Managed Dedicated Web Hosting With Unmatched Bandwidth

We know, cheap dedicated server hosting sounds like an oxymoron. These stats are really good, especially with the prices they come with. Why choose Dedicated hosting? It’s as good as anything you’d expect from your top dedicated server providers. This is especially important if you are a large running an e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing. FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR PRIVATE SERVER WebHostFace dedicated server hosting gives you complete management over your Private machine, including root and shell access. Rackspace email hosting?, -> After numerous speed and uptime tests, I managed to cut down the number in half. They offer a maximum of 15 dedicated IPs.

Your dedicated web host should be, well… dedicated.

At these prices, you’d expect at least 8GB, if not 16GB. We run only the best Sun and Dell equipment we can buy. That’s where we come in – GigeNET has been proudly providing efficient and effective data center services for a variety of clients for years.

In fact, Bluehost’s dedicated team works closely with the same engineers who maintain your server, so they’re able to troubleshoot any issues at a moment’s notice. This means you have to phone them. A quad-core processor has 4 cores.

Read on to learn more about each of my top picks for the best dedicated hosting providers for 2020. We’ve carried out extensive hosting research to find the top eight dedicated server hosting providers for sites just like yours. We provide a full 1Gbps dedicated port that you can max out whenever you need, for as long as you need. With a great knowledge base, you won’t have to waste your time with live chats because, in most cases, you can get the issue sorted out on your own. We rank websites by how stable they are through uptime. Dedicated web hosting isn't cheap, so you should only consider it if you need that level of server power.

Dedicated servers are highly customizable and easily scalable, which makes them a preferred choice for custom projects.

Reviews of the Best Dedicated Server Providers and Dedicated Hosting Plans

If the business outgrows its dedicated server, it can have the server upgraded or rent a second one. How much is it to rent a server? Dedicated hosting allows businesses to access high computing resources without spending so much on the purchases and maintenance. All dedicated server solutions are custom quoted based on the specs provided by the customer.

USA (Newark, Dallas. )Hostwinds - Affordable Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020 Hostwinds was founded in 2020 and is yet another brilliant Dedicated Server Hosting provider in 2020. To borrow the words from the company itself: If you're just getting started with web hosting, make sure to check out our primer, How to Create a Website, and How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website. If you own a local restaurant or small business with just a few thousand visitors per month, you don’t need a dedicated server. TMD offers Dedicated Server hosting from $199/month and it offers good resources for the money you paid. 2 x 480 GB of SSD primary disk.

Bluehost is a capable hosting provider with 24/7 support so you can call for help any time you need it.

Managed Dedicated Server - Developer Friendly Hosting

All hosting plans are fully managed, which means SiteGround will keep its software up-to-date, monitor your machine 24/7, and react immediately in case of an issue. The good news is, web hosting companies also offer managed VPS hosting that doesn’t require you to possess the technical skills to administrate a server. Adult content is disallowed by many providers as it may either be of questionable legality or consume large amounts of bandwidth. A good dedicated hosting plan costs around $120.

Generally speaking, RAM varies from 4GB to 30GB for different server hosting plans.

When signing up for an InMotion Hosting plan, you can specify your custom server requirements such as specific software installations, clustered server setups, and more. Multiple control panels: The hosting provider deploys SSD storage in 500GB increments and trumpets 20-times faster performance using the advanced hardware. You might also want to check out our other website hosting buying guides: 500 GB of storage.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours.

Custom Built With the Right Hardware

Line speed is measured in bits per second (or kilobits per second, megabits per second or gigabits per second). Dedicated servers are usually more expensive compared to the other hosting options. Best magento hosting 2020, businesses grow on reliability and trust. The size of the dedicated hosting market worldwide has been on an upswing since 2020 and projected to reach $6. Firewall configurations are important but time-consuming. Finally, dedicated servers are for websites that can afford it.

Terms of Service for dedicated servers usually specifically prohibit illegal content. Both providers promote that their optimized infrastructures perform 20 times faster than those of competitors. Before transferring the data, you will need to backup the old server and keep your data safe.

Enterprise Server

To get maximum server uptime, it’s essential to have 24/7 proactive server monitoring to help you maintain optimal server functionality and health. So if you can’t manage the server, make sure you buy a fully managed package. However, despite their fame, we were rather disappointed with their customer service.

