Unlimited Reseller Hosting: USA’s Best cPanel Linux Reseller Hosting

You can always rely on us if you need any assistance with your WHM as we will share our experience with you and will give you tips and tricks gained by the years. Furthermore, the facility is protected by 24/7 armed security, check-in stations, and other security measures. In some instances, the helpdesk might be known as technically superior but with a long queue that guarantees a 30-minute wait time average. The plans come with 30/75/150/200GB of bandwidth and 400/600/1000/2020GB of storage. Most web hosting providers come with excellent, fast search tools for finding the domain you want. It’s all set up so you can easily promote your own brand and not anybody else’s. ” What white label product refers to is a product or service that a company produces, but other companies buy and rebrand it like it is theirs.

It is what our customers receive with all Reseller hosting plans and use to manage all their resold hosting accounts in their reseller plans.

The best way to understand the difference between WHM and cPanel is that WHM is for people who administer the servers (System Administrators) and Resellers whereas cPanel is for the End Users (i. 14 best web hosting services 2020 (tested & compared). )For customer service, ServerHub delivers fast and knowledgeable support with their hosting solutions. SiteGround’s name creates high expectationsfor advanced features.

Acenet’s VPS plans provide a range of packages priced based on specifications such as storage space and the number of processors. No down time, when I had a problem it was resolved fast. To do this, fill in the appropriate information and select the method for file transfer from the pull-down menu. It has a WHM control panel like other providers. It takes about 60 seconds for you to get the VPS provisions you order. Its reseller hosting plans are easily scalable and are affordable as well. On the other hand, ServerHub keeps a simple approach to the whole matter, committing to deploy a VPS instantly and a dedicated server within an hour. With WHM, you can quickly configure and manage your client’s cPanel accounts, create and manage hosting packages, activate SSL certificates, manage DNS, set up hosting support, and do so much more.

Follow us on social media! Create standard Hosting Packages (plan) with pre-determined quotas (i. )I’m nitpicking here—the platforms actually tie for the best reseller CRM. There are a number of minimum system requirements in order to run WHMCS 7. Unfortunately, a private DNS and a unique IP address are paid features, and they cost $5/month and $3/month, respectively. Hosting with Liquid Web means you won't be left hanging to fix things yourself. Keep your eyes open for it or anything else that improves website performance. Admittedly, the specific plan we’ve highlighted in our review below likely won’t be the best fit for master resellers (in fact, the company has three different programs for resellers), as it focuses on distributing shared hosting and cPanel subscriptions, but Hostwinds boasts a price structure that’s far below the industry norm.

For those problems you can't solve, you'll need to contact the web host yourself to find a solution.

InMotion Hosting — Best Overall Master Reseller Hosting

In terms of reseller or master reseller hosting, unlimited typically refers to the number of cPanel installations you can configure on your account, though you could also theoretically expand that definition to cover the number of domain names, websites, or anything else on that list from before. In that time I used other free hosting service. The platform is built to give a super-fast performance and top-class security. First and foremost, Cpanel control panel allows you to manage the accounts that you, as a server lessor, created. Master resellers will be far better served by looking at a VPS or dedicated server through Hostwinds. Hostinger delivers a capable VPS hosting with a very tempting first term price, and with all plans being fully refundable, everyone can try out the service. They can also take payments through a dizzying number of gateways; PayPal, 2Checkout, Google, Amazon, Skrill, PayPoint, Nochex and other recognized brands are supported, as are many small providers – and bank transfer payments.

Fast, secure hosting. Many VPS plans include standard tools like cPanel to help monitor and configure your site. This gives it an edge over many other providers. Flywheel’s dedicated customer service team is helpful, extremely educated, infinitely courteous. 99 per month on renewal. Average features, all in all. ResellerClub’s features put them among the top reseller hosting providers.

  • As things stand, though, the deals are pretty darn impressive.
  • They are priced at $29.
  • A2 Hosting WHMCS via Whoishostingthis.
  • You can sell both shared and managed WordPress hosting.
  • HostGator gives you WHMCS Client Management and Billing software for free on its reseller plans.
  • The top-tier plan called Ultimate, gives you 4 CPU cores (2x Xeon Gold 5222), 120GB SSD storage, 8 GB RAM, 3 TB bandwidth and two IP addresses, and it’s priced at $59.
  • You can choose from 13 availability zones, a bunch of server getups, and a variety of Linux or Windows operating systems.

WHM Hosting - Experience The A2 Difference Today!

