South Africa Web Hosting Market Share March 2020

When someone browses to your website, what they see on their screen is being served from your web host’s server. It will take the guess work out of hosting. I suggest checking our top ranked hosts to find the finest ones. If you are building a website in South Africa, you will likely have the opportunity to choose your domain suffix. Hence the reason for little spinning doo-dahs and messages asking you to "please wait" in attempts to assure you that all is well. Ok, so BlueHost sounds pretty good, but what about any downsides? And here we are assuming that you do have a website strategy! We make sure that our servers use SSD, are overloaded with RAM, have powerful processors and are underloaded with websites.

  • So let me introduce AfriHost which is a South African own and operated provider that provides a massive catalogue of telco and hosting products.
  • HostKing Web Hosting Company offering Hosting Home and Business Packages, ADSL Packages, Lines and Fax To Email Packages.
  • The procedure of supplying this infrastructure for others is called webhosting.
  • If you can't fix the issue go ahead and click the Start Live Chat button below and we will assist you!

We've been around since 1983, have been a web dedicated business since 1997, have. When changing servers there is often some rescripting to be done for form mailing functions but that should be rather minimal in your case and, at worst, you may pick up maybe an hour or two of charges. Should that be the case then we would consider reducing your hosting rate until things are back to normal.

This is usually a marketing trick but sometimes you can find something worth a try. 10 different types of web hosting, if you want to use the full version, see Access the full version of MigrationWiz. Most importantly, cloud hosting is fast, and not dependent on a single server. We provide our customers with fast efficient service.


Why is Bluehost the right choice for you? Especially if you are using your website for sales and marketing, downtime can be seriously detrimental to your business. Web hosting in nigeria, and now let me tell you about what provider I’d use for several situations:. Well, the only downside I have come across is the site migration fee, which too be honest, you’ll never have to worry bout. Its products include domain registration and transfer, cloud server and web hosting, and security services like SSL, Whois Privacy, and anti-virus.

Bloggers stand to gain the most from having high-quality hosting, but end up using a free blog-hosting service because they’re uninformed of the dangers.

Domain Registration

Simply look at the Parked/Addon Domains options. Always been a multi-tasker. The only 2 times I would state you definitely need to opt for a devoted server is if you have highly specialized needs in terms of hardware or you want a lot more control over your data’s personal privacy than anywhere else. I had loads of issues with my previous hosting company for my business, and decided to take the plunge and move to Web Design Hosting SA. Make sure it’s secure as this information is very important. Nobody falls in the gap.

High bandwidth connectivity, redundant connections and a failover server model allow us to guarantee 100% uptime.

How to choose a South African Web Hosting Company? This is an important enough subject to have its own section. Never the less, they are here to serve a good purpose of establishing businesses online. It is a general news site, broadcasting both local and international news. If you do plan a change, then please contact us well in advance if you have any enquiries so that we can attend to the technical and other aspects of the change.

They are a web host that I have been using for just over 3 years and are by far the best provider I have ever used. Um, can you say that again please? Examples could be customer forums, predeveloped scripting to crunch customer calculations, or simply many pages of custom reporting written in a particular scripting language. Addon domains are required when your business is beginning to expand.


This is also critical regarding the protection and well-being of your website. A standard VPS can be scaled, however only to a specific point. Having said all this, we understand that these are difficult times and that you may be under huge pressure to look at cutting costs wherever you can. While this option is definitely the more costly of the two, the benefit of hiring a professional web designer - besides for the time that you'll be saving - is that you're more likely to end up with a site that is far more professional than what you'd have been able to achieve on your own. As pointed out, a server is a computer with resources like hard drive space, CPU speed and RAM. Still, I like to look out for the most storage for the best price – you never know how much your website might grow in a given time. Instead of one physical server, your website is part of a whole network of computer systems from which it can pull all the power it needs dynamically. All servers record visits by saving basic information related to each visit.


I am a firm believer that you will always get what you pay for. Started in 2020, Register domain is popular for offering solutions geared toward entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses. In the South African webspace, a good place to get end-user opinion is at www. CPanel introduced a new pricing structure that affects everybody in the world who makes use of the CPanel web hosting management software. A free domain name and email address are the minimum benefits that should be included in a basic plan. They offer support via WhatsApp, email, phone call, social media, ticket raising, and vast knowledge base with 200 plus articles. Namecheap will offer a free. That’s debatable.

What would you like to achieve with your website? You can have it for as inexpensive as $2/month with the typical expense in the $5-$10/month range. 9% uptime guarantee. Other products to look out for include professional emails, SSL certificates, virtual machines, and ready-made websites. All because your South African web hosting company was unreliable. Dreamhost review 2020, for those who are unaware, WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in which allows WordPress users to sell products and services over the internet in a straight-forward manner. Just like on your computer system, these files were stored somewhere so you might access them.


GoDaddy is another popular host that is known for obscure billing and should be avoided. If your website goes down, you will want to get to the bottom of the issue as fast as possible. The web starter package going for R69 per month comes with a free.

We don't prefer robots and cannot risk our customer's website. That can be where they trick you – sometimes a plan seems super reasonably priced for the first year or so, and then prices spike dramatically with renewal. I really couldn’t be happier! If you have addon domains, you can create several domain names and websites with one web hosting service, instead of several hosting companies, which will cost you a lot more.

And option 3 , we have web designers who host with us , simply fill in this web design form to get a quote.

Speed and Reliability

With a dedicated server you are putting all your eggs in one basket. Are looking for more web hosting related answers? While this list does include some great extras, there are some shortfalls that one should be aware of. 10 best linux server distributions of 2020, use this discount link to get the deal. Most basic plans will install your first SSL certificate for free.

9% uptime and they don’t lock you into a contract so that you can cancel any time if you are not completely happy with their services. This is the option for a business or someone with a lot of serious tech experience. The best cheap web hosting providers, it offers weekly data backup support, allowing you to have peace of mind that all stored information is in safe hands. Website building tools with one-click installs or simple templates can also help to get your website started – this is a good feature to look out for if you are new to web design. All the plans will offer essential features like: These packages are considerably more expensive than regular ones. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee, 99.

SmashLAB SmashLAB will plan, design and implement your web and marketing strategy.

At the most important part of your promotion, your website is down! We have selected the top providers which offer a money-back guarantee, have the fastest servers and are rated top among general users. Your website and emails are important to us, so we strive to resolve your tickets as quickly and efficiently as possible. Look at the resources readily available to you instead, that’s what really matters. Also hardware and software sales. Power, connectivity and Jupiter network are the other silent features of the data center. What about Addon Domains when your Business is expanding?


Sharing a server is not necessarily a problem for smaller sites or blogs. You may be able to pick the OS, the quantity and type of memory and other hardware elements. That said, at this point it does not make a big distinction whether you look for VPS or cloud hosting. Check out testimonials from clients, as well as reviews done on South African web hosting companies.

From as little as R10pm. AFRICA Domain Name now. On the severe side of things, you could get a totally unmanaged service where you would require to set up the OS yourself, not to mention all the tools needed to run a web server, provide security scanning, malware elimination and so on. Do you need a location to house your website but are confused by the different types of web hosting? This is simply due to the fact that Hostinger is running an unbelievable promotion at the moment that has a 90% discount from the original price of R110/mo.

Most of the larger web hosting companies should be avoided including the EIG-owned HostGator, BlueHost, 1&1, HostMonster, iPage, FatCow, JustHost, Arvixe, A Small Orange, and HostNine. The website provides national and international news on a convenient, simple interface. What you need when starting: GoDaddy is an all-inclusive platform offering domains, WordPress, hosting, website, marketing, security, email, and MS office services. Now there's a deal. To get to the bottom of those claims, I like to read a few neutral reviews of those providers and see if I find the same stat repeated.