Depending on the dedicated server plan that you select, setup can take from 30 to 90 minutes.

Sure, it's more expensive than shared web hosting, but you get greater reliability and more flexibility in exchange for the additional money that you pay. Starting its operations in 2020, the company did not take long to earn some prestigious awards from PCMag and FindMyHost. 10 GHz 24 GB DDR3 1 TB SATA 2 Bandwidth 1 Gbps $19. That’s the equivalent of dedicated hosting – a property to call your own, and all the space you could possibly need. It operates six data centers in the US and one in Europe, all which employ 24/7 security and use redundant power and backup generators. But in case it does happen, your site may get much slower until next month. Dedicated hosting is a term used to describe web hosting packages that provide a dedicated server with dedicated resources to a single client.

99 per month (renews at $159. )We offer both unmanaged and managed dedicated servers. Vps hosting canada and usa, this allows for more database queries, which can improve performance. If you (or somebody you employ) have the necessary time, technical knowledge and resources to update, optimize and maintain it, your website can greatly benefit from the granular control of an unmanaged Dedicated Server.

Its dedicated servers are enterprise-class rated that can be launched in an hour and features up to 20G network connections and Big Data bandwidth.

What Other Kinds Of Hosting Are There?

Best of all, you’ll get a speedy response from experts whenever you need help. Some clients prefer Windows for its greater power and flexibility, while others go for Linux due to its good reputation, speed, reliability, and security. The dedicated server hosting market is a competitive space. We’ll also take a look at a few other hosting options available on the market and how they differ from dedicated server hosting. Liquid web, siteGround has a wide line of services including managed WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise hosting, and dedicated servers. It's our top pick for shared web hosting and for novice webmasters in general.

Customer support seems to be lacking, and many users are struggling with technical difficulties.

Cheapest Dedicated Server with Unlimited Bandwidth

They also provide optional remote KVM access, which enables you to install and manage the operating system of your choice. 99% with just 2 minutes of downtime. GoDaddy Hosting – Best bandwidth.

Additionally, a dedicated server can be configured to have more raw computing power than a VPS can provide. A2 Hosting takes that promise to an entirely new level with their anytime money-back guarantee. What software applications can I run on a dedicated server?


Some servers have four drive bays available, and they can be equipped with any mix of 1TB to 3TB SATA drives, or 120GB to 1TB SSDs. In terms of its virtual existence, it’s isolated, but it still shares a single physical server with a clutch of other VPS clients. Processes running at a particular time. You can choose from numerous Linux and Windows options, including CentOS 7, openSUSE, Debian, Windows 2020 and more. Also, we were disappointed to find that the advertised UK server is currently (at the time of writing this review) not available. But with that said, it’s still a suitable option to consider for low-cost dedicated hosting. CC-1000 (from $414. )Setting up shop on a dedicated server will likely cost you more than $100 per month; shared servers, on the other hand, are far less expensive.

Dedicated Infrastructure For Security And Performance

SSDs are more expensive than hard drives in terms of dollar-per-gigabyte. Flexible and favored among many hosting customers, Linux is powerful and performance-oriented. Forum hosting with free forum installation, it fully integrates into your WordPress based site utilizing the same user records and database and displaying on a single WordPress page. Hardware selection. It’s clear that Liquid Web takes their support very seriously and wants to provide its customers with the best possible support experience. Although many dedicated plans give customers root access to fine-tune the details, most users opt for a hosting control panel, or a graphical interface that enables administrators to perform complex tasks with just a few clicks of the mouse. This can be through an inbuilt feature in the OS, or a third party application such as Putty. Documentation:

When you explore dedicated server hosting reviews, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the features that should be non-negotiable in any solid dedicated server hosting plan. More CPU means your projects can grow bigger and run faster. All servers come with RAID-1 storage. Best cheap web hosting 2020, there’s a lot going on in the A2 Hosting dashboard, but once you get the hang of it you can launch a site within minutes. Type of control panel: But a major outage that lasted for over two days and the host’s inability to react adequately brought a heap of disgruntled reviews and lowered their score. A 100% CPU usage is an indication of a problem with the processes or inadequate machine capacity. Availability, price and employee familiarity often determines which operating systems are offered on dedicated servers. When you contact WEBii to request a dedicated server hosting solution, we build you a server that meets the hardware, software, and bandwidth requirements of your project.


