The Best Web Hosting in UK 2020

Our expert hosting services experts have described a few points on what to ask before choosing a web hosting service. In short, we recommend using a web hosting provider that provides a decent uptime of 99. However, prices go up significantly when it’s time to renew your plan. Choose from one of 18 datacenters around the world offered by Google Cloud. In fact, it currently ranks #2 amongst the top financial centers in the world.

Before we get started with our picks for the best UK web hosting, let’s go over our review process. It just means is that there is no limit on the number of resources you can use so long as you don’t abuse the service, or cause an interruption in service for other customers. 10 different types of web hosting, one of the biggest reasons web hosting can be so beneficial is the added security. We are here to help.

  • Joomla CMS is another incredibly popular platform favored for web hosting by numerous service providers.
  • They have been operating as a domain registrar and hosting provider for a long time, and they’re now the largest domain registrar in the world!
  • 95/mo, but renew at a higher rate (similarly to many hosting providers).
  • Free-webhosts.
  • As you can see, our test site loaded in less than two seconds.

Clever user & FTP management – One challenge we’ve had with other web hosting companies is having multiple developers sharing SFTP logins, or ending up with lots of unused FTP accounts. SoftLayer is built to give you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. Its servers are located in two locations, one in the US and the other in the UK. When you renew, it will be at the same price you signed up for.

49, and a 36-month plan renews at $7. Web hosting services at eUKhost. 19 /mo, for a commitment of 2 years. We recommend choosing a host that offers live chat and 24/7 support, as this will ensure you receive instant help. Still can't figure which UK web hosting service is the best for you? WP Engine uses NetDNA as their built-in CDN.

In fact, we found Bluehost to have the best cost/value ratio. But I gave it a shot. On top of all this, they offer fixed rate pricing, so there are no surprises with your bills. The best website builders for 2020, you can upload whatever you like and have people download it as long as you don’t consume the 1TB bandwidth completely. In addition to offering servers that are optimised for running WordPress, these companies proactively look out for the latest WordPress security flaws and ensure that their customers’ websites are always protected against them. Only two databases allowed on the basic plan. It’s extensive tools including a website building software that makes site creation a simple task. When it comes to bandwidth and storage there are also limitations.

  • Ironically, they’re one of the very few web hosting companies that don’t talk about ‘99.
  • SiteGround’s price almost triples in price upon renewal.
  • Performance – The website’s performance is of utmost importance to attract new users and maintain the increasingly large numbers of users to your website.
  • 6 million customers and counting.
  • Their shared hosting plans allow you to use CloudFlare’s CDN services free of charge.

What I like about Bluehost (Pros)

Dedicated server solutions from Artmotion, Switzerland. Hosting is very much a horses for courses thing - it's a question of getting the best and most appropriate solution that you can afford. Rock solid solutions. There’s flexibility here, as well, because you can opt for cPanel hosting, or ‘cloud web hosting’ via Tsohost’s own cloud architecture and custom web management console, which might appeal more to some. You can also test your website every time you make a major design or functionality change to ensure there is no bad code causing your site to have issues. As per our data and customer feedback, we recommend that the best web hosting for WordPress Blogs is Bluehost. This basically means the European Commission will assess the UK’s regulations to check that they’re up to scratch. StableHost is passionate about customer service and will be able to help you out by phone, email, or live chat.

Companies like GoDaddy and Liquid Web boast incredibly knowledgeable and helpful customer support squads—a fact that we confirmed in our in-depth reviews of those web hosting services. They also use enterprise-grade SSD drives, dual CPUs and offer unlimited bandwidth which means that an increase in online traffic won’t have an effect on the performance of your website. If your website doesn’t get much traffic, this is the best place to start. Linux hosting servers are exclusively used in shared hosting services. Dedicated servers give access to a complete range of server resources to website owners for optimal efficiency. Kinsta is a special case of a host that specializes in Managed WordPress Cloud only. Some ccTLD domain names, like. It’s a fully hosted solution and manages everything for you, from updates to backups.

It has many advantages – it’s economical, easy to manage and has an excellent uptime but also has some disadvantages. 00/month Shared: Signed up with the best UK web hosts on the market. In addition to that, site transfers are free (a nice perk), and you can try their BoldGrid pre-installed website builder. Since 2020 we have been providing hosting services all over the world. Also, their main server is in the US so it wouldn’t be great for local sites here.

However, the small differences matter when it comes to ensuring that you get the best domain hosting in UK.

