14 Best Podcast Hosting Sites (with Top 8 Free)

Web hosting is basically where your website will be stored on the internet so that users can access it. A couple things! For instance, this one below is called Gumbo, created by SecondLine Themes. This hosting platform can automatically generate links to Overcast, Pocket Casts, and other similar directors to make it easier than ever for podcasters to get more listeners and subscribers.

For now, one of their unique features is the ability to reach out and cross-promote your podcast within the platform. Colocation hosting philadelphia, you can get in touch by calling (866) 619-3757 or by completing our online contact form! Unless you’re going to use a website produced by your podcast host, you’ll need the ability to embed a media player on your website. Enter your RSS feed into the provided text box and then click the “Validate” button.

Basic statistics cost $2 extra per month.

Here are more details. Next sign in to iTunes Connect. They currently have 5 different themes: You can do that, but that wouldn’t be good for your website or your listeners. No matter what they tell you, podcast equipment matters. For $12/month, you’ll get unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, advanced analytics, a website, the ability to have multiple people manage your podcast, and a bunch more. SoundCloud’s popularity for music gives it a ‘mindshare’ advantage that a lot of names on this list simply can’t compete with.

Its media hosting service offers a smooth platform for your audios and videos. Just as its name implies, you can create your podcast very easily. Top podcasters Marc Maron, Adam Corolla and others use this tool which you can find here.

These aren’t required (and don’t appear on every podcast app), but are a nice feature nonetheless. I used to recommend WPEngine for larger sites, but Kinsta recently came out with more affordable options for people just getting started (and of course have plans for larger sites too) and I love what they offer. Not only does it offer most of the same full array of features that the desktop dashboard has, but you can also create live podcasts with the app and even edit as you are recording. The best website builders for 2020, plus, it’s hard to go wrong with a beautifully-designed website for just /month. The customer service also seems top-notch, which is great when you are setting up for the first time.

This plan also allows for a Patron program to accept recurring revenue from listener support.

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Podcast hosting is specially prepared for storing and delivering large multimedia files (which podcasts are). And choosing the best option can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Fill out the TuneIn contact form and add all of your podcast information. There are 30+ different podcast hosting companies (both free and paid) and new ones that come on the scene all the time. Here is a list of a few of the other podcast hosting companies we tried: It has powerful analytics built on an open-source framework it developed. Your podcasts can be distributed via all the main directories like Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google, Stitcher and more.

Another cool feature is that you can upgrade to 128k stereo optimization to give your audience a better sound experience. Libsyn supports podcast destinations and often gives customers early and exclusive access to new podcast destinations. So subscribe to my YouTube channel or get my video podcats from iTunes for the upcoming video review and comparison of these Electro Voice mics and the Heil PR40, Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB (Amazon. )For the cheapest – Small podcast hosting plan, you will pay $12 per month and you will get 100MB storage. PodBean has a great basic plan for $9/month, as well as a smaller plan for just $3/month that is a step up from some free options. Here’s a few reason why. Simply install their plugin on your site, then upload your audio file and add the description. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media.

How easy is it to learn how to use the tool?

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Plus, you can get 50% off your first two months. Whooshkaa integrates with the major podcast platforms but goes one step ahead and gives integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homepod as well. What about the language and terminology – is it clear and concise or confusing? PodOmatic then produces a feed for you that you can distribute to iTunes , Google Play, Spotify, and elsewhere. And you should think about dedicated podcast hosting for your media files.

YouTube Republishing – This will increase your reach and SEO impact. You can also browse around for your own theme–there are plenty of free options that will work fine, but spending $50-$100 on a premium package will give you an edge. The free Google Sites services lets you create a basic website on your Google account. Best cheap web hosting 2020, the hosting plans offered by HostGator also include millions of free templates along with a free website builder. This makes it one of the few of the podcast hosting services on this list to let you host your podcast for free.

Find The Right Podcast Publishing Platforms For You

I’ve been featured on dozens. The podcast hosting service you decide to use should give you as much information as possible about your listeners. Zencastr allows new and professional podcasters alike the ability to record themselves and their remote guests in studio quality right from a web browser. Amazon web services review, hover over the name field and you should see a pencil icon. This amount of outbound bandwidth translates to 20,000 to 40,000 episodes per month, depending on the length of each episode. Distribution across all platforms. You should definitely have intro music! This platform will get your podcast live soon. You can work directly with sponsors on the platform to monetize your show using traditional ads or dynamic insertion ads.

This can help you grow your show faster and get your message in front of a larger audience. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Custom website domain. It’s the ideal solution if you want everything handled under one roof. You will need to upgrade to one of the three plans ($5. )

And their site definitely shows the simplicity, cutting out all frills, you can log in and create your own channel, claim ownership of it and start podcasting. Web designer hosting options (quick guide), the “invisible” support of shared hosting quietly performs maintenance tasks and fixes things that you might never know about. Many hosts will even outright forbid it, or will suspend your account for abusing their resources. There are so many choices out there, and many that offer similar-sounding features. They give you location, device type, and even playback duration for each episode. We recommend the $49/month Professional Plan or the business plan depending in your objectives are personal or business orientated. – Podcasts websites need a page that lists all your episodes, show notes, and gives visitors the option to listen from their browsers. A WordPress theme. That’s more than enough for small podcasts and newbies.

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Basic analytics. PodBean is a podcast hosting and monetization site that makes podcast hosting simple through its user-friendly interface. You get to create the podcast episodes you’re interested in producing, buy shiny new equipment, record audio, and share your very own podcast with the world. It will automatically optimize your episodes by adding your ID3 tags, file types, etc. If you want to know more, this guide on the differences between WordPress.

