The 8 Best E-Mail Hosting Providers of 2020

We selected tools that offer around-the-clock support, so there's always someone to help when you have questions or issues. Each user has 10GB online storage per year. The provider doesn’t seem to be trying to defend its reputation, which further backs the notion that you would mostly be relying on yourself. You can of course configure an email client like Mail for Windows 10 or Mozilla Thunderbird to read your emails offline. Access all three on Rackspace's webmail application, or sync it to your preferred desktop and/or mobile email client.

But what do you think happens when your host experiences downtime? Do you really need a specific package to handle your team communications? If your employees make business decisions or communicate with clients/customers by email, they'll need plenty of storage room for archiving old emails. 99/user/month. You'll also have an easier time pushing a third-party platform out to registered client devices, though some hosted email providers can help with this step. Bluehost says that they do not enforce any official limitations.

Your package will include a number of email accounts – usually between 1-10 for basic hosting. The company’s aggressive marketing and seemingly cheap offers still bring heaps of new clients, so why change a working formula, right? It only takes one garbled meeting invite to realize how frustrating this can be in the real world. However, other software like Roundcube and Horde email are web-based and built right into your account’s cPanel, preventing the need to configure additional email clients.

  • Compelling arguments for POP 3 are that a backup is available of your emails until you delete it on all devices.
  • What if I face any problems once migrations are done?
  • They also offer other online services, such as web hosting, SSL, VPN, etc.
  • Offering employees a single inbox to access all of their important communications "including voice mail, fax, and e-mail" while avoiding the cost and effort of maintaining separate disparate systems.
  • 1&1 IONOS is an excellent choice if you prioritize data security.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Host Family?

It offers free domain and site building services along with email hosting services. Plus, IceWarp supports white labeling, so you can add your company's branding to the webmail accounts you create for clients, or you can customize webmail for different clients with their own branding. I have also met people who use POP 3 as a way to increase their storage by letting important emails download to their device and deleting from the server. Go with Rackspace or Greatmail. One of the most important compatibility factors to consider with email is the mobility question. Intermedia's Exchange Email is ideal if you're nervous about migrating your existing company email to a new host yourself. The best-in-class tools will not only make encryption easy for anybody to configure and use, buy they'll also make it easy for you to understand pre-purchase.

Find out more. If you are making this migration be aware that folder structures will not be preserved. These are POP 3, IMAP, and Exchange, and like most aspects of your hosting, what you need is dependent on how you plan to use your email. The chances are you wouldn’t trust them, so it’s about time you get your very own professional business email address with one of these cheap email hosting providers. These things used for absolutely every Exchange mailbox and we are free to setup it in basic hosting plan. The dns settings of my web hosting, also, you can perform reverse lookups. It's where you get your most important notifications. You get more communication options, while your mailboxes grow to 30 GB. It was like a free G Suite account!

This is almost always true when considering an email host. To protect yourself, be sure to inquire about data safety capabilities on the provider's side, especially around encryption and malware scanning. It does not support POP/IMAP/email forwarding. There is a full Zimplets gallery available. Phpfox, however, Nginx doesn’t work the same way the Apache does. Access best practices, tools, resources, and experts committed to make your experience with Office 365 a success.

  • But it can still be a set-it-and-forget-it service.
  • You get the full Microsoft Office 365 package, along with a desktop and mobile app for easy accessibility.
  • This report can help to identify suspicious senders or zombie PCs so that remediation can begin, or so that an ISP can take necessary steps such as contacting and/or canceling the customer in order to avoid any damage to its IP addresses.

How Our Program Works

Greatmail is the best low-cost email hosting for small businesses that require minimal features. 95 user/mo, it’s far from a fit-all-budget solution. And that’s the minimum for all Rackspace Email plans, even the cheapest deal. MailCheap supports common email protocols (IMAP, SMTP, POP), web mail, CalDAV & CardDAV, ActiveSync, and more. Best for Online Storage: But they require specialized on-site IT staff as well as the need to manually manage and support both hardware and software. Policy-based archiving and built-in reporting features support compliance efforts, while an arsenal of email management tools equip in-house legal teams with the ability to review the corporate archive without IT assistance.