Even better, they allow you a unique level of customization over your plan, with an interface that allows you to choose the OS, RAM, RAID, Bandwidth cap, and number of IPs for registration. Pricing for these hosting plans falls within the same range as SiteGround. Hosting a static website on amazon s3, the data centers and all the data contained therein are safe from intrusions and, with Amazon’s experience in cloud services, outages and potential attacks can be quickly identified and easily remedied, 24 hours a day. After the initial upfront payment, the price increases by 25%. The other option is to multiply the daily page views by average page size and by 30 days to get the monthly bandwidth.

There are four available operating systems for dedicated servers – CentOS, Ubunto, CloudLinux and Windows – with up-to-date tools, fine-grained controls and refreshed life cycles. The dedicated server hosting cost is much smaller compared to the resources you need for setting up and running your own server machine in a hosting data center. Considering the features that you’ll be getting, it’s a real bargain. Company trust scores were even higher a few months ago. Unlike a shared hosting service, choosing a dedicated hosting service will provide you with your own server, which can be customized to suit your needs. Now that you have a better understanding of dedicated hosting, it’s time to dive into the best plans on the market today. The company provides products and services for website management, domain, email, marketing, and eCommerce and as well as hosting for WordPress, VPS, and dedicated servers. The 30-day money-back guarantee applies to our hosting plans; it does not apply to most add-on services, such as domains, as mentioned above.

The pricing starts at $119. Enhanced caching. 960 GB of SSD. An error rate of less than 1% is acceptable in many situations but is better to eliminate or minimize the errors completely. (99 a month when you renew). More than well, actually. SPDY and HTTP/2 accelerate page loads even further, and support for technologies like edge side includes and websockets allow more fine-tuned optimizations of your site.

If you’re looking for the security of a large and well-established web host, HostGator is your best bet.

Several features included.

Family Xtreme

A dedicated server provides much more storage and bandwidth than a traditional virtual private server, but there is still a physical limit on processing speed and storage. The recommended Dedicated Server plans at the top of this page are known for providing reliable and flexible solutions. They can choose the platform and software they really need, allowing more control over how their dedicated server is configured.

The same kind of inconsistency appeared in December 2020. Unless you truly need blazingly fast storage, a traditional hard drive will get the job done. You can increase the amount of storage to your server quickly with no data migration required. But a company looking for more power and control may need a service provider who offers dedicated hosting. The company provides anytime support and response for queries and assistance through phone, live chat and ticket system. Cloud hosting is ideal for businesses that experience fluctuating traffic, since you generally only pay for what you use.

Demanding users have plenty of paid upgrades to explore, including a faster CPU, more RAM and storage, a bundled backup service and more. Our virtual server hosting services deliver the scalability and affordability that best fits your needs. I found it a little petty InMotion tries to charge an extra $5/mo for something as simple as the Softaculous app installer, but that might just be me being picky. If cost is not an issue ($100+/month), you get a server all your own including its full capabilities – CPU, RAM, storage, maximum loading speed, ability to withstand huge traffic, and full control over apps and scripts you’d like to install on your server. But sites that deal with a lot of traffic, or have strict needs for customization and security, may find that a dedicated hosting provider is their best option.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

However, if you are somebody who just wants it to work so that you can concentrate fully on your website/business and its content without worrying about your server, then a Managed Dedicated Server plan is what you need. We use affiliate links to earn commissions from the products reviewed and recommended on our pages. Servers get reboots upon request and diagnosis in case of failure. Plans are month-to-month and rates won’t increase upon renewal. Malware protection? Dedicated hosting allows enhanced security, particularly important for companies handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.

Doesn’t sound like such a great deal now, does it?

If you have any difficulties, support is available 24/7/365, and the company guarantees a 59 second response time via phone or chat, 30 minutes via ticket and email. You'll also want to consider how long you'll need dedicated web hosting. Developers get root access to the server so they can do what they want on it. The CPU speed (4-core 3. )However, a wrong patch can cause performance or security issue, especially if it happens at night when there is no one to confirm that it works.

