9 Website Builders for Artists To Launch Your Portfolio in 2020

Many online tips from the team and from users. You can get a solid portfolio theme for free. More than 60% of responses said that WordPress. HubSpot and other site building apps keep their code private, meaning that any potential cyber criminals have to work harder in order to penetrate a customer’s website. You get in-house support anytime and day of the week. These are subscription services with drag-and-drop interfaces and we’ll explain the pros and cons of each of them in detail. However we will keep your published site up and running for 10 additional days.

Furthermore, free sites give the impression that either you can't afford your own website or domain name or worse yet, that you don't care enough about your art to bother buying your own domain and paying for hosting in order to make it look its best online. It offers a quick and easy way to create a blog for non-tech-savvy users. One positive aspect of this is that WP Engine does not bill you for any bots or non-human visits. Minecraft-hosting.pro, premium services utilize NVMe SSD storage. Personally, I think other website builders (e. )Think of it like a family data plan: A lot of artists all over the world use WordPress on their websites due to the ease of use.

Starting with Wix's ADI (artificial design intelligence) tool, some of the site builders now offer a tool that lets you enter social accounts and other personal or business info, and presto bingo, they get you a no-work website.

The most important main menu categories are: If after two weeks we were happy – we would gradually migrate all of our WordPress sites over to WP Engine. Sometimes while using it, people get frustrated and throw things. And a rep connected within three minutes. BigCommerce wins our vote for the best eCommerce website builder. For entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers or artists who wish to market their services, promote products or create any other kind of content-based website or blog…WordPress is the best solution.

It compares several blogging and website platforms, such as Wix, Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly, and WordPress and is written by an experienced high school teacher, with a beginner audience in mind.

How to Make an Art Portfolio?

But, if you have the budget and want the best of the best service then Liquid Web can be your next web hosting provider. As we mentioned at the top, many builders lock you into their hosting service, but not all. You'll find responsive designs for all kinds of industries - music, creative arts, portfolios, and more. So instead my website languishes, doing nothing. Possible but NOT easy. It's a complete cloud hosting and AI-driven site builder experience for both beginners and professionals.

  • Needless to say, any customization is possible.
  • They have arguably the best support team in the web hosting industry.
  • As the best website builder for artists, it has more than 1.
  • Pretty simple, but we didn’t just ask how much does it cost?
  • 90), Turbo ($9.
  • Your website will also follow all the latest trends, like responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility and SEO-friendliness.


If you’d like to read through some reviews have a look at their testimonials page with suggestions from other customers. If you choose to create the website using WordPress, I recommend checking out the linked tutorial. Below we break down each website provider, in order of popularity. Potential buyers instead get the impression that the best pieces are already sold and all that's left are the crumbs. A sophisticated website builder for artists and creatives that will guarantee you a quick-start. As your site build up traffic, updating to a higher form of hosting plan is easy, and you do so with zero downtime. I use them for all my websites, including the Student Art Guide.

They currently own DeviantArt which means they have the technology to connect DeviantArt portfolios into Wix websites. WP Engine is a new name in the web hosting industry. Web hosting reviews: review latest host performance & choose. Siteground’s customer support is hard to beat.

Get started with Constant Contact website builder today.

Artful Websites Startwith Artful Templates

Averages are based on three phone calls to each web host. If you choose the ‘web builder’ route, you can do everything by yourself. Acquiring a domain name is pretty straightforward. Easy to use and manage. The phone verification process may take a while. Finally, the main disadvantage of using Weebly is that you get locked into their platform. The paid plan costs $7/mo if you upgrade and that comes with unlimited pages, 1000 images max, plus goodies like extra themes & plugins. It has to be versatile, cheap, and integrate well with both WordPress and similar platforms.

The provider is a premium hosting provider focusing mostly on WordPress optimization.

It’s also geared more towards the little guy—Obior’s strengths are in its affordability and ease of use. You can get different types of the popular web hosting plans from them. Get started on InMotion now. Professional web hosting from just host, the template is completely responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. And if you need to boost your inspiration when it comes to web design, there are many examples available for you to study further. However, the customer support and the editor were a little lacking, though. I don’t claim to have a perfect understanding over how this website stuff works, but I know that when I phone WP Engine, I get a pleasant person who answers my questions and walks me through whatever I need doing – and without that snotty “pfhfhft…” attitude that some places have when dealing with someone who needs help with the basics.

I tested this pricing plan out and found it had everything I needed to get on my feet. The host doesn’t have features such as integrated staging and caching which would allow users to take advantage of the great modern hardware. Both are worthy goals – read on to find out how to achieve them! You don’t need to embed it from YouTube and other platforms. For websites created with WordPress I recommend BlueHost, InMotion and HostGator. Even the famous Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast SEO (whose whole business revolves around helping people drive traffic to their website from Google) recently moved his business to SiteGround. This means you are not reliant on a single expert who knows your website well nor vulnerable if this expert leaves.

Pricing overall isn’t super special, but is on the lower side.

CHECKLIST: Deciding on a website host​

The best tool for one business won’t necessarily be the best for everyone. Your site will automatically be optimised for any device, and you can use your own domain name, as well as have access to Lightroom photography and photos grids. And these include the discount for paying annually.


