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Resources are divided up evenly across accounts. Consequently, you should be able to establish their respective server delay periods in terms of the Time To First Byte values. That being said, you can ask the support team to increase that for you.

Although the shared Magento plans have the same price and similar features as regular shared hosting, they offer much more. Besides, considering the fact that 86% of shoppers are willing to pay extra for an improved experience, you stand to make more with an effectual hosting solution. Besides the general features that come with open source community edition, merchants can add Magento themes to enhance their operations. Here are related articles you may be interested in: If you are just starting, you can choose shared hosting or simple services such as Web Hosting Hub and upgrade later. Are you ready to move your site to A2 Hosting, but nervous about doing the actual site migration to our servers by yourself? In fact, with the release of Magento 2, it has provided better user experience and functionality. 99% uptime” tag to their package, the reality is that some of them cannot guarantee it in the long run.

Comprehensively assessing a hosting provider’s ability to achieve that goes deeper than reviewing just the page loading times. You will be prompted to sign in or create an account if you are a first time Magento user. If you’re not sure, you can enter store size and traffic, and Sonassi will suggest a configuration. Every plan comes with a dedicated server and solid-state drives which makes your site load extremely fast and won’t lag under stressful shopping days where your traffic is spiking. • Enterprise hosting is the plan you need for a large ecommerce site with lots of traffic.

It also includes email marketing features - great for getting the store to be popular. Just log into your cPanel, enter your project’s details, and you’ll be up and running in no time. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. You now know what makes the best hosting for Magento. The customized ThunderStack caching formula ensures that the Magento store loads faster on the best Magento hosting platform, allowing you to have increased sales and revenues. Hostpapa reseller hosting, the hosting provider will divide up the costs and the amount of space that they allow resellers to use in a way that makes the most financial sense for them. It combines its powerful Supercacher with a content delivery network system supplied by Cloudflare- to achieve fast page loading speeds (helps user experience AND search engine optimization).

The perfect Magento hosting good contain all of the above. This list includes three completely free Magento hosting companies and two that are as close to free as can be. We’ve mentioned performance quite a number of times already. What is the best type of Magento hosting? It extends from their own forum to a dedicated Magento subreddit , to even their own Stackoverflow site. Each application comes with multiple master databases which let you ramp up your capacity where needed so you can handle a wide range of workloads across your products, orders, and checkouts.

  • Founded in 2020, InMotion hosting is among the earliest webhosts today.
  • While the speed of the site will be determined by the content, the server response time for Bluehost remains high at all times.
  • But one thing that all the packages have in common is affordable pricing.
  • Support agents are upbeat and often go beyond the call of duty to help.
  • Magento is most often used for building e-commerce sites like shopping sites etc.
  • Try it yourself, they offer a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

Hostinger – Extremely Cheap, Surprisingly Powerful

What are the Benefits of Magento Hosting? So much in fact, it seems unreal, but even the best Magento hosting providers get a negative reaction here and there. It begins with an email from an angry customer, who complains about slow page loading speeds. Try whichever provider you think will work best, and if you like it, great! First off, you need extensive technical skills to be able to fix and maintain the underlying structure. However, it is also one of the most overrated. Likewise, shipping options should ideally be available to customers so that they can make the best purchasing decisions; often, shipping costs can add substantially to the overall price. It’s Black Friday and you’ve stocked up your Magento-based online shop on an array of exclusive products, eagerly waiting to cash in on the season’s increasingly large number of shoppers.

Best Hosting For Magento 2.0

SiteGround’s Supercacher keeps your website loading fast and it’s Cloudflare CDN tops off its impressive hosting package by making your site visitor’s experience swift and satisfying. And that’s despite the fact that it’s, admittedly, a robust ecommerce platform that’s capable of supporting all types of businesses with superior e-commerce sites functionality. Most commonly it’s advertised as a pay-as-you-go service but in reality payment plans and scaling is different for every provider so you still have to choose which of them suits you best.

Shared hosting means that your account is sharing resources with multiple other sites on the same server. However, even though you can almost guarantee that the biggest players will be timely audited and certified for PCI compliance, always do your due diligence and make sure yourself that the service provider you’ve chosen follows these rules. Consider if you can get help from a certified Magento developer before you start. If your eCommerce site is growing and the traffic is rising every day, this can be a good plan. BlueHost offers software protections too.

