amount of storage space your client has available on your server and it protects your confidentiality and intellectual property rights.


Except as expressly set forth in the Agreement, the Parties do not intend to create rights for any person as a third-party beneficiary of the Agreement. Client shall be responsible for payment of all costs, fees and expenses assessed by third parties in the course of being provided Services. Each EU Member State shall provide for one or more independent public authorities (called the Supervisory Authority) to be responsible for monitoring the application of GDPR, in order to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons in relation to processing and to facilitate the free flow of personal data within the Union. This service may not be used to store highly restricted data as defined by the Acceptable Use Policy and the University Data Classification System. Greatmail will not refund any prior payments for services provided up to the date of termination. Youtube, it has a live chat service, albeit one that isn’t available 24/7. Hostway|HOSTING may (at Hostway|HOSTING’s sole discretion) provide any of the Hostway|HOSTING Services (in whole or in part) through an Affiliate of Hostway|HOSTING, a Third Party Vendor, or other subcontractors. Client may revoke its consent to having Client Data Processed in the U.

Other than the Invoiced Taxes, all Inktomi Taxes shall be the responsibility of Inktomi and may not be passed on to Microsoft.