Top 10 Free Video Sharing and Hosting Sites for Education

Video hosting sites support high-definition videos, which attract more viewers. They can handle resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 (1080p). The best web hosting 2020, prices range from . Depending on your plan, you’re able to create interactive video experiences for your audience. Why is an enterprise video platform the better alternative for hosting business videos? These custom tools can be used alongside Google Analytics to push your brand even further. This is an important decision, so even if you’re not ready to upload a video to the internet yet, you may want to start considering your options. This does create some limitations.

As for their partner program, unless you post regularly every week and your videos are pulling in at least 100,000 views each, you won’t see a significant revenue stream.

We’re here to help! Videos play fairly quickly during times of low traffic, but during high peaks, expect to wait at least a minute for your video to start – not including the wait time for the ads. YouTube is suitable for those, who want to reach a huge audience, get subscribers via video or monetize content.

  • Best of all, there are both free and paid versions, so you can try out a majority of the features before paying a dime!
  • You even have the alternative to totally hide your video on Vimeo so it will just appear on the destinations you need it to and the locations you have allowed it to appear on, and no place else.
  • When you host your video on a third-party site like YouTube or Vimeo, you also benefit from their popularity, and people could find your video—and subsequently, your own site—who otherwise wouldn’t have known your site existed.
  • For the most part, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a host that will let you upload large files.
  • Depending on how you plan to use video, many website owners can simply ask their hosting plan to pull double duty.


The free plan allows you to upload 500MB of video per week. 9, so if your video does not have that, it will be displayed with black bars (pillar boxes or letter boxes) to make up the difference. Out of the maximum reach you get, only a few people will click on your CTA to engage with your brand. Start from the small kids, sites that have kid’s sitcoms and educational shows such as the sesame street and other TV shows that can help the children in their training and other services. The 10 best web hosting services, when thinking about scaling, you’ll want to know whether your provider will scale your site. And then you have the additional space of different formats (see below). To get the most out of Vimeo, you must invest in a paid account with a monthly fee.

So, it’s a great digital environment to build your brand and gain exposure. Their free plan allows you to upload up to 500MB of video each week, and one video in HD. YouTube, owned by Google, is the most popular video hosting platform out there. Upgraded plans are available if you need more storage and functionality. Both an article and a number of reviews state that, after upgrading to a paid account, any attempt to revert to a free account will remove videos from the site: No screen recording. If you are self-hosting, you will need to generate the video files into different file formats.

Tech support is available, but not 24/7 and not on-demand.

JW Player

For one thing, video files tend to be large, which will quickly eat up your server bandwidth and storage space. Quickbooks cloud hosting: fast & secure hosting services, the company was adamant that it would not pay the ransom demand, but it ended up taking several weeks for customers to fully regain access to their data. You can host your videos, analyze results, and even monetize it from several angles. Ultimately, the best video hosting site for your business will depend on your unique needs. However, this one is unique in that the videos uploaded to the site are all about politics and controversy. If a viewer has the ‘autoplay’ feature switched on, then moments after your call to action appears on screen, YouTube is going to start playing the next video. It has a smaller viewership community than YouTube, but it excels in its ease of use, speed of uploading videos, and account management features. Vimeo has a reputation for being the video platform for people serious about video.

Sure, they can be converted but who’s got time for that? What is Video Hosting? Panopto also records the live stream automatically, making it instantly available for on-demand viewing after the webcast ends. However, they’ll have to wait because too many people will be accessing it at the same time and cause it to load slowly or to freeze while playing. You may also want to see our step by step WordPress SEO guide for beginners, and our expert pick of the best WordPress plugins for business websites. There are open source video player libraries which you can use (or ones you can buy, sometimes having better features but not always).

  • 24/7 customer support is available via phone and email.
  • As the name might imply, SproutVideo is an environmentally conscious video hosting and publishing platform.
  • Well, there are many providers that offer that capability.
  • Are they stored on a local server cluster or in a private cloud or on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) operated by your video hosting company?
  • This means that, legally, you do not have complete control over the video content your store on these sites.
  • JumpCut has closed.
  • Do you have viewers in China or corporate networks?

White-label Providers

To ensure that your viewers have a good experience watching your videos, it’s best to leave hosting to the pros. Though it offers a free plan, you can only upload three videos. These services all offer free accounts, but you may want to consider paying for the premium services. 95 per month, or $59. Both of these free video hosting sites require that you give them royalty-free license and right to copy when you upload your videos.

YouTube is the most popular video hosting and sharing platform in the world. Videos are the most engaging form of content, and they are highly effective for conversions. Get started on Biteable for free here! In fact, the global business video market is expected to reach $40. These analytics are available for a specific video or for all your content together. There are never any ads around your content, and comments are usually constructive in nature, unlike YouTube where it seems anything goes. This platform is secure and provides various privacy controls for a better video sharing experience.

