Service Standards – CDT Hosted Service Level Agreement

Tsohost makes no guarantee to defend a customer's website from a denial of service attack unless that service has been specifically offered and agreed. In order to receive credit the client must submit a trouble ticket with in seven (7) days of the outage. As an example, changing service providers and undoing the contracts in place, should be a last resort; it’s a very expensive and painful solution. Any additional services will be performed at Corserva’s standard published rates, provided that any emergency services that require commencement within 24 hours will be charged at 1. Host proactively monitors network uptime, infrastructure uptime and hardware availability. The telephone support services shall be available from 08: In order to ensure the readiness of Accelera Solutions’ operators to complete the offline restoration process, Accelera Solutions runs frequent drills to test restoration performance. Dreamhost review 2020, for example, customers on all of the DreamPress plans can use the in-house DreamHost backup solution. However, Customer will be held liable for losses incurred by Accelera Solutions or another party due to a third party using Customer’s account or password.

Software “bugs” or problems within used products that create service interruptions. “Scheduled Maintenance” means maintenance of which we notify Client by email at least 10 business days in advance, and that does not exceed 60 minutes in any calendar month. ASA is short for Average Speed to Answer. This SLA does not apply for any month that the customer has been in default of payment. Customer shall not receive any credits under this SLA in connection with any failure or deficiency of the HostForWeb™ network caused by or associated with: Any applicable SLA credit will be applied direct as a credit to your account, with no cash or refund payable. Client and its Employees, Contractors, Distributors and Customers’ telecommunication links and internal operations applications, other third party applications, hardware and software are not covered under this SLA.

Servers which are the target of a violation also stand the risk of being disconnected if they are deemed to be dangerous to the network.

This is our standard Managed Services Service Level Agreement (SLA)

However, certain points fall common in all of them. Security updates and bug fixes are applied within agreed timescales for website and hosting and web platforms. If to Client, to: Restrictions. Vendor recognizes that aspects of the Program provided by Client to Vendor may be copyrighted, patented, or trademarked by Client and considered proprietary intellectual property of Client, including, but not limited to, Client’s trade dress, text, logos and other materials, or other related or similar rights, including, without limitation, the ViSalus tradename, trademarks, and logos, and the Vi-Net tradename, trademarks, logos, and website content (“Client Materials”), which shall remain the property of Client to the fullest extent possible. Hostpapa reseller hosting, these days no business can afford to be without a strong presence in both the real world and the world of cyberspace, and it is important for every business owner to develop an overarching web strategy for their firm. The actions which may be termed as violations/breach of terms includes (but is not limited to) the following list.

  • Access to VTSHosting Ltd's data centres is restricted to only authorised engineers.
  • Furthermore, Customer is entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under Customer’s account.

Our Service Commitment

In the event network uptime is not 100%, credit towards future services will be issued to the customer for twenty five (25) times the actual downtime exceeding the allowance. Vendor shall ensure that the Hosting Company adheres to their Dedicated Server Service Level Agreement, hereby noted as Addendum One to this Service Level Agreement. Percentage measurements exclude downtime resulting directly or indirectly from any Firebase SLA Exclusion (defined below). DNS management including, adding/deleting and modifying domain name zone records and providing secondary DNS and or mail services. All such content would be systematically deleted/quarantined only on the customer’s request.

This is the average time between two failures of the provider. Vendor also agrees to provide online access to all logs or a weekly monitoring log to Client. This agreement supersedes any previous agreement between HI and The Client. Host has as main objective to provide the content of the hosted site available (uptime) for access from anywhere in the world, anytime. A refund is issued if the unavailability warranting the refund is confirmed. Look for an SLA that explicitly and clearly defines under what conditions customers are entitled to compensation. In consideration for the payment of any applicable charges, Client is granted the right to use the Hyve Software, if any, strictly in accordance with and subject to any accompanying documentation.

1 Mail Server Availability Monitoring To verify that the server is available, the Company will probe SMTP, POP and IMAP services (retrieve SMTP, POP and IMAP headers) every five minutes with a 30-second threshold. At such times, contact with the customer shall be established at the earliest available opportunity once the infringement /violation committed have been corrected. This will help the provider to keep their focus on customer satisfaction and enhance their service quality accordingly if it fell short before. 1 st Incident: Fees, Subscriber Charges & Billing. If you feel that you have been affected by downtime please do raise a ticket to our Accounts Support queue and we will be happy to look into this. We may choose not to cancel the agreement if you make an additional payment to us to cover the disruption caused by your late payment. Customers can also exercise their right to terminate the service contract.


