Best Ecommerce Hosting in 2020: The Ultimate Web Hosting Guide For Ecommerce Business Sites

If you’re an experience developer and want more control, Cloudways is a good option. Shared hosting starting at $2. Are its load speeds and reliability competitive? But in the long run, they can help your business grow. Nginx, for instance, comes in handy for delivery of static files such as png, jpeg, AVI, HTML,.

I’ve been in digital marketing for over ten years and have set up, migrated, and managed more hosting providers than I can count. Retailers are required to abide by PCI DSS, standards that protect customer information. So you should be choosing the hosting based on the requirements of your website’s engine and other services that you are going to use and run on your webpages. This helps us see how the individual WooCommerce hosting company would perform during peak traffic.

Hefty overage fees if you exceed the bandwidth limits. 95/Month for 36 Months. Do I need eCommerce Hosting? You might find an averagely fast hosting service that handles your regular traffic well, but what happens if you hit a favorite day and your traffic spikes? One of the most important factors to consider in your web hosting search is how consistently your web hosting provider’s servers work. Looking for the best eCommerce hosting service for your online store?

A host with drag-and-drop options, for example, might better match your skill level.


Every e-commerce site deserves a provider that’s more than a barebones hosting service. The best hosting for client websites and why you should host. As your WooCommerce store grows you’ll need to move to VPS or managed hosting providers. Rather surprisingly, its low-end account provides both SSH and WP-CLI (useful for automated WordPress deployments) access, along with Git preinstalled.

Learn more about Kualo web hosting on their site – we think they are great and highly recommend them.

The DialWebHosting Difference

Whilst the “best host” is the one who covers ALL e-commerce software, this isn’t realistically possible. While hosted eCommerce websites were created with beginners in mind, many larger companies with years of history use a host simply for the convenience. The total cost of your WooCommerce store is calculated based on hosting costs, domain name, and SSL certificate. Additionally, you are likely to end up working more on reducing your store’s downtime and dealing with its load issues.

GoDaddy has evolved into a mature and flexible web hosting provider that offers a slew of tools and services to help satisfy most website needs. Even a modest spike in traffic to your website could otherwise take it offline. The biggest con of shared hosting is exactly what its name suggests; you have to share server with other websites. Use an existing domain name. When it's time to set up shop, look for a web host that offers the aforementioned dedicated servers, as well as advanced cloud server platforms (such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud), custom server builds should you need it, and 24/7 customer support. Therefore, make sure that your choice of web host has all the relevant tech specs. Set up robust fraud detection, anti-virus, and monitoring tools to actively prevent and manage any threats against your store.

The 3 different options of caching are just the beginning. They have a 99. The company doesn't list a virtual private server offering, but it bills its Elastic Sites service as a VPS alternative, offering the ease of use of a simple shared hosting plan and the performance and scalability of a VPS.

So you get your piece of server space, and there are fewer other websites sharing resources.

Understanding DIY E-commerce Solutions

And they provide full support for e-commerce hosting. Check out WordPress VIP. Due to the sophistication of the encrypted technology, possessing an SSL certificate allows for your site to establish trust and confidence with your customers. However, the quality of the hosting services that many small businesses are using often leaves a lot to be desired.

Bespoke Web Applications

They offer free subdomains too. Bluehost launched in 1996, and they now have a staff of over 750 employees. Over 1 million e-stores are powered by CubeCart worldwide. Hosting ireland reviews & expert opinion, in that sense, this could be a good idea for a small business site that expects to grow and expand as the business gains customers. I believe you shouldn’t use free options and go with a reputable paid host like Hostinger, especially when their services are only $0. Cloud is better suited to protect your site against DDoS attacks. It has a lifetime price-lock guarantee. That means easy upgrades to plans that allow for more storage and can handle more traffic. For e-commerce websites, it's better to have a host which can offer a strong bandwidth.

The only concern we had is that after your discounted purchase period expires, basic shared hosting jumps to $9. You can change hosts at any time, but migrating your site can be a hassle for you and your customers. The loading speed of your website impacts everything from search engines ranking to visitors’ loyalty and satisfaction. How do I know my store is secure?

As your company scales, you can choose their Plus plan. Minehut, finally, detach your screen terminal again if needed. Sometimes a hosting company will pretend to be in your country, but actually host your website in the US or Netherlands, where the biggest datacenters are. The cost of running an in-house server is high.


From the numerous tests we’ve conducted so far, Kinsta Hosting has managed to maintain some of the best performance speeds, plus consistent server uptime. If you still want to get personalized help in choosing a WooCommerce hosting company, then feel free to drop us a message using our contact form. This plan is currently 50% off and renews at its regular rate of $7. Best free web hosting services of 2020, you'll receive an email providing you with login details explaining how to access your control panel. If their free plans don’t cover everything you need, you can opt for their paid plan at $7. The provider’s monthly rates with eCommerce support start at only $6. This ecommerce hosting platform also supports many extensions, which makes it simpler to upgrade your website without any technical help.

The Best eCommerce Tools & Support

92 per month (51% off) at the link below instead of their typical $7. It is ideal to choose a host provider that offers easy access to a support team. Shared business hosting starting at $2. That’s because search engines take longer to produce results if they can’t crawl websites quickly. If you think that this won’t happen to you, think again.