Elitehost was founded in 2020 as a small business. You can avail various web hosting services which include shared hosting, self-managed servers, managed servers, colocation and custom hosting solutions. Some providers that claim 99.

  • Right from the day you host your website with us, we treat it as our own.
  • It's special features and the quality and level of support that you need to assess.
  • (2) You need a domain name , something simple to remember for people to easily visit your website , we can register one for you !
  • One of their standout products would definitely have to be their Gold shared Linux hosting plan which costs R49/mo which is outstanding value.
  • All of our Virtual Private Servers include a complimentary InterWorx control panel license as well as the Softaculous auto installer so you can install and update your applications such as WordPress and WHMCS within minutes.
  • None of them are as snappy as domains might be the SSDs and what feels like superior equipment, I'll run a little benchmark on the VPS and post it here.


If there is a sudden surge in usage on the server, it is at risk of shutting down. Nevertheless, they’re totally worth their price because the company will ensure that your website is secured from cyber attacks. VAT 15% inc 10/0/0 12 Oct, 2020 Budget domains. Due to the fact that this makes such a distinction, instead of looking at prices and companies first, you are better off focusing first on figuring out which of the various kinds of web hosting is the right kind for you. We have found, as a general rule, that Linux servers are usually more secure than Windows servers, with Microsoft Server being a more vulnerable server platform. These providers have nearby servers and global CDN which drastically reduce page load time and increases the website's performance. You are looking at several South African web hosting companies to host your website, but which one do you choose? I own and manage a website design company reselling hosting to our clients and managing their hosting for them.

As isand other functions not covered by most hosting ISPs. Bluehost will ask you to pick a theme. However, their multiple data centers, website support and easy WordPress setup are positive attributes. Not only have you lost thousands of rand in revenues, you’ve also just lost thousands of new customers and damaged your reputation. 10 best web hosting services (6 tests), monthly and yearly packages renew at . HA offers domain, VPS and Cloud Servers, VPS Reseller, WordPress Hosting, cWatch Web Security, site builder, web hosting reseller, and online backups. That’s why you want to be sure that the web hosting service you are paying for will be as fast as possible.

0 SQL Server and Silverlight Reseller Hosting Plans and Linux Hosting.

We think we do it pretty well and the fact that most clients who move return within a year reassures us of that fact! The brainchild of three best friends, Afrihost is a web hosting, broadband and telecom service company that was started with an aim to delight its clients with excellent service and amazing products. At the end of the procedure you must have 2-3 favorites at which point it will come down to individual preference. Hetzner’s network is completely resilient as it is protected by measures like climatic control, fire protection, and 24/7 security.

Impact of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in South Africa

If you search for (business managed or enterprise) Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla/Magento/Wiki/PhpBB/TYPO3 powerful applications, you have to manually check plans from best webhosting companies. There is really little to set up so you can concentrate completely on developing your site. The increase of hosted clients has helped make that possible but we certainly to not foresee any major price cuts the future. Look for "choose a good web host" and you'll soon find that there's rough consensus on the following as a structured process to use for selecting. Rather pay a little more for a high-quality hosting company, then going for that really cheap deal, which may well come to bite your pocket at a later stage. They also identify the country being targeted from the website content. From web hosting and reseller hosting to VPS and domains, there’s a lot you can get with them. We operate both Windows and Linux platforms and offer high-end scripting services in the Windows ASP environment.

Metalink - Web Design in Johannesburg South Africa

SSL certificates from as low as $14 per year. The company helps create meaningful web presence through their products that include web hosting packages, domains, reseller products and email hosting. Best ecommerce hosting 2020, share your experiences with us in the comments section below! They pride in their resilient dual-stack IP network and enterprise-grade dedicated servers. In this respect we provide the perfect solution as we fill that gap. How do you start?

Web hosting companies, strictly speaking, cannot afford to go too low in their price structure, as otherwise they would have to start cutting back on essential services and maintenance to keep the web hosting service going. This can be a much better service than paying a fixed price for a devoted server of which you never ever utilize the entire capability. They are usually kept for about 21 days and then the oldest backup (no 21) is overwritten by the newest.

Typically, backups are run on a daily basis at low traffic times which are often after midnight. Does anybody ever require dedicated hosting? Renting the infrastructure for your private server gives you great bandwidth and improved security. That’s why, if you are making sales or storing critical data on your site, I don’t recommend using a shared plan. Our ecommerce packages let you focus on selling (Store Manager Functions), not on technology. The hosting services offered are ranging from beginners to professionals at all levels. It’s not uncommon for a website to space with hundreds and even thousands of others. As a final piece of advice, here are a few easy ways to get your website off the ground and gaining traffic in South Africa.

Connect Hosting

They currently host over 1,000,000 unique websites and are the third recommended web host by WordPress. Despite being relatively new in the South African market, Woza Africa is a trend setter when it comes to cheap yet reliable services. Use GTmetrix (www. )Bluehost is a great choice no matter where you are situated in the world, be it in America or South Africa.

Servers are mostly the main target of attackers because of the sensitive and important data that it holds. There aren’t a lot of drawbacks for this type of hosting. Not all web hosting is created equal. Web4Africa Web4Africa is providing website hosting services in South Africa and international countries for as long as 15 years.

I recommend WP SuperCache as a great option for someone with a WordPress blog. Our web hosting packages allow you to choose the right package for your need. Users like this site for its speed and convenience. Asian and Australian locations are even worse for this effect. LiquidWeb, GreenGeeks and PickaWeb.

  • Whenever you are ready to upgrade, there are multiple other packages to try out.
  • Even though it caters to a niche group of consumers, this site is among the most frequently visited in the country.
  • Shared web hosting allows you to keep your website online without paying the high cost of a server and a permanent internet connection.
  • Nevertheless, while the typical VPS costs around $50/month (and can scale all the way approximately $200) it is possible to get VPS from around $20/month.

Starting at just R150/month

A second feature of VPS hosting is that with more configuration power likewise comes more responsibility. So it's a given that you need to adopt secure certification. It can be a good choice if you are starting out with a website for your small business and expect it to grow quickly. Websites are hosted on servers in big rooms. Its a simple process , when you are ready to transfer , click on this link below to begin the transfer. Axxess offers ample of options when it comes to website hosting.

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We are so glad that our clients have good things to say about our web hosting and website design services that we've placed some of their comments on our website. Afrihost is an influential South African Internet Service Provider offering various services, together with ADSL broadband, fiber, static wireless, mobile services, and web hosting. The discount coupon is already enabled in the special link. In case of any issue, you can reach out to them via live chat, phone, call, email, ticket raising, and social media. It can also put you at risk of losing data.

Basic Hosting

99 Domain Privacy Protection is all you will need to start your blog. Bluehost is one of the top 10 most popular web host choices with bloggers across the globe and has become a favourite for Website hosting – South Africa. How many websites exactly depends on the server and provider, but it could be well into the thousands. Launching a website is now made easier with the outgrowing number of web hosting companies in South Africa waiting to grab you by the door. We offer servers located in the USA, Germany and South Africa.

However, applications for Linux (user's websites) are generally more compromised than Windows applications. For someone starting out with website building, WordPress can be a great tool. Namecheap is the fastest developing American firm according to 2020 Inc. BlueSteam offers multiple web hosting packages to fit your needs with a rock-solid 30 day money back guarantee and awesome technical support on all web hosting plans. 9% Uptime & 30 Day moneyback. Here are a few things you might want to know if you’re on the fence about getting web hosting: Namecheap deals in various products, namely domains, web hosting, WordPress hosting, apps, security, and migration services. Amazon web services (aws) review 2020 – is it overrated? 1-click acquisition of extra resources like CPU, RAM, I/O, etc.

So, if you also want a solution related to the secure web host. Anytime money back policy. Congratulations! When you create your first company website on hosting space you can add even more domain names and host your friend's websites too! Here is the key – most web hosting providers will claim 99. Free php hosting: free php website host. Servers are constantly monitored for safety. They are more affordable than dedicated plans, but more reliable than simple shared servers. There are also many other ways which can improve your WordPress website’s speed, we employ many of these tactics on our websites to give you the fastest loading website possible.

South African based hosting

Maybe a short talk with assistance– to gauge their helpfulness– will go a long way. But these are phycho machinations and don't fool Google. It has since grown to become one of the most established companies in the SouthAfrican hosting market. For US locations, SiteGround would be recommended where location and speed issues are paramount for competitive SEO.

00am are slowing the server for your local visitors at 10: The genuine enhancement is that all resources are split equally and no website is allowed to exceed its lot. Phil, Once again, many thanks for your assistance. In practice this is not such a good idea as they house many clients to a server, and while the neighbourhood may be slightly better, you are still open to all the dangers and issues encountered on shared public hosting. Our friendly support team is standing by to transfer your existing content from your prior host and configure it to perform optimally on our platform. A high quality, 24/7, technical support is also vital, as computing problems don’t stick to office hours. What also stands out about BlueHost is that they also provide a long list of non gimmicky extras included in their plans. Google around.

R 39/per Month

A small operation can suddenly close, and it certainly happens as we have often been approached by website owners who have been told to find alternate hosting providers. 2/1/0 27 Oct, 2020 Business elitehost. While many hosts actively try to prevent this situation, it’s a danger you take with this particular setup. That seems impressive - until you work out that the 0,1% of "acceptable" downtime is actually the better part of an hour, or 43 minutes and 10 seconds to be more accurate. Let’s have a look at the top 10 web hosting companies in South Africa in 2020: List of affordable plans from best hosting provider on each category. The owner of the server leases it out to the individual owning the site you are seeing and likewise offers some other services like server management, assistance, malware scanning, backups and so on.

The computer servers are located in a high security building called a data center. Don’t worry, we are here to take care of your doubts. Required further reading on webhosting? You need to set up an account with an analytics service which then receives data from the website via javascript as the visitor moves through your pages. Your knowledge and expertise is evident in dealing with all these matters so promptly.

They are also a proud partner of Carbonfund. The web hosting plan starts at $4/mo and goes up to $20/mo. Where they can't help - we bridge the gap. And certainly no price increases. We provide Windows Web Hosting Plans with ASP. VAT inc (ZAR 39 after 12 mo.)

For those on a budget looking to create a blog or small business website, this is a great pick!

Why Host With Us?

Web4africa has been around since 2020. SilverStripe Club Hosting Our flagship SilverStripe hosting package allows you the ability to host up to 25 individual, database driven, SilverStripe websites on a single SilverStripe hosting account. I like to run a quick side-by-side comparison of quoted speeds before I make a decision, regardless of hosting type. In 2020, HostPapa entered the market with hosted and dedicated apps. We will even move your files for you so you don't have to ! We guarantee 100% website uptime or your money back.

WebSite Design Cape Town

Everything you need to get your personal or business website online with ease. The premium web host has data centers in Johannesburg. Never scrimp or cut corners with the backup chores. Speed is at the top of my list because it is absolutely necessary for a web hosting provider. And again not so many years back when an entire server farm was seized by the FBI along with the backup systems. We promise we will never let you down because you have shown trust in us and it is our responsibility to provide you a reliable hosting solution. Given that you are running a virtual machine which takes some portion of the resources readily available on the server, increasing what is available to you is no problem at all. Reseller hosting, also referred to as white label hosting, is basically a way of creating your own web hosting service that you can in turn sell to others.