And there’s plenty of more cases like those! There is a surplus of options out there in choosing what type of sight you need and how to go about getting it. 4%, self-hosted sites using the WordPress software have the flexibility that those who like to control every aspect of their sites crave. So, you get unlimited storage, emails etc. Also, with Worka, you can start for free or go with a premium plan and unlock yourself even more possibilities. Unlimited | SSL: Copy-paste customer support answers. Even though they started as a local company 15 years ago, they are now known as one of the most prominent web hosting providers in the world.

95 per month to $10,000s. You can even see many of the sites created with Krop yourself and examine what is possible. Ploxhost, players must build a base and equip themselves with the equipment needed to survive. Choose web hosting if you want more flexibility and the possibility to switch providers.

Ease-of-use and a large selection of beautiful designs. Besides, the host has budget plans for starting artists with the plans as cheap as $1. WP Engine has a one-click clone button that creates a staging site. This is what we use at Venture Harbour to run sites like this one. It’s important that you don’t confuse the Gator builder with HostGator website hosting. – I also like the mail ‘shout outs’ and have swapped from using MailChimp to fix for this too. Not only does the design leave a lot to be desired, but the actual format and layouts are outdated, too. If you are interested in selling your artwork directly from your website, Jimdo is a great solution.

A web hosting company or ‘web host’ is a company that owns lots of these computers and leases them out to people like me and you.


Get started on BoldGrid now. And I’d recommend anyone starting a website really consider starting it with WordPress, especially if you’re running a content site. You should use web hosting that meets your budget, needs, and performance requirements. This is by far the easiest method of creating a website; the disadvantage of this method is it inhibits personal expression of design. Using social media is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and it only getting better, but for all the benefits, the one major drawback is that they control how you get the word out about your art, not you. Top 5 garry’s mod server hosting providers 2020 (gmod). It’s probably safe to say that most creatives, by nature, have a keen eye for design.

At the end of this page will give you a list of recommendations for what plugins and themes you can use for building a professional looking musician website with WordPress.

You can upgrade to the Starter plan for $10 per month which gives you access to a free custom domain name, free SSL certificate, and other powerful platform features along with phone based support which is a big plus considering most other website builders don’t offer phone support. And if you're a wordsmith who can't be bothered by design decisions and fancy editors, WordPress can help you get your blog up and offers good ways to reach your readers. Generating income from your own website is much easier. They were recently purchased by Square, so major changes may be in order. I can’t tell you how many discussions I’ve had with artists who seem to shrug off thoughts of security. Wix also had a problem with being de-indexed by Google in 2020, and many professional developers have concerns with their underlying code.

We managed to create a pretty good test site – see it yourself. The services included here let you make a well-designed, mobile-friendly site with minimal technical knowledge. Best cheap web hosting providers in 2020, wP Engine has acquired loads of experience hosting a huge variety of WordPress sites since its commencement. Where do you host your online portfolio? In the future, when I can afford a webmaster, I won’t care and would be willing to switch. Pricing for their Personal website plan starts at $16/month, or $12/month if you pay for the year in advance. But that's not the only choice you have. With such tools like ALLYOU, even if you are not familiar with coding, you can still establish a fantastic and cutting-edge website.

  • You can simply click on a page element to bring up customization options.
  • “A man could write much better after eating a porterhouse steak and drinking a pint of whiskey than he could ever write after eating a nickel candy bar,” he wrote.
  • That’s because free hosting is so bad that it’s basically nonexistent.
  • Use a free trial for 14 days, or choose from either personal ($6.)
  • If you just want something easy to use, Weebly and GoDaddy both offer intuitive builders, with Weebly offering more features and design finesse, while GoDaddy is much simpler and more limited.
  • So we picked the best web hosting providers for artists to succeed.
  • Wix - the best website hosting for artists.


It has some of the most in-your-face “this was not paid for” company branding I’ve seen — an instant trust breaker. Pixpa is the best budget option for artists to build stunning portfolios and small online stores. Indeed, Crevado’s sites are flexible and 100% mobile-ready. For your information, you can also set privacy parameters and protect your work with a password. Even with a bit steeper learning curve, they are great for beginners to launch any kind of website. Most pages probably use two levels -- sections and the pages within each section, but online stores and other types of sites might need more.

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Other builders offer more freedom; if that's what you're looking for, check out Gator or Wix. Publications and influencers : This has become the de-facto replacement for DeviantArt since it’s quickly becoming the coolest place to publish your artwork. SiteBuilder is great for building a basic online presence for your business, starting a blog, and even selling products online. Overview of the Best Website Builders for Artists But if you are in a rush and only want me to tell you what are the best portfolio websites, here you go: To speed things up even further, you can choose between many ready-made layouts and you can be done in a breeze.

Hence, if you see a website builder offering two or 3-year terms, you’re better off paying for it to save as much as possible with the new customer pricing.

Example portfolio on Portfoliopen. All can be customized, depending on your needs. To create your own website you need three things: Bluehost also gives you a free domain for the first year, and provides a free Weebly-based website builder to create a site up to six pages, although website templates aren’t included. Squarespace’s 200+ design templates that look good.

You want it to look good and work well and not take forever to build. Best reseller hosting plans (2020 updated) ◁ by eweb. I do website consults with artists all the time. They kept trying to send “how-to” articles, instead. The next level up is the popular Unlimited plan, which gives 10GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and $75 worth of Google Ad vouchers. You can choose from dozens of beautifully designed templates, and then customize it with their drag and drop builder. You need to pay for that. Website builder WordPress.