You work hard to showcase your brand in the best light and streamline the experience for your audience. It’s possible to run multiple stores on the platform and you can also use its multivendor. Furthermore, customers tend to frown on vendors who cannot keep their sites running and will not return at a later date. The 10 best web hosting services, pHP & MySQL database support Specifications Disk Space:. It's definitely easier, but if you want to tinker and adjust and optimize every aspect of your site, it might not be for you. There's even an API so that if you do scale and need special integrations unique to your business, you can make it happen. And your website needs to be set up to safely accept customer payment information.

All-in-one providers, such as BigCommerce, are ideal for anyone who wants to create a seamless online store without the hassle of learning development skills or hiring web professionals. 78/month plan for 36 months. If your site crashes, or some other feature appears to be malfunctioning, it is important to have an attentive support team on standby to be able to quickly address and rectify the issue. Vietnamese, Danish and Arabic, to name a few. Today, e-commerce has become a massively lucrative channel for retailers. They have a super knowledgeable 24/7 multilingual (20+ language) Customer Success Team and are known to pick up a live chat in less than two minutes.

  • 5 million users.
  • And to safeguard that, the hosting provider monitors the entire network 24/7, looking out for possible issues that might cause downtime.
  • Freehostia offers users free plans that include 250MB of disk space, 6GB of monthly bandwidth, app installers, three email accounts, and MySQL and PHP compatibility.
  • Put it all together and this is one very impressive range, with more than enough power to run the busiest of web stores.
  • So, if you’ve used Hard Drive Disk servers before, you might notice that Liquid Web’s servers are quicker in retrieving data.
  • Once you select their $60 per month Pro Plan, you get extra hosting features including their free “White Glove Migrations.
  • That might sound like a hassle, and just one more thing to keep track of, but there are actually some webmasters who feel that separating your email hosting and web hosting services is smart.

Best Overall Web Hosting Service: HostGator

To get started, their speed clocks in barely under one second, so they aren’t the fastest option but better than average. 20 popular web hosting services providers: who’s best for small business. And if you’re looking for security, they provide SSL certificates with domain mapping. Not all ecommerce hosts that offer shared IP addresses are using shared hosting. In practice, loading times would be sped up even more by activating their Cloudflare CDN and premium SuperCacher (built by their own engineers and said to boost load times up to 4x). GlowHost earned our kudos for its 91-day money-back guarantee. That way, your customers won’t be at risk if someone tries to hack into the data. While e-commerce hosting still includes the consideration of general aspects of site-building such as basic features of web design, features specific to this hosting platform include:

This will reduce overall page size. The company has servers in US, Hong Kong, mainland China and Korea, and you can specify which server and location you want when you sign up. These popular tools comprise software which enables you to design, populate and manage a website yourself - usually with no manual coding required whatsoever. To ensure secure payment processes, these providers also usually assist with setting up Internet merchant accounts, which are bank accounts established to process Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit-card transactions. No complicated migrations to another server or host. In this article, we’ll list our top 5 recommended choices for a hosted eCommerce platform and then discuss what you should look for in these platforms to help you determine the best choice for your business. You also get integration with your choice of shopping cart (AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, TomatoCart, Zen Cart), a free domain for the first year, and 24/7 phone (toll-free in the US and UK) and chat support to handle any urgent problems that might crop up.

Even much of the web design is taken care of, so that all you might want to create a slick experience for your visitors is a graphic designer to help you with a company logo.

Using Content Delivery Networks with Ecommerce Hosting

Ultimately, a host provides site speed, security, and ease of use, allowing you to focus on growing your business, not dealing with issues. HostPapa has three main plans ranging from $3. Arma 3 game server hosting, i have played over 2k hours in A2 mainly Epoch and Wastel. Shared hosting starting at $0.

So brew yourself a cuppa, open a browser window and give MochaHost a spin.

What to Look for When Searching for an ECommerce Hosting provider

For these two features, you'll need to upgrade to the $19. You may also find other hosting services more appropriate depending on your needs. 88 if you pay for the whole year: When picking a provider, it's important for find a hosting provider that is close to your users and has a good amount of RAM and fast CPU power. Easy integrated UI and excellent uptime at the moments of testing.

Bluehost Key Features

Their free hosting plans have some pretty restrictive limitations. There's a lot to like about SiteGround, but the company did lose some points due to its policy of more than doubling your hosting costs after the first year. However, Amazon's solutions can cost more than simple shared hosting.

An e-commerce hosting provider’s services and resources must match three parameters. Last but not least, we use Bitcatcha service to test server response times across numerous geographical locations including United States, London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, India, Sydney, and Japan. Considering that the test site wasn’t using any caching plugins or performance optimization tips, this result is very good. Scalable services that can grow with your business. You can get started with A2 Hosting for just $3. How much does it cost to host a website in 2020? For example, if you want to use Magento, then a host that has experience with the script or includes an automatic installer might be best. It was originally supposed to be a fork of osCommerce (which we will discuss next on this list), but the original developers decided to rewrite the entire product.

How good are the technicians at the other end of the phone, Live Chat window, or email chain? SEO optimization. Support can be slow. 10 best linux vps hosting, depending on the features and resource allocations, VPS hosting prices range from a few bucks to several hundred. You must have shopping cart software so that the customer can select multiple products, add them to the cart and purchase them.

Ecommerec Hosting Features

Once you figure out which category you want to use, you can decide which option within the category you want to go with. Web hosting, which gets your site online so others can access it. Having the flexibility to fiddle with the back end of your website in order to manage your items and improve its design is important. So, a host with firewall setup can protect your website from getting hacked. Best for Product-Heavy Online Stores www. Here are the results from our SiteGround performance tests: It’s great for keeping costs low when you’re just starting out, as resources are shared with other sites on a server. HostGator has excellent performance for a cheaper host, with 99.

Dreamhost stands out from the other cheap choices because their renewal fees are the same as your intro offer. InfinityFree is one of the most popular free tools out there and has a ton of excellent features. Share with them your vision of the site.

HostPapa is here to help!

Self-Hosted (On Premise). 78/month Term: You'll also want to know details about PCI compliance, SSL certificates, and if they offer special ecommerce hosting security such as RAID protection. Don’t just take their word for it, though. XCart X-Cart is a free shopping cart software and eCommerce solution designed for high‑performing online stores. But if you’re focused on your growth, your ecommerce site could scale rapidly.

Naturally, it adds a few bucks to the hosting cost, but nothing that should break the bank if you have the resources for a dedicated server.

1&1 Ionos Web Hosting

There's a hybrid option available from some web hosting companies called VPS, or Virtual Private Server, which mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. We particularly like that the company offers free backups and SSH access, even on its lower-end plans. After you narrow down the best solution for your business, give it a test run before you commit to spending cash on a monthly plan. 95/month (63% off), and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Magento provides web store owners unparalleled control over their business, including a state-of-the-art shopping cart system.

E-commerce hosting firms customarily manage all the technical aspects of creating and maintaining a commercial Web site for its customers. Next, you click continue and launch your site. Some companies offer 30-day money-back guarantees, others offer 90-day money-back guarantees. Rounding out our trio of hosted ecommerce platform, Volusion is another ecommerce specialist that simplifies design and business operations.

Ecommerce Hosting: Customer Support

You can ask for your money back at any time, but after your first 30 days, how much you get back will depend on a painfully complex pro-rating system. Furthermore, social media and digital shopping go hand in hand, so you will likely have to set those up yourself. 95 a month, you pay $94. You could think of the sites that share your server as your roommates; there's really not that much separating you from them. Should you specialize with WordPress hosting? Plus, DreamHost provides a 97-day money back guarantee. It is pretty much what it sounds like. Compare this to shared or VPS hosting, where a sudden traffic spike can bring down your site.

Once your website is live, you’ll never outgrow Magento, only your servers.

A2 Web Hosting

Here are some of Magento’s most popular hosting solutions: A higher number of products can equal better conversion rates, but it’s a good idea to start small if you’re a brand new store. Site design takes a far more visual approach than most of the competition, so for example you can see designs and layouts before you drag them onto the page. You’d like to read our articles on: But it can be restrictive for users who have highly customized WordPress pages because some plug-ins are not supported by various providers. When you sign up to Bluehost, you'll get a free domain name for the first year, along with a free SSL certificate (allowing you to operate a secure website for your personal use or business).

Response times for our Bluehost test site were exceptionally great in the United States loading under a fraction of a second. SurfShopCart SurfShopCart is a rock-solid cart based on Perl and MySQL. The e-commerce segment of hosting evolves and grows from year to year, so these days you have options. Why am I saying so? – Siteground offer OpenCart support and have a one-click install solution. Companies like Siteground and WP Engine offer reseller plans, which typically include a management panel, billing software, and automated reports. It saves a lot of expense in having servers running all the time, just in case a surge in traffic happens.

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If you still have questions about whether or not you need web hosting services for your eCommerce store, HostGator has knowledgeable experts available 24 hours a day that can help. Reseller hosting starting at $9. Considering that our test site wasn’t using any caching plugins or performance optimization tips, this result is great. While you can purchase website hosting and a website builder separately, you can save yourself a bit of expense and trouble by going for an eCommerce web hosting company that offers both. This is the least expensive hosting program we've seen, although the price does go up after that first year. It is a cluster of hundreds of individual servers that work together to make it look like a single giant server.

Finding the right web hosting is important because its the base of your entire online store. Also, some hosts don't allocate server resources for VPS as well as other services do, so research is crucial in making your final decision. What are these requirements? Beginners who aren’t extremely tech-savvy will find an easy setup to be the most important factor in the decision, especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur or have a very small team.

It comes complete with a feature set designed to help you tailor your site to your needs. So, the websites are prone to get hacker attacks. NetStorefront AspDotNetStorefront is designed for both B2C and B2B eCommerce sites. Their hosting promises to provide optimal speed and performance and tools to deliver a fluid user experience. If you’re a small or medium-sized business that needs a fully-managed cloud or VPS hosting platform, Liquid Web excels.