You can only resell basic shared hosting plans—10GB of space and enough bandwidth to handle about 10,000 monthly visits. • The power to create, delete, and suspend cPanel accounts on your server. Excellent reliability. 10 best fastest web hosting providers of 2020, their hosting plans are built for beginners as well and it’s very easy to setup your website. Your clients will expect prompt support; so FlyWheel makes sure you get quick assistance whenever your clients get stuck in troubles.

The reseller hosting model, therefore, offers a number of benefits for savvy digital entrepreneurs. Quick provisioning provides you with VPS functions in no time. Then I talked to the admin and they let me use their service. These reviews wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t at least mention one of the new providers. Or will you perhaps switch to VPS? You can contact us at any time via a web-based ticketing system, live chat, or phone. This will determine the reseller package you'll need. SiteGround is currently shifting its existing cPanel based hosting to a more innovative and its own software called – Site Tools.

Features Explained

Granted, the restriction may annoy some users, but if you get too many clients, it might be time to upgrade to a more powerful solution anyway. The reseller hosts control features such as bandwidth and hard drive space allotment, task automation and billing through a WHM control panel, though your hosting provider’s employees manage back-end features including server maintenance and security. E commerce hosting services, it also gives them 20 data centre locations to pick from! One nice thing you can do is outsource your customer support to Brixly. Customers opt for cPanel hosting because it is arguably the most powerful control panel on the market. GreenGeeks reseller hosting packages are private white-labeled. The host partnered with Corero and Patchman to protect your sites from all kinds of cyber-attacks and hacks.

While the idea of adding a supplementary or even a main income through reseller hosting may be tempting, you need the right hosting provider to help your fledgling business soar. With this ability, providers can make sure that these packages are always kept up to date and remain compatible with the control panel. The hardware specs of a starter product are often kept unrealistically low, for instance, to keep the price right down. Many providers team up with Cloudflare and offer CDN services to all clients for free. But is SiteGround the best reseller hosting provider as well? For this monthly price, eHost is also one of the cheapest shared hosting providers. It also offers other services like cloud training, migrations, and disaster recovery management. Tested out the hosting service.

Is reseller web hosting profitable? GoDaddy gives you a chance to earn commission through its affiliate program. They are obviously not one of the hosting providers that try to turn a profit by skimping on important features. This way everyone will feel much better about their own privacy. This data center can accommodate private cages, large server farms, and suites.

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With a name like GreenGeeks, how could you not love them? WHMCS supports a library of hundreds of plugins by various developers. Among the most highly regarded in IT, Red Hat certifications are earned by passing rigorous practical exams through which candidates must actually perform the real-world tasks required in production environments. However, if you’re interested in using reseller hosting as a side business or as your main source of income, you’ll have to know how to brand yourself and aggressively poach customers from both big and small established hosting providers.

Additionally, iPage provides unlimited email addresses and free one-year domain with their plans. Another much more economical way to enter the hosting industry is through the reseller model. Then you can begin looking for the right hosting provider for your business—one that can actually meet your requirements at a cost you can afford. Furthermore, you can even offer additional services like providing domain names, SSL certificates, and more. HostFav Cloud Service solutions are powered by very capable hardware (high-performance Multicore Intel Xeon processors and RAID disk storage for data redundancy) and very secure, industry-grade network with scalable environments (Clustered High-Availability Virtual Environment with Distributed Object Store—CEPH). All these hosts offer you benefits like plenty of disk space, bandwidth, domain hosting, white-label feature, updated cPanel control panel, and most importantly, 24/7 expert support.

As a reseller, you can rent out parts of server, and not the whole server.


Bluehost has been around for quite some time and always offered powerful plans for a variety of users, and their VPS range is no different. Aside from free domain, Hostiso also offers cPanel and WHM for free with each hosting plan. If your primary storage fails, you wouldn’t want your entire business to disappear for good. If you have over 50 clients, you can get additional accounts for $2/month per account. New domains may take a few hours to propagate. These features can be edited by the System Administrator as described in the full set shown above. The new company moved their servers to Virtual Development Inc. Highly scalable.

Is WHMCS free?

It also lets users resell website hosting. Best web hosting 2020, just be careful about shopping around for even cheaper deals, it’s usually too good to be true. Founded in 2020, HostDime is a privately-owned company with a global presence, currently hosting more than three million domains. Enterprise solutions at the fraction of the price. The lowest-tier Starter Plan lets you host a single website and is not available for reseller hosting. So which to choose then if you are the one tasked to look around for a perfect fit for your own business? They leverage state-of-the-art hardware as well as redundant A/B power to provide their clients 99.