– Have a recent backup of your site ready to go, in case of any disaster that might hit. A Magento development company will be able to guide you better and choose the best hosting for Magento website. Unlimited space and bandwidth – While you start off with 512 MB of disk space, you can contact x10Hosting after seven days of use and ask for the limitation to be lifted. A lot of store owners don’t know that the server location of your Magento store plays a big part in SEO and loading speed for your targeted country. And you spend a lot of time looking up plans, chatting with the sales agent and what not. The answer is: We have extensive experience migrating Magento stores and working with a variety of hosting providers on both large and small Magento stores, so reach out to us today and let’s talk hosting!

6 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers – Updated for 2020

All the companies listed above use the most advanced caching methods to ensure you a great loading time. Since we started in 2020 our main ethos is to provide a better way of hosting to clients that want an honest, reliable and personal experience. Sadly, no subdomains are available, so you’ll to pay for your domain. And you can go quite deep.

The company was founded in 2020. Managed hosting plans, on the other hand, come with any number of extra services such as automated backups, malware scanning, status monitoring, and more. While we often shy from recommending someone specific, a few honorable mentions here include Nexcess and Sonassi. However, server response time will show you the exact speed of the site, ignoring page content. Monitoring of your website being up *and* free of Magento error pages, along with proactive action when the site is not loading correctly. Cloudways offers relatively mid-range pricing options but you’ll see they’ve got you covered with auto-scaling Magento hosting meaning your store won’t suffer under unexpected traffic spikes. The staff are experts in Magento hosting and will keep everything running smoothly for you.

This means extremely optimized caching systems, high-tech hardware, and ideally a custom plan that is tailored specifically to Magento’s unique needs. So, speed of light + excellent uptime = InMotion. Even AWS has outages. Or, instead, classify them according to their server architectures: Custom security rules are used to optimize especially for Magento 2 system. Level of Customer Support and Services is good. The service claims the highest level of performance and secured environment for Magento hosting and offers the latest technology to back the claim.

  • At nChannel, we’re always doing research for our clients.
  • The underlying assumption is that the support is there to help, but you can handle simple matters on your own.

InMotion Hosting provider

Read on to find out three of the best VPS hosting providers for Magento. However, finding the best hosting for Magento isn’t entirely about speed. When deciding between hosting types, it comes down to how big your eCommerce store is and the level of performance you can justify paying for. FastComet support is top-notch.

This is important as it can significantly hamper your website’s efficiency.


Ideally, you should get hosting that lets your store run at full power without being too expensive. In this case you will need a hosting plan that supports an SSL certificate. FastComet is another Magento host that instills high user satisfaction.

Magento VPS 2 — $823. You can also find included Magento installation and setup services, free hosting migration, proactive uptime and performance monitoring, Magento upgrading, patching and a lot of other useful things. They have three basic plans for their shared hosting, which is the best for small businesses. The problem here is that shared translates to reduced resources. Pages load within miliseconds with SiteGround, so this is a great feature for a Magento hosting provider. Bluehost also adds more features to help out its users: Already have your store set up on Magento somewhere else?

A great Magento hosting provider should supplement static site versions with an extensive caching network for optimal loading speeds. It also claims to have the best hosting for Magento, so let’s see how its offer fares. It is hosted by Magento itself on Cloud servers with the pricing starting at $22. Many users realize that getting Magento hosting with AWS is a recipe for success. Magento is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).

Things to Consider When Choosing Magento Hosting

The prices above are based on official data, but they are subject to change. You can send automated emails to customers who did not complete checkout. Although there are several elements that come into play here, a lot of it has to do with the data transmission distance from the data center. Their hosting is dedicated to all sizes of websites from small content management systems to large Magento ecommerce sites.

Its data centers are located in Asia, the USA, and Europe.
  • LiteSpeed has released the SpeedBoost Caching plugin to cache several important Magento 2 files and database requests on the disk array.
  • This lets them cover all sizes of businesses from the smallest blog to the largest Magento ecommerce website.
  • When it comes to e-commerce, Magento and WordPress put up a good fight.