45/mailbox/month under a special promotion. I mean, how can you miss this host — 17+ million clients with their 75+ million domain names — few can brag they are coming close to such numbers. Clients that go for platforms like TheXYZ are well-aware they’ll never have the feature abundance they can get with a big name like Google or Microsoft. And if you have five or fewer employees, you can get email hosting for your business domain and Zoho's ad-free email client for absolutely free. The 8 best e-mail hosting providers of 2020, if possible, get a free trial to test the service before you make a final decision. FastMail supports standard protocols – including IMAP, SMTP, CardDAV and CalDAV. As you can imagine, it’s quite hard to get unbiased reviews about a brand that can be so easily confused with another one (MailChimp). A referral scheme could get you support for a further 25 mailboxes (at the time of writing the referral program wasn't available due to remodeling).

Make sure you grab them before sold out! In this article, we will share with you the best third-party email hosting and self-hosted email server for small business. Hosting: best shopify hosting options, in housing terms, VPS hosting is like renting your own apartment in a larger building. Best cheap web hosting services of 2020, cheapest “basic” plan comes with 50GB of storage space, 5 email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth. Talk about taking scalability to the next level.

  • With 24/7 tech support, Bluehost is an economically feasible choice for almost all small businesses aspiring to succeed.
  • We have wide variety of Exchange email hosting clients — requiring only a few email accounts to a few thousand per month.


For any business user or organization today, the decision to use email is a no-brainer. You'll have to create a mailboxfor each user before you migrate their email. Today, the company has 18 offices worldwide and provides over 70 services in total, including Yandex Mail.

IceWarp Cloud

For those who want to integrate with certain apps more deeply or integrate with custom-developed apps they have built in-house, many bigger-name email services will provide robust application programming interfaces (APIs) that will let your in-house developers or consultants deliver on those needs. You’ve got mail! Even today, there is still a wide range of great tools to host your own email, many of which are free.

In our example we'll call it 1 Exchange Mailbox.

Email — from $2. With most of the hosts in this list, you'll need to pay for domain registration separately. However, one downside of Exchange Online worth mentioning is that it isn't as suitable for enterprise use as other hosts in this list, as it's not doesn't have as advanced security features as a lot of the competition. Email hosting definition, this type of setup is also good for security reasons, particularly DDoS attacks. You can easily crack the code using pure logic. Besides, you always get our famed 24/7 Support via phone, chat, and email. Topping things off, the provider supports SPF and DKIM encryptions to protect your business communication further. Remember, you’ll need to know where your domain name is currently registered (i. )

Best for Your Own Private Gmail: G Suite

Don’t forget to check out the comparison table at the end of the list too! If you work for a company that needs to provide your clients with email accounts—a web development company, for example—IceWarp gives you the tools you need to manage email accounts and addresses on multiple domains. Plus plan with unlimited storage for archived email is $6. This is convenient to send one time secret message. Thinking about going the reseller route with Office365 reseller for real live people support. 10 best "free blog hosting" sites (2020), google offers free hosting for small businesses with a pay per use model, so you only start paying once your site is active. In addition, enforce strict user passwords, configure spam protection, set up restrictions, and customize user information. G Suite Price:

ProtonMail offers end-to-end email encryption by default and is HIPAA and GDPR compliant, making it a reasonable alternative for companies that need fewer tools and features but are required to adhere to strict industry regulations.
  • So, if you’re looking for server reliability and don’t need any extra help to run your business communications — by all means, do give GD a try.
  • Both come with limited storage (5 GB per mailbox), but the price per user is less than $2/mo.
  • If all you need is a reliable email hosting account with your company’s domain name then Rackspace Email may be ideal.

Best for Free E-Mail Hosting: Yandex

If they have their own, which mobile operating systems or devices does it support? And that concludes our extended reviews of the best email hosts out there. Best web hosting services of 2020, of course if you still have questions about getting started, the A2 Hosting Guru Crew Support team is standing by to help! We have worked very well together (they’re patient and forgiving as I can be demanding).

Data protection is another key email security concern. One of the highlights is the mail filtering system, which utilizes a neural network to fight spam. That’s the thing, though — had been. It is founded in 2020 by a group of scientists who met at CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research and share a vision of a more secure and private internet. Many useful information such as address book entries, maps, status messages, flight schedules, abd phone numbers can be checked on mouseovers. Learn everything you need to set up, manage, and collaborate with G Suite for your team in Zapier's free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to G Suite. You can easiliy manage amount of resources allowed for customer using some basic hosting plan and set of hosting add-ons. How to host a website: the complete beginner's guide. Sure, there aren’t many reviews available, but almost all are super positive.