You will avoid all these costs and pay the monthly fee of reseller hosting. Drupal cloud hosting on aws, web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on to the Internet. If you’re in a hurry, iPage offers thousands of customizable site templates and a suite of free marketing tools you can use to optimize your online presence. Now, Kamatera assumes you already have some experience with cloud computing and you want to resell cloud hosting.

What are the best 20 VPS hosting with cPanel and WHM for individuals and businesses?

You can test drive BlueHost’s cPanel version and see the different features that are included.

CPanel Licenses

Many companies promise unlimited hosting and never come close in reality: Exponentially growing numbers of customers can quickly make a server become overcrowded, leading to performance issues and downtime you’ll need to answer for. 49 per month, and you can extend it significantly without spending a huge amount (adding basic server monitoring and cloud backups costs an extra $6 a month for both). Think RAID 5, 6, or 10.

Honestly, the price on this one isn’t outrageous.

The monthly or yearly fees that web hosts charge you for their resources vary depending on the server specs. You don’t have to worry even a bit if you have to scale your hosting plans in the future. Following an agreement between Koston and VDI, cPanel was only available to customers hosted directly at VDI. You might’ve noticed these reviews had less talk of support and performance than usual. Which is why, the quality of services that you, as a potential web hosting reseller, are going to give, will decide the experience of your clients with hosting. Fantastico is a popular Auto Installer but is losing market fast because of lack of updates (see [13]) and fewer number of scripts.

Say what you will, HostPapa has character.

100% Green Web Hosting Provider

However, there are certain cases where a customer tries to abuse certain resources, so we have to have certain restrictions on the Unlimited features. If he gets his own cPanel, his account will be separate from the others on your VPS and other customers’ sites will remain intact. You will also have to pay extra to remove the “Powered by WHMCS” link at the bottom of the page; this is essential if you want to completely blend WHMCS with your website template. The VPS service also offers daily/weekly backups and a free domain for yearly plans. HostGator’s shared cPanel hosting plans are very similar in terms of features with BlueHost’s plans, but unlike BlueHost they don’t offer a free domain with any of their shared hosting plans. There is only one root user per server.

Some of the most popular plugins add VAT tax options for EU invoices, allow customers to sign up for free trials, or automatically integrate Google Analytics tracking or social media accounts. Finally, you shouldn’t settle for anything below 99. What does WHMCS do? There is a lot of demand for web hosting, whether it is shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, or virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Your purchase our Starter Plan (20GB space, 200GB b/w, overselling enabled). Reseller hosting allows individuals to rent out the bandwidth and hard drive space that they’re getting from a hosting provider to other individuals or companies.

A price lock, on the other hand, gives you price stability, enables long-term budgeting, immunity from inflation and saves you the trouble of squeezing hours and your wits figuring out the best deal for your needs. InMotion has both shared and VPS plans for reseller hosting. This link can be configured in the Skeleton Directory. You may opt to add cPanel, premium support, and WHMCS billing system for an extra fee. Learn more about the company by reading our review below: Hostiso provides fast and high-quality web hosting services at an affordable cost.

That’s why they offer ridiculously cheap plans.

Money Back Guarantee

Both companies are owned by EIG, and they’ve partnered up to create the ultimate reseller hosting platform. Client cPanels are easily customizable. It wasn’t built specifically to integrate into WordPress, and as a result, it can take a little extra effort to achieve the smooth integration you’ll want and need. We offer a range of reliable, affordable reseller hosting plans to suit any requirement or budget. 00 PM EST/USA * 09. At first look, iPage appears to do the same:

Install the software you need, such as WordPress, instantly. Bluehost provides a cPanel with an enhanced interface, with tools and navigation that make it easy to master your websites, domains, emails and more all in one place. From popular brands to enterprise heavyweights, we got you covered as you shop around for just the right VPS system that adequately furnishes the features for either a new installation or a migration pathway for your particular needs. Here’s what I found. Best blog hosting for 2020: 6 platforms compared ✍️. Hostwinds also makes sure that your servers are safe and easily accessible by keeping their hardware in an advanced facility. It is all about the consolidated picture of pros and cons, and about picking the most feasible version. Compare these features to your own goals and plans for your new reseller business. You may potentially get a profit off of your account.