GREENGEEKS – Decent Web Host For Bloggers an Small Business – ($3.95 USD per month)

Go to GreenGeeks. In other words, the Media Temple score benefited from a Cloudflare CDN, while the bottom score did not have a working CDN. – Another unexpected nice touch is that WP Engine can run weekly or monthly page speed tests on any page you specify. Your next step in choosing the right hosting service is to compare providers.

Premiere domain registration, Web design, programming and broadband services. Member of the Better Business Bureau. We’re in business because we’re passionate about technology and solving problems. They offer Site Scanner for an additional fee. That offers 80 GB of storage, 800 GB of bandwidth, a free dedicated IP, and unlimited cPanels. WP Engine, for example, does not. One site on the server can hog bandwidth and RAM with high traffic, resulting in slow performance on your site. Downtime can be catastrophic for your site’s traffic and reputation, and is the enemy of opportunity.

However, dedicated servers will often require you provide the technical know-how and manage your website development and updates on your own. I’ve compiled a list of your most popular questions with the intention of answering them in the simplest way possible! Even how you pay (month-to-month payments vs. )96/mo (renews $7. )That said… the uncertainty of Brexit is raising lots of questions about its future. How does Alexa rankings work?

This is why Hostinger is Hostadvice’s pick for best WordPress Hosting Service.
To do this, consider your monthly Internet traffic, the size of your site, and what types of content you plan to display.

Web Hosting UK Frequently Asked Questions

Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress, and they host over 2 million websites worldwide. The features available with this type of service can be quite basic and not flexible in terms of software and updates. All will perform their web hosting tasks competently, with the last two providers playing a twofold role of both website builder and hosting platforms. Built-in CMS caching, email hosting, HTTP/2 Enabled, Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL. Being aware of this fact, our team constantly keeps a track on all the incoming and outgoing traffic on the web server. Larger web hosting companies will typically offer a full range of web-related services. Shared hosting is the basic option for website hosting. First off – kudos to you that you’re doing your research!

Having a knowledgeable and friendly customer service team that you can rely on at any time day or night is a must. When to Switch from Shared Hosting to Dedicated? Like a lot of tech giants, HostGator started in a dorm room, but it’s come a long way since. Free and unlimited web hosting with php and mysql. We're available around the click to help!

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300% green hosting (industry's top), choice of four server locations, excellent speed features, Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL. If storage is difficult to get your head around, try visualising a bookcase at home. This is a basic browser-based affair that lets you create a website of up to six pages, and there are no extras like site templates included. 50GB Disk Space. So, you can easily make a website in no time, without any previous experience. Maybe you need extra bandwidth for your growing inventory. It's welcoming to webmasters who are new to the importance of security concerns, and takes some important worries off your mind. Good speed free SSL, free domain with privacy protection, and 1-click WordPress install.

95 per month, their renewal fees are higher at $9. This price is for TechRadar readers only and the package has double the resources and comes with a number of bonus features. Nor does the price alone offer any clear indication as to the quality of a web host. Best web hosting services for 2020, this is how it should be done. There are several major reasons why not to choose free hosting.

GreenGeeks’ support is fast and are available 24/7 via live chat and email. Ez-web-hosting. 75/month and $6. For that tiny sum, you get 100GB of storage, one website, 25 databases, 500 email accounts, a free domain name, SSL certification, and 24/7 customer support. So what can users expect from BlueHost? If you have ever visited WordPress. Perhaps most importantly for anyone considering taking the plunge, its uptime is almost flawless, and the same can be said for its customer service. Drupal CMS has become the 3 rd most popular CMS, as per global market share.

Dedicated hosting (ideal if your website receives more than 100k visits/month & requires maximum data privacy) Dedicated hosting is where you lease your own server that hosts nothing but your website.
  • What is the right price to pay?
  • The variety of top-level domains (.)
  • All this along with their 99.
  • After all, you’re up against fierce competition – most of UK e-commerce is still dominated by the big online businesses from the US.
  • Test that everything is working okay.
  • This helps us see how the individual WordPress hosting company would perform during peak traffic times.
  • When it comes to hosting e-commerce websites, there is hardly any other hosting platform which is as popular and useful as Magento.


Although the numbers often look quite similar, the different value of the US dollar means hosting tends to be more expensive for UK companies. Server downtime is a risk that can often affect your website performance. Organisational tools are also included, such as free billing software and free domain reselling too, so you're good to go with your business right from the get go. You’re sharing a server, with fewer customers and you get a similar performance as dedicated options. The company promises 99. If you’re wondering about the variation in page size, this was due to the hiccup with WP Engine’s content delivery network that I mentioned earlier.

How comfortable are you with creating your own website? Web hosting India: 00 per year of quality web hosting. You can get your issues resolved and questions answered by their friendly support team, 24/7. WordPress CMS is incredibly efficient as it offers an astounding 50,000+ Plug-Ins and more than 3,500 themes licensed by GPL.

Because web hosting services host websites belonging to their customers, online security is an important concern. Godaddy vs. squarespace 2020, if you want to keep your site speedy and secure, you’ll have to learn how to do this or hire someone to help. It’s well known that Google doesn’t give as much weight to free blogs on their search results. They’ve helped serve over 29 million clients to date! Call +65 6305 9999. We hosted a test site on their GrowBig plan to get some official numbers. Below is the site speed tested from 10 locations using Bitcatcha.

SiteGround offers all customers immediate assistance when contacting their offices via phone, tickets, or live chat.


That, along with their innovative server technology (NGINX, PHP7, HHVM) and solid server performance makes them a great choice for both businesses and individuals. Free website hosting and cheap hosting from non-reputable companies is best avoided; spending an extra few pence even can sway the choice from a bad service, unreliable uptime, and poor features, to quality hosting at its best with a reputable web host like SiteGround. Christianwebhost. A major advantage of cloud hosting, as stated in several of our UK web hosting comparison and reviews, is that it gives website owners access to numerous server resources but without the need to maintain a separate, complicated website hosting framework. Website hosting, it’s up to the government agency to obtain all relevant technical information from the service provider to ensure the proposed solution provides the required level of data segregation. Your website’s health will rely on the hosting provider your use. Whether you’re looking for cheap hosting, managed hosting, shared hosting or WordPress hosting, we’ve got you covered. They operate two data centers one in Munich and the other in Nuremberg, Germany.

Powering Over 2 Million Websites Worldwide

Instead, it’s spread out through multiple servers. You will have to pay extra though and you will be in charge of maintenance. Plans start from $10 a month. 🥇 best web hosting uk 2020, our top 14, their smallest business shared plan has an introductory price of £3. All of our web hosting reviews provide an in-depth view of each of our chosen web hosts, including their pricing plans, features and performance metrics. Here are the results from our Bluehost performance tests: Elsewhere, Wordpress has been preconfigured to be as speedy as possible, with curated management plugins that have been adapted to make the process virtually hassle-free for you. Next, we ran the Load Impact test on SiteGround servers where we gradually built up to 100 unique visitors at once to see how their server would handle increased requests from multiple connections at once.

SSL certificates are an absolute must if you want your website to be deemed safe. One type of dedicated hosting is self-managed or unmanaged. Before you decide to choose any website hosting services, it is highly recommended to have your priorities in order. Let’s be honest, having support that you have to wait for can really have a bad impact on your business and it’s a frustrating experience trying to get something fixed. Resellers could function, for individual domains, under any combination of these listed types of hosting, depending on who they are affiliated with as a reseller. The web host has reasonable priced enterprise-level hosting service, strong business track record, and excellent hosting performance – which make them a good choice of cooperates and enterprise hosting users. A2 might be a convenient host for someone who owns many WordPress websites.

Unfortunately, this is a price one will have to pay when using a free provider.


After our analysis, we find HostGator to be a great option for growing businesses because they offer plans that grow with your business. You do not need to use WordPress hosting to have WordPress. No you do not need cPanel, but it does make things easier in terms of installation, managing email accounts, etc.

Since recording the video above, we’ve migrated 12 of our sites to WP Engine and monitored the performance of them for two months. WebHostUK's biggest asset are the customers and making sure they get the best satisfaction is our motto. 14 best web hosting services 2020 (tested & compared). See why HostAdvice rated A2 Hosting the best VPS hosting service! Ever since it was launched in 2020, Drupal has been featured in numerous of our web hosting reviews for UK.

999 % uptime guarantee. As for the features of this free option, Wix provider 500Mb of storage, 500Mb bandwidth, and a free subdomain. A reseller hosting service is quite similar to shared hosting service. Once you’re convinced by their service, it’s hard to argue against taking that step. I also looked out for providers that support platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla which are the most widely used free blogging/ website platforms. Simplywebhosting. Web hosting, 99 per user, Managed WordPress for . Having researched the options, looking at customer reviews I chose to swap to Pickaweb and haven't regretted it once. Create a Music Website | HostBaby.

Web Hosting Explained

We have been collecting their data and for this guide we picked out the top 9. Wherever your data lives, our Microsoft Gold-Certified specialists provide managed services and five star customer-rated support for your SharePoint environment. The best web hosting services 2020 (reviews & comparison), hostinger, a hosting provider based out of Lithuania, boasts it signs up a new client every five seconds. Existing customers can contact them directly by logging into their DreamHost account.