The provision of service credits is the sole compensation available to customers in the event the services are unavailable. Website hosting runs annually, paid in advance. It is mandatory for the customers to send an email from the primary email address registered with Webhosting UK when they signed up or the last updated one as per billing records. Webhosting UK shall provide uninterrupted round-the-clock to all its paying customers.

99% Availability Guarantee

Client’s Data may be deleted promptly after Client’s Service is terminated and from backups during scheduled backup rotation. It is not HI's duty to inform The Client of updates to these documents; hence The Client is responsible for checking amendments. An SLA serves as both the blueprint and warranty for cloud computing. Only one Service Availability Credit is available in any given calendar month. It also prevents any undesirable obstacle in their business relationship through clarity of the service standards. This corresponds to a maximum unplanned downtime of 45 min/month. We are available to respond to and resolve support requests within business hours only. Downtime will be measured from the time the service outage is reported to a 1-800-HOSTING technician, to the time the service is responsive again.

  • Depending on the type of disruption that has occurred, Accelera Solutions may elect to first restore the Service without the data.
  • From architecting, migrating, securing and operating your cloud, to ongoing optimization, your team is here to help you achieve tangible business results.
  • The e-mail message MUST include the relevant customer ID or Service ID in the “Subject” line.

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The outgoing email protocol used on the mail server (SMTP) is a “store-and-forward” type of protocol that does not guarantee immediate delivery of email messages. Movement of mailboxes within the Exchange Hosting Service among the different servers – as the Service may do in its discretion. If a disruption of the Service occurs, Accelera Solutions will assign its high priority and will make use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the timely restoration of the Service.

Termination for Bankruptcy. Severability. The table below describes the standard target response times for incidents.


For our customers the Nublue SLA is a contract between you, and Nublue. There are no additional charges for this support. Vendor may process additional domain names attached to individual Subscriber websites, as requested by Subscriber, according to established fees to be charged directly to the Subscriber.

Webhosting UK’s Service Level Agreement is a manifestation of our everlasting commitment towards providing unmatched levels of technical support, customer service and customer care. (6 of this SLA) are the sole and exclusive remedies for any failure to meet the Service Levels in any particular month. • October 2020: All SLA claims must be filed in writing to Host Accounting (Host) within 7 days of the incident. Best web hosting services for small business (2020), they’ve been around for quite a while (since 2020!). Web hosting packages, with the Starter deal, you can host one web project, migrate your website for free, and get 40% CPU power. Any company who is serious about their business and commitments made in that business would want to have a formal document citing all clauses of a partnership. 95%, M5 Hosting will credit the customer 5% of the monthly fee for each 30 minutes of downtime in excess of 0.

This SLA and the refunds set forth herein (the Service Credits) represent Host’s sole obligation and your sole remedy for our failure to meet such Service Commitments.

Host and the provisions of the acceptable use policy. Web hosting forums, here we recommend several decent shared server forum hosting based on server configuration, network resources, forum installation, forum safety, hosting prices, etc. In both cases, the company has to pay you a compensation. If to Vendor, to:

This refers to the number of calls which the support team did not pick up or respond to.

Public Cloud IaaS Vendor Risk Acceptance

For those websites hosted by DI which have been built (or part-built) upon the WordPress platform, please be aware that WordPress irregularly makes updates which means that DI may need to make updates to your site so that your website continues to work upon our servers. Any request for reload of operating systems will attract a levy of $40. A "Service Credit" is a dollar credit, calculated as set forth below, that we may credit back to an eligible account. An engineer's report shall be sent to you within 12 hours of the problem being resolved. Response time refers to how fast the provider responds to a problem that the customer has reported. Vendor and Client shall notify each other of any changes to such point of contact at least seven (7) days prior to such change becoming effective. Host, including the use of the host, the use of electricity in the area provided to the customer at no additional cost, and up to the data transfer amount allowed each month without additional charge. As used herein, the term "Web Site Uptime" means the percentage of a particular month (based on 24-hour days for the number of days in the subject month) that the content of customer's Web site is available for access by third parties via HTTP and/or HTTPS, as measured by Digital Catalyst.