They won’t see that you got your server resources from GoDaddy. No, we are not talking about profits that your personal site is going to bring, that is not the case. When deciding to get into the venture with website hosting reselling you probably want to get the most low-cost start possible. This price is forced on you since it’s tough to run a web hosting reseller business without white labeling. It still has room to grow, but the company is making the right moves so far. I find clients clueless when we talk about web hosting.

Perl, NodeJs, Ruby & Python Support

The WHMCS software can be installed on most servers that meet the minimum standard requirements, but a reseller hosting account will be necessary. The service’s data center makes use of powerful, top-of-the-line solid-state drives. This means that they can perform the entire range of server administration tasks. Manage all aspects of the server’s DNS records (A, MX, CNAME, etc.) Their array of services includes collocation, reseller, application, and eCommerce hosting, and dedicated server packages. Extra DNS control for Resellers.

Hostgator offers its reseller hosting plans at affordable rates. With reseller hosting, you really can operate a web hosting business without investing in expensive infrastructure, servers, bandwidth, and IT staff. 7 professional portfolio sites for freelance writers • writer's edit. Beginners are often confused by the differences between WHMCS and WHM (WebHost Manager), cPanel and other similar software. Like most cloud computing providers, Kamatera has a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Even the cheapest plan gets you 80Gb of storage and 800Gb of bandwidth. With our Juniper/Cisco network, they deliver fast, reliable, secure hosting like never before. Then each client account gets unmetered bandwidth.

Therefore, for the convenience of these actions, the specific system is used, like for example, WHMCS and BILLmanager — software for managing services and customer accounts, in particular, to automate receiving and processing of payments. Otherwise, you can use BoxBilling. WHM gives you clients management interface that has the ability to edit, manage and maintain your hosting clients and hosting business. You can order a Ready-To-Go server from YesUpHost and be setup and ready to run your server two and a half hours later. 00 /mo Add to cart Mini Disk Space: In other words, you'll need to demonstrate patience and understanding when dealing with irate customers. They use the latest Juniper backbone and ensure multiple single 40GB interface connectivity in their data centers to provide extremely fast connections without the need to port channel.

With a reseller account you get a selection of Linux- or Windows-based servers, email, custom cPanel account management apps, File Transfer Protocol, MYSQL database management software, standard and solid-state storage, money-back guarantees, and a variety of hosting types, generally including shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting).


Hosting it on the U. A big list of web hosting companies, that means if you’re an international customer, outside North America for example, there might be a delay and a hassle when attempting to verify your new account. Like many others, GoDaddy offers cPanel/WHM with a free WHMCS license. Does it rank in terms of speed and reliability? Here’s how its reseller plans fare against the big boys.

Start your own business by providing web hosting services to end users. What is a WebHost Manager? At this point, it is important delineate the spheres of involvement of a main provider and a hosting reseller. Another option is to pay a subscription, which will include future software updates. LiquidWeb, SiteGround, and Interserver are among those who no longer push cPanel as their preferred control panel.

Its WHM control panel allows you to monitor server status, limit resources you provide to your clients and have complete control over your account with password modification, account creation, and so forth.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

GoDaddy is big enough to offer servers with great speed and uptime and to provide decent features. It serves up professional online security. What better brand to align your business with than the world’s largest web hosting company?

According to its site, it hosts 500,000+ websites. Master reseller, or its cousins alpha master and super alpha master reseller hosting (yes, really), are hard to find. The top package also features up to 1.

Run Your Business Any Way You Want!

It’s a good idea to check these demos out and compare them with the ones offered by other companies, and choose the one that is best tailored to your needs. All plans include $250 worth of advertising credit, free data backups, free domain registration and transfer, one-click installs with access to over 300 applications, email spam protection, SSH access, WP-CLI enabled, free website builder (BoldGrid) with free themes, and several other useful features. WHM & cPanel can be added with our VPS Hosting Plans and our Dedicated Servers too! Noted efficiencies of Content Delivery Network. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. A2 has four reseller hosting pricing plans starting from $13. Providers owned by GoDaddy or EIG often underperform in the post-acquisition period because the hosting behemoths “optimize” everything for profit, not performance.

Why choose Hostiso?

Daily backups are provided for free. Price lock guarantee works for you. In essence, you are overselling to your customers because you do not expect them to use the resources you have allocated to them. In other words, the Reseller hosting will not be available in the future, as their new design and tools allow us to create separate sites for separate users.