Web Hosting Hub ($4.99/month)

There's little to no downtime and response time is excellent. This feature Magento platform comes with this awesome feature so you can set a canonical tag to appear on category and product pages in the configuration section inside the Magento admin panel. Hypernode claims to be the last Magento hosting platform you’ll ever need. The further your visitors are located from the servers, the longer it will take to process and relay their requests.

For more simple matters you can make sure the server meets all these requirements, or even check how others optimize their servers. It is also a content management system (CMS), and unlike WordPress, it specializes exclusively in e-commerce. If not handled correctly, it can load slowly, especially for developers making changes to the e-commerce store, and more importantly, it can slow down response time for visitors. With an army of open-source innovators, the Magento ecommerce platform keeps shop owners at the front of the pack when it comes to online shopping trends.

Note that there are also options to pay for these plans quarterly, semi-annually, bi-annually and tri-annually. Such a prominent status, as well as positive reviews from customers around the web, means you’re almost sure of getting good value for your money when you sign up. That said, Magento offers more than just a simple storefront. Bluehost is one of the oldest webhosts, having been in operation since 1996. You can also build e-commerce functionality on top of a larger content management system like WordPress or Joomla, using plugins or extensions. Hence, a hacked account could not affect the rest and we could solve the problem quickly.

Best Magento Hosting Providers for Medium to Large Companies

If you need to install Magento yourself, without the one-click installation wizard, ensure that the host supports: Read more about FreeHosting in our in-depth review. VPS Basic costs $10/mo and includes 1GB RAM and 30GB storage. The VPS pans use top-notch SSD drives and processors for a high-end gaming experience. It is the hosting services provider to 2M+ websites in the world.

45/mo with 40GB of disk space, 3GB RAM, 2 CPUs, and unlimited bandwidth.

The feature-rich platform coming with a highly intuitive administrative interface that gives the online merchants a way to control the look, contents, and functionalities for an eCommerce website. Research has shown that a loading speed of over 2 seconds is deemed unacceptable in today’s standards. 95/mo, and the Business plan costs $5.

Well, of course, you’d wish to have 100% uptime.

What are Magento’s Key Features?

Now, to be able to implement such changes, you need a hosting service with flexible features. One of only a few hosts to automatically include SSDs with all hosting packages, InMotion Hosting can load your store’s site up to 20x faster. GoDaddy has served Australia since 2020 and moved a dedicated team to Sydney in mid 2020. Today, the host powers more than 2 million sites globally and they continue to wield more power by getting more websites to sign up.

They also hold in-person training events as well.


If you want to build for performance and know your way around Magento, look for a managed VPS solution. For example, Amazon loses over 1 million dollars every minute it's down. SiteGround estimates that the largest shared plan can handle up to 100,000 monthly visitors, which should be taken with a grain of salt. Consequently, it’s critically important to understand exactly what your online store requires before you proceed to look into other factors. For these reasons, you will need an eCommerce system that allows you to set up a 24/7 customer team to assist customers with minor and major glitches that can show up even in odd hours. Even with that being the case, A2 Hosting has been rated 5/5 on average by over 48,674 customers. Of course, when you hire Magento developer they can guide you better in choosing the best hosting provider for your project. The 4 hosting types you’re going to run into are Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud.

Ask them about installations, configurations, setups, or optimizations—they will know the answer. The business recommends their business plan for Magento. It’s easy to see where the users are coming from, though. Then you will choose that user below and Add User To Database to finalize the process. Not only will you miss a whole weekend of sales, you also risk losing search engine positions which is the last thing you want. Connect with our experts on [email protected] Customized domain name – You won’t be getting a. The platform is optimized for search engines with features such as XML Site Map, html Meta Data for products, popular search terms page, Google content API, and pretty URLs.

Magento Hosting – best servers, help & extras for your site

As we said in the beginning, the Magento 2 web hosting solution is created with the anti-malware platform which is configured to regularly scan and remove the malicious software from your system. Find a customer support team with short reaction time and good knowledge of your specific technology stack. A lot of companies may prefer self-service hosting that makes them feel in complete control over their data. Kamatera is to set up cloud servers in less than 60 seconds which manages cloud VPS services. Managed hosting is great if you do not want to deal with the technicalities of a website. Most of the hosts today offer one-click installation, which is almost everything Magento will need in a web host.