Fee-based (if You Need A Wee Bit More Power)

Revver has closed] Revver allows you to upload video files of up to 100 MB. Converting a video from one format to another is a tedious task. Here’s a breakdown of the key features—and drawbacks—for eight popular video hosting platforms.

Flickr (Free and Paid)

It’s not enough to simply take advantage of social media networks or use traditional forms of advertising. Best hosting services for your blog march 2020, this is because any time your site experiences downtime because your host’s server or other hardware crashes, your site visitors cannot access your website. That feature might not sound all that important, but if you have to make a series of small edits to a handful of videos, it becomes quite significant. Those figures look impressive upon first glance.

  • The virtualized environments cover a much larger section of a server or network and can more easily and seamlessly scale bigger to cover your needs.
  • It enables video analytics, the ability to make video playlists, collect visitor emails, and create looping videos.
  • Their exceptional paid plans offer significantly more – an unbranded player, watcher history tracking and trend charts.
  • You can keep it private, or you can unlist it so that only people with the link can view it.
  • There is no free plan.
  • Unfortunately, every app handles the conversion process in a slightly different way.


There are packages for enterprise, marketers, publishers, and broadcasters, with plans for marketers starting at $199/month. For example, it was how Loom’s co-founder and CEO, Joe Thomas, responded to me when I asked for information about the platform: Launched on March 2020, the goal of the site is to provide an online community for sharing instructional and educational videos. Anyone using Firefox, Safari (or other browser) won’t be able to use the tool, and you’ll need a Wistia account to get started. Pick a hosting site that fits your goals and needs, and you might find that it makes your videos look and perform even better than before. There are also limited analytics tools. The informative platform lays out all of the details you’d expect to see, with security, analytics, and SEO at the forefront.

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To host your videos on Dailymotion, you’ll need to create a partner account. As we mentioned earlier, video file sizes can be quite large. “I tried to watch your video, but it stopped playing after a few seconds. The free plan is slightly limited. This is totally a game-changer because it cuts your manual efforts dramatically, allowing you to spend time on what’s important. People will want to view your videos in different resolutions (roughly: )

No Single File Format Standard for Web Video

To stream live video, however, you must purchase the $75 per month plan or higher. How do I choose the best video hosting site? (99/month) Get started on Bluehost now. With this service, you can store and retrieve your data from anywhere thanks to the cloud. You can be assured any video delivered through this platform will come out good on any device. They offer multiple embed options (including standard embed, overlay, and lightbox videos), and tools to manage, measure, and optimize your video campaigns. They have more server resources to serve video files, and you don’t have to worry about WordPress performance. It enables the viewers to directly share the video and spread the word.

Veoh accepts hundreds of different formats and has an extensive community for you to participate in. There is a limitation only in file size. The pricing plans start at $25/mo. Supporting customers? With a Vimeo free account, you can only upload 500MB per week, with a cap at 5 GB. Vimeo video hosting is suitable for those, who don’t need to download tons of videos weekly and use advanced settings. Contrary to popular belief, however, adult or mature content extends beyond sexually explicit words, images, and videos to also include tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and firearms.

According to Viewbix, more than 20% of viewers who watch a video in Viewbix click on the call to action or engage with at least one of the apps inside the player itself. Also, you must have a paid account to customize the video player’s branding. Again, looking at Digital Ocean you will get only around 3 TB of bandwidth (transfer) a month for under $20/mo. A big list of web hosting companies, these include site migration assistance. It comes with many of the same features as YouTube and has a large community.

How Much Time Do You Have For Video?

This repository makes it easy to collaborate on videos across different departments. YouTube Google's YouTube allows you to upload videos of up to 15 minutes in duration, unless you give them your telephone number and allow them to text/call you to "verify" your account. Google cloud platform products & services for business. Thanks to their Twitter integration, Wistia videos are also watchable from within a tweet. JW Player’s video hosting solution provides adaptive streaming experience on all devices. But if you use a 3rd party video hosting company they'll often include either unlimited/unmetered bandwidth, or much cheaper than what any VPS or normal web hosting company will be able to offer you. Many brands have noticed that ads for their competitors actually play within, or adjacent to, their own brand’s content, leading to an obvious negative impact on the engagement they were hoping to generate. It’s ad-free, includes a DRM streaming option, allows you to choose whether videos are embeddable or not (or choose which domains can embed them), and allows for unlimited video length. The paid packages also removes ads, which is more suited for education and business use.

  • If you embed a YouTube video on your homepage, it may include ads for your competitors.
  • YouTube and Vimeo are often the first video hosting platforms that businesses look to for storing and sharing video content.
  • But the good thing with Vimeo is that ads never play between a video.

Who's Best for Video Hosting?

Another possible con, unlike YouTube and Vimeo, Wistia is a private sharing site. 264/AVC, MPEG-2, WMV9, DivX and H. Datapipe, at face value, the acquisition is about bringing new capabilities to Rackspace and expanding its global footprint. This makes it very trivial for anyone to download the video file. Starts at $59.