Corserva will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Services as defined by the plan or plans purchased or subscribed to by Client. This team includes an Account Manager, Solution Engineer, Implementation Coordinator, Business Development Consultant, Billing Specialist and, depending on your service level, an Enterprise Support Engineer. Accounts that have been inactive or disabled either by You contacting Accelera Solutions and requesting the account be terminated, by You using the Service’s administration tools to terminate the account, or by the account service team due to delinquent payment or otherwise, may be permanently deleted seven (7) days after the date of account termination unless You agree to pay a Accelera Solutions’ applicable maintenance fee for the inactive accounts. 4 Scheduled Maintenance. This storage size can be increased through the online control panel for an additional charge up to the maximum amount allowed for each plan or service, as described on the Company’s website. 999% network availability. In order to take advantage of this Service Level Guarantee, you will need to make your claim within 15 days of the failure in question. Free web hosting, aside from non-existent uptime guarantees and cloudy reference to technical support, nothing else. Although this system has proven highly effective, Accelera Solutions makes no guarantees in the system’s filtering efficiency.

5% Application Server Availability.

At our discretion, we may issue the Service Credit to the credit card you used to pay for the billing cycle in which the Downtime occurred.

Linux Services

Webhosting UK shall not be liable to give any credit/refund in such cases. Top 10 web hosting companies of 2020, i’ve created this guide to save you some time, so you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. THE COMPANY SHALL NOT RETAIN ANY OF CUSTOMER’S DATA AFTER ACCOUNT TERMINATION. Each site will perform differently under identical hosting plans. This downtime must be confirmed by our own monitoring services. The development fees for the Program as outlined in Exhibit A are covered by the monthly minimum fee schedule below.

Coverage and Definitions

– This is a support package which customers get to use every month. In case of difference terms/points in SLA and Service Agreement, the Service Agreement terms/points prevail over this general SLA policy. Packet loss over the Internet will be calculated by averaging measurements between various points located in various represented geographies during a one-month period. Miscellaneous maintenance is also inclusive of installation/configuration of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) that are used to sniff out data packets transferred over our network which helps advanced understanding of the activities occurring on your server. Router failure is an exception to this SLA guarantee, and may require on-site Cisco™ engineers or backbone provider emergency personnel to correct the problem. We do not constantly check the websites we host to ensure they are functioning correctly as routine use, maintenance and software updates can affect website functions. Such maintenance often requires taking Online Medical web and email servers off-line, typically performed during off-peak hours.

Covered Services

In order to qualify for Service Credits, you must be current on all payment obligations, not be in violation of the Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy or any other policies and procedures of Host. The service downtime is defined as the loss of all Top. Limitation of Warranties, Liabilities & Risks. Host will provide credit to the customer in the form of service subscription time, according to the following tables. If a Dedicated Server experiences an outage directly attributable to the failure of a hardware component of such server, Hyve will replace the failed component or server, and if necessary, initiate a restore of the server from an available backup, within four (4) hours of Hyve determining that a failed hardware component or server needs to be replaced. – Webhosting UK classifies downtimes in two categories namely (i) Service Downtime and (ii) Maintenance Downtime.

13 PAGES HAVE BEEN OMITTED AND HAVE BEEN FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. Any data loss which may occur during such a process of data restoration. Client shall promptly notify Vendor of any incidents, defect or downtime in connection with the scheduled maintenance as described above. Any customer whose server is found to be carrying/propagating inappropriate and /or unscrupulous activity stands to be deactivated with immediate effect for the time frame taken to complete a full-scale investigation of such an incident. The report will document the timeline, cause(s), and steps to restore service. SLA compensation will only be given for one of the events. 9% (Uptime) of each full calendar month during the Service Period, subject to clauses 1.

Many possible situations are completely beyond the control of LCG and LW and therefore are not in the scope of this SLA. This report will be produced for each incident that has a significant impact to a customer. It is expected that occasional planned outages will be required to maintain and enhance the Application. Capitalised terms in this SLA use the meanings set out in the Agreement.

- Webhosting UK provides a unique service wherein customers can have the TCP/IP based services and applications/softwares analyzed through an internal monitoring system.