If you’re looking for something beyond basic functionality, this plugin can get you started.

Which Podcast Host Is Right For You?

Blubrry leverages the WordPress platform and its own PowerPress podcasting plugin to offer a podcasting optimized website to its members. Compatible with a wide-range of podcasting solutions, including iTunes and SoundCloud. 14 best web hosting services 2020 (tested & compared), the response time was slightly higher for locations in India and Asia Pacific. To get more exposure, make your work easily discoverable by transcribing your episodes within BuzzSprout. Podbean takes our pick for the best overall podcast hosting site due to its fantastic feature set, variety of subscription plans, and peerless customer service. You may also learn that free options pay for themselves by putting ads in your episodes that you didn’t approve and aren’t seeing any profit from. We have had ad-stitching tools available for 12+ years and have these tools integrated with Libsyn Pro to support both audio and video content.

That is why most of the growth that next year was on the iOS side – not on the Android side. They have a built-in ad platform, easy editing of your audio files, and are constantly updating with new features. The best small business web hosting services for 2020, 99/mo (click to visit). Buzzsprout — a simple, intuitive, and feature-rich podcast host perfect for most podcasters. Podiant is a podcast hosting platform that’s starting to make its mark in the podcasting world.

My favorite mixer for podcasting is the Mackie PROFX8V2. HTML5-compatible web player with touch support. The primary factors to take into consideration are storage and bandwidth. Listeners need to be able to find your podcast. Third, do you need a new website? You want listener data down to the city and device type? 100 GB of bandwidth. To really take podcasting seriously, you will need a website as well.

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Think of this like the membership site model applied to your podcast where you can charge a small monthly fee for access to some, or all, of your podcast content. You can only display one podcast feed per player. Plans cost $19 to $49 per month. Spreaker has a live podcast feature but when you’re on the free hosting plan, it’s limited to only 15 minutes. However, if you’ve got some exemplary podcasting skills under your belt and are looking for ways to grow your podcast or need extra business tools, PodBeans’s latter two paid options will be more fitting.

What Is Podcast Media Hosting?

It’s pretty easy. Another thing to consider is Plug-ins. This will be your podcast’s home on the internet where you’ll promote it and help users discover more content. These are platforms that the Resonate team knows, works with regularly and points our clients to. The standard plan allows you to publish up to 5 episodes per month, up to 10,000 plays per month, advanced analytics, and embeddable players for your website and social media integration. Adding this to a post gives you a palette of options that you can use to customize your player.

As mentioned, apart from their plain-Jane user interfaces and overall meh-ness, the fact that they simply integrate with WordPress sites and offer seamless integration of your podcast and your website, it’s worth the look. One thing that sets them apart from most of the other hosts on this list is that it gives you ‘unlimited daily sessions,’ allowing you to start a live stream as many times as you want per day. It needs a place to call it’s own, where it can settle in to live and be heard by the world; a place where it can get connected to the podcast directories for consumption. It offers an easy upload workflow to get each episode published quickly. You will also have the role of blogger on your podcast hosting site.

Paid plans start from $19 and go up to $49 per month.

I have it automatically send my podcast episodes to SoundCloud and YouTube, and it also saves a copy of the compressed file in Dropbox – all after my. Anchor also has built-in monetization options that can allow you to actually make money off your podcast. SimpleCast is a reliable podcast host and offers a reasonable Basic plan for paid hosting. This post contains affiliate links. You also get insightful data on the listeners who are downloading the most and the least. As you can see, they’re all over the place.

Podcast hosting FAQ

You can then publish them right away or schedule it whenever you want. The terms of service of your web host clearly state you CAN NOT do this. Regardless of where you find your podcasts, from Apple to Spotify to Stitcher, the audio files have to be stored — or hosted — somewhere. Bluehost.com review-bluehost review|blue host reviews-bluehost reviews.webhosting reviews, bluehost offers 24/7 technical support. Podcast hosting is a simple setup.

And less time gets wasted on messing around with uploads. Well we’re here to help. What can I expect to pay for podcast hosting? Here is a list of alternative podcast hosts you can also check out: Second, you can dynamically add your own sponsored ad campaigns into your new episodes to monetize faster. You can also customize its colors to match your website and make it sticky on top or bottom.

Some are free with basic features to host your shows, whilst others are paid offering advanced statistics, custom players, and a whole lot more.

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You get more than enough space and the ability to get a smart phone app. That’s what we are diving into today. Plus, they just added a risk-free 30-day money-back policy! The biggest advantage is that millions of users browse their platform looking for new content, so you’ll get some traffic simply by virtue of using the service. To many people think Serial is what grew podcasting when it came out. You will need to validate the info and then submit.

Instead, create a central page where users can view every episode then click through to the one they want to listen to. And I like that they contribute 1% of their sales to onepercentfortheplanet. Get started for free and get a $20 Amazon Gift Card just for signing up. PodBean is our #1 podcast hosting recommendation. They provide you with the functionality you need, to go from on-air to online in seconds. Plans cost $12 to $80 per month based on your storage space.

You can search for podcasts, reach out to them to pitch and set terms, and swap pre-recorded messages promoting each other’s podcasts. If you are setting up a podcast that you expect will have large listenership off the bat, we recommend an established host like Buzzsprout or Podbean because of the unlimited monthly storage and comprehensive podcast analytics. Ships with a subscription feature. Monthly storage ranges between 100MB and Unlimited with the option to host video as well. SoundCloud Basic: