It features tea trees that spawn into the world, teapots that you can use, and even two different types of tea so that you can enjoy at any time. What’s great, the steps are easy to follow and won’t cost you much money. The features aren’t exactly anything to write home about but at least you can expect excellent performance because Nitrous uses high-quality network hardware and includes SSD storage with all plans. As expected, the premium ones are quite expensive but they also include a few key features that you won’t get with an affordable Minecraft hosting plan. If you want to build a large community around your server you can go all out with the $47,74/mo plan, which includes 10 GB of RAM and support for up to 100 players. We are about to dig into their specs and the prices for each server.

ScalaCube’s support agents are generally very fast to reply and can be contacted 24/7 via email and live chat. MCProHosting is a bit of a paradox since it’s simultaneously one of the cheapest (Bedrock Edition) and one of the most expensive (Java Edition) providers out there. You get a higher priority of tech support with the premium servers, unlimited disk space (Whereas there are limits on the budget servers), a free subdomain, and a few other perks, besides better hardware. After the highest buildings were built, forests and other regions were scoured it is still far from over. Dns setup for cloud vps website hosting and email, those systems are wholly isolated from the other instances on the parent. Our custom built control panel allows for easy one-click installations and managing without having the issue of managing files and folders elsewhere. If the prices seem a bit steep, don’t worry because you can get a 50% discount on any package for your first month. The company already provides very reliable servers at an extremely cheap price, but it doesn’t stop there. Some worth noting are Direwolf20, Ultimate REloaded, Sky Factory 2.

Find all the best Minecraft multiplayer servers on Minecraft-mp. The best web hosting providers for 2020, with shared hosting, you share resources with every other shared hosting account on the server. The 512MB plan is suitable for 1-8 players and will run you $3. When you stop your instance, this script will create a backup of the latest game data and shut down your Minecraft server before the instance shuts down. Shockbyte has made available two amazing coupon codes for all of our readers. The control panel comes pre-loaded with Tekkit, ChestShop, CommandBook, iConomy, Essentials, GodPowers, Factions, McMMO, WorldGuard, WorldEdit – just to name a few!

All you need to do is send us a support ticket asking for an upgrade.


Next, format your disk: Optimized for global access with our west coast US, east coast US, and western Europe locations! We have also multiple modpacks from the Curse launcher or Technic Launcher, like Hexxit, Tekkit or Tekkit Legends. You can sign up to get into their Las Vegas location and receive 50% off your monthly bill (recurring).

If you’re in need of guides and tutorials, on the other hand, you can always check out the knowledgebase, though it’s worth noting that most of the articles there are about the Java edition of Minecraft. This file contains a single boolean variable, eula. Radiojar, which social media channels have been the most effective in bringing traffic back to your radio’s site? You can easily accommodate 10 players with those resources, maybe even more than that. Start the server for the first time:

  • These premium plans begin at $5/month for 512MB RAM (up to 10 players), with the most popular plan at $20/month for 2GB RAM (suitable for up to 40 players).
  • 10 version of Minecraft.
  • Diamond recommends a maximum of 50 players, whereas Redstone will take you all the way to 100.
  • What is the best modpack to play in 2020?
  • These are recommendations and will vary a lot based on what additional plugins you’re running at any given moment.


In case it’s unavailable or outdated, download the installer. The location coverage is above average, with seven servers to choose from across Europe and North America. 12 and it is heavily progression based. Now let’s try it yourself and have fun! Managing everything is very intuitive thanks to the custom control panel that includes a number of premium features. The quest book will guide you through the progression step by step. The general theme is that you start in a wasteland world and you have to progress to “regrow” the world back.

This tutorial uses the instance name mc-server throughout. Next, start your Minecraft server in a screen virtual terminal. What are the different types of web hosting? That's it for basic configuration! Even though we’re not big fans of premium support, in this case it seems to be worth the extra $5 per month.