You also get instant provisioning of resources and seamless migration options when you need it. Your website’s gaining rapid traction in your niche and you expect it to outgrow your existing hosting plan in the near future. You never know when you’ll get into trouble with your server. Your website is growing rapidly, so you need more control over your server, but still can’t justify having your own server. A dedicated server has a superior level of security out of the box.

Open source technology.

Performance, Storage, and Speed at the touch of a button.

Get top server hardware and software with Intel Xeon or AMD EYPC CPUs running CentOS 7, Debian 8, Ubuntu 16. So trying to determine the “best server provider” would be pointless — what fits you might be a disaster for someone else. However, this is calculated by dividing the number of requests over a monitoring period of between 1 and 5 minutes. What is the best dedicated server hosting company?

If you request a quote, we can review your specific requirements and choose a dedicated server that is right for your project. Apex hosting reviews, the basic plan comes with 1 GB of RAM but you can get a lot more than that by upgrading to a more expensive package. Traffic alone isn’t the only factor that should be taken into consideration. And happy they are — the personal support approach and wide range of features directly reflect on the reviews about the company in a favorable way.

Similarly, Linux is ideal if the existing site uses PHP or PERL. Wordpress hosting recommendations |, cloudways offers you to get several security features, including IP whitelisting, firewall, database security, application isolation, and two-factor authentication. It also offers cloud storage, affiliate program with cash rewards for referrals, and a free domain name with each new account. What is unique about Arvixe? The client does not have to spend money and time managing the server and, hiring highly qualified IT staff or paying additional third-party service providers.


You’ll also get a colossal 4TB of storage space. The 7 best web hosting for india websites 2020 (ranked!), windows and Linux hosting options as well as managed and unmanaged hosting options are all featured among their hosting services. (64 for UK) per month afterward. However, VPS operates as a separate server, and is usually faster than the shared option, but slower than dedicated servers. Choose between fully managed, core managed, or self managed servers.

Whether you want blazing fast read/write – or tons of storage capacity, we’ve got you covered with HDD or NVMe SSDs (up to 25X faster) storage options.

It can be of any type but most dedicated servers use Intel Xeon processors that are designed for workstations and servers. If a client exhausts the monthly bandwidth, some providers may limit the access, such that users cannot access the website. The company takes care of setting up your server, keeping its software up-to-date, monitoring your machine 24/7, and addressing any issue.

Uptime is a term used to describe the period your website, hosted on a specific server, is available online. Its primary mission is to provide customer satisfaction and support through enterprise-level hosting solutions at budget-friendly prices. By far the best feature of AccuWebHosting, though, is the impressive spec you get on your chosen server. The cost varies depending on the upgrades. Its hosting services cater to professionals, businesses, agencies and corporations, specifically those with mission-critical sites, stores and applications. The host provides all the infrastructure to support it and in many cases does the basic management to keep it running. Through researching your options on this site, you will find not only a cheap dedicated web hosting plan, but one that perfectly matches the requirements of your particular website. With the Super Power Server priced at more than double the monthly rate of the Power Server, it’s not likely that most websites will need that much storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The world-class support. More responsible adults control which alarm company to trust with your security and safety, along with whether to hire a housekeeping or lawn service or do all domestic maintenance yourself. 40 GHz 16 GB DDR3 2 x 500 GB SATA 2 Bandwidth 1 Gbps $19.

Of course, that's where the money-back guarantees come in, and some sites definitely offer more than others in that regard, so do your research.

What About Cloud Hosting?

GoDaddy’s support is painfully slow. English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Russian. As a matter of fact, even the affordability with InMotion is a little questionable, as the website advertises discounted prices for longer prepayment deals. The outcome did not disappoint.

The worst thing is that the host will continue getting loads of new clients every day just because it’s GoDaddy and everybody knows the name. Generally, about 99% of websites require less than 5GB monthly bandwidth, but as traffic increases, an upgrade becomes necessary. 8 MB of CPU cache. SSDs are just one of the perks Liquid Web includes in dedicated server hosting packages. 480 GB of SSD. This collection offers attractive prices for high performance machines. The managed services usually cost an additional fee.