It's all somewhat transparent to yourself as we speak their language and yours - and the problem gets resolved which is your primary objective. Aside from that, a high-end VPS can be a lot more affordable than a low end committed server and also a lot more powerful. We are one of the easiest website hosting platforms to use, and remain committed to providing our customers with one of the best hosting solutions on the market. We do not onsell on a narrow margin and obviously can make those decisions without incurring loss. There is any time money back policy included in all plans. You have full root access to your server.

They will come back within minutes of the request. SOUTH AFRICA HOST

We can only speak for ourselves. If you are just starting a small personal site or a blog, you will not need as much storage space as a bigger, data-heavy site. Bulletproof hosting - it’s a type of service that allows to host almost any type of content, even the restricted one (adult content, warez, spam etc). HostPapa products and services are domain registration, website building, web site hosting (WordPress, VPS, Reseller), email, marketing, and website security. Finding the right web host is very much essential for your website as it is the first success determining factor. Using a chaching plugin on your small website or WordPress blog is a dependable way to improve your website’s speed. USA backups (Pacific/Central) at 2:

All the security measures are taken to keep our servers safeguarded from any potential attackers. Free personalized training sessions. Shared hosting means that your website exists on a server with several other sites at the same time.

Monthly contracts and monthly billing bind all subscriptions. Right from our servers, data centers, the infrastructure to our customer support, we have left no corners. We are also optimised for the needs ofWe have not increased our hosting charges since 1999. If you ever have a problem with the regular support, just ask that your ticket be assigned to Senior and he/she will personally take the time to give you the VIP attention that you deserve. VAT 14% inc unlimited/1/0 25 Oct, 2020 Silver Home afrihost.

R5 Direct Admin packages are listed here

Our servers provide both AWStats and SmarterStats for server stats analysis. Our priority is to understand and deliver the solution to your problem. End of the day, it's the users that are the final arbiters of the quality of support. Overall, Hostinger is a solid web host with an even more solid starting price.

It also lets you backup and restore your site it with its intuitive graphical user interface. Try to keep your hosting provider in the same time zone you are in. 30 day money back guarantee, full control panel access with unlimited e-mails.

Sharing the server with numerous celebrations, nevertheless, is likewise the greatest drawback of this arrangement. Easy installation of numerous website applications like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, phpBB etc is possible with the control panel for website hosting. 44/mo, for small businesses at $4. There are different hosting options out there that come at a variety of price, with different capacities and features.

Helping you choose a South African web hosting package

A host who is aware of these issues will provide alerting and many other services to help avoid pending issues. Some business do not even call their service VPS any longer, the say Cloud or Cloud VPS. So, if you are hoping to reach an international audience,.

Firstly, all of our hosting packages include our RVSiteBuilder software. These will both help you to get your site off the ground without any additional costs. Hosting isn’t free (yes, this sucks), but that shouldn’t mean it’s expensive. Our team is highly skilled in handling server and its configurations. What about the Speed and Uptime of a web hosting service?

Other products include dedicated servers, reseller servers, domains and SSL certificates. Their holding company, DiaMatrix, is the 2nd ICANN Accredited Registrar in South Africa. If at any point you get stuck, don’t worry. Due to the fact that of the benefits it offers to them as well, lots of business are changing their regular system with cloud based VPS anyhow merely. This is made possible with their free CloudFlare CDN’s, which are located in Cape Town and Johannesburg. When you start getting good quantities of traffic should you make the move, at the most current.

Security, reliability, and service are the three factors which determine a good website hosting company, so double check these features before finalizing a web hosting company.

Axxess Hosting Company:

The level of server security, and the discipline and rules that the security staff apply to users of the server, usually determine these security standards and the resulting possibility of trauma and drama. And those are speed, uptime (the amount of time your website is successfully online) and customer support. Take a look through these helpful items and see if they can help you fix the issue! FutureServe Green Web Hosting. You can get Linux, Windows and cloud hosting with Afrihost. With over 15 years of experience, Hostafrica is one reliable host. There were several SA hosts a year back or so marketing quite vigorously and offering R75/mth but they have disappeared.