Feed the Beast servers instantly online & DDoS protected

I reckon that for a majority of the time there will be about 5 players online max. Minecraft players can self-host, meaning they run their own servers, rent server space from a third-party web host, or directly linkup to another gamer’s Minecraft came via Xbox Live. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because of the addictive grind of the game-play, the immense creativity, and that it appeals both to the younger generation and to older gamers as well. In the first steps, the player spends the time to build their own starting equipment and explore the new landscape. How important is web hosting for seo?, these days, I always get managed WordPress hosting for my high traffic blogs. If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at: With a prepaid game server from Nitrado, the player has the possibility to dive into this unique world and experience the exciting adventures there. I've been a Unix admin for 22 years. It can take up to 20 seconds for your instance to be created.

There were over 100 million copies of Minecraft sold, and all of those people are looking for great servers to play on. To start the Minecraft server again, you can establish an SSH connection with the instance, remount your persistent disk, and start your Minecraft server in a new screen terminal, as described in the Run the Minecraft server section. Keep in mind Apex is recommended to those who may require premium support and setup assistance, not to experts looking to run 100+ player setups. Being one of the oldest Minecraft server providers has allowed us to tweak and tune our infrastructure to have peak performance at affordable prices. Better game server hosting, built with gamers in mind. 99/month for the initial Budget Minecraft Plan which includes 1GB of RAM, suitable for up to 15 simultaneous players. Shockbyte – Best overall Minecraft hosting service with great pricing. Being the cool IT dad, I said, sure, no problem.


Access your files using FTP rename your current server. How to host a domain / website on your own? Server runs smoothly — Andres M. He then said I needed to pay the same amount again as the hosting cost in order to help me (bearing in mind they have no help documents or knowledgebase files to speak of) at this point I realised I had made a mistake, I'd been at it for 4 hours! Building a factory in the sky of course!

You'll use this directory as a mount point for your persistent disk.

Feed The Beast (FTB)

I would make this review 1 star. Until the kid wanted to install the Twilight Forest mod. After your SSH terminal opens, create a new directory named minecraft in your instance's home directory: Each modpack is styled differently, bringing new rules, designs and adventures to Minecraft. To automate your shutdown procedure, add another key called shutdown-script and copy the following into its Value field: 99/month with 4GB RAM (suitable for up to 60 players).

Open the command prompt and check the Java version on your computer:

But how do you host your own server for other players to enjoy?

Start your FTB Server

FTB Mage Quest A 1. Every router is different; Googling your router model will help in setting up ports to forward. You’ll also get Spigot, FTB, Technic Hosting, and a variety of other things that will all start to make sense very soon if this is all new to you. Get your own hosted Minecraft Server Instance up today, with Astutium Minecraft Server Hosting. You want to play modpacks we don't offer via one click-install?

If you end up running a Minecraft server of that size, let me know – I’d love to jump into a slot on that ridiculously massive hardware allocation! On the Create an instance page, configure your instance as follows: As always please make sure the version of the mod you are installing is compatible with the version of your server. I put in a support ticket to see if they could help me setup my own domain name with my account and they came back with a positive reply and I decided to go for it and opened an account. How we review web hosting companies, you sign up for a free account and then can start blogging. The recommended number of slots for the entry tier is 20, but again, Shockbyte doesn’t limit the number of players that can join a particular server. 5 GB of RAM and support for up to 15 players. So the money can be credited immediately.

In the row for mc-server on your VM instances page, click SSH to open a browser-based SSH terminal: With more than 66 million players, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world. The dialog will pop up. Through server commands, the Op can change game settings such as turning on or off rain/snow in the current world (toggledownfall), add to or set the world time (time ) or summon entities such as mobs, projectiles, items, vehicles, etc. That said, there aren’t too many interesting features to look forward to and the prices are a bit high when compared to other providers. USA pricing begins at just $2/month for 512MB RAM, unlimited player slots, and unlimited SSD storage, and all USA plans are based on a simple $4. Scalacube’s main drawback is that it only accepts monthly payments on its Minecraft hosting services, however, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for most people.