19 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes for Realtors (2020)

Google considers readability and the user experience as a ranking factor now. You may choose a great IDX solution, client engagement suite, and domain name, but if you’re using a budget host, it’s like putting cheap fuel in a Lamborghini. Web hosting: secure, fast, & reliable, this is the most powerful and expensive type of web hosting service. Well, I found this solution on the Cloudways Platform. It does all the work for you.

Potential leads exit your website and you miss the opportunity to do business with them. It all started from reading hosting reviews online on various websites. Control – They want to keep a full control over their website whenever they need to provide an access to third party freelancers to perform various tasks.

This is one of the most popular and cost-effective hosting services.

When we first launched this website, we opted for the smallest plan, which was enough in the beginning. Top 5 best cloud web hosting plans for 2020, it’s easy to use, also. This matters a lot when it comes to traffic generation and customer retention rate. We are even tied directly into PayPal already. Your website is an important tool for your business, so being able to prominently display your contact information or even embed a form for interested parties to complete and submit can be invaluable. There are tons of templates to choose from specifically for the real estate sector. And let me tell you something else, from our experience. This intuitive builder is equipped with over 450 ready-to-use blocks and loads of pre-made layouts. Unlimited scenes and virtual tour uploads attach to your listings.

  • I would recommend the firm highly, and I know you won't be disappointed.
  • Implement an online appointment system with Easy Appointments.
  • The system lets you choose from Standard and Business/eCommerce subscriptions, which differ in terms, features and services included.
  • While these sites give you access to their established audiences, having your own website and marketing it well gives you a better shot at building up your own brand, which means better business in the long run.
  • HTML "tags" are included in the files to define areas that use colors, fonts, layout elements for height and widths and search engine tags.

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But to gain clients you need a visible and trustworthy brand…. Simple, it’s about Trust and the User Experience. Ggservers, free and simple plugin updates are also an ideal bonus to factor in. Do you want to know the easiest, quickest way to put up a real estate website? However, if it’s content and a part of your website experience that is core to your clients’ experience, such as an IDX or MLS Property Search, only choose an offering that will work with your site as part of its core content.

Placester comes with multiple options for both brokers and agents, delivering a comfortable page establishment process. This would be the ideal route if you were setting up your own websites on a shared server. You can easily integrate IDX/MLS into your real estate website to be able to provide property photos, listings and updates even on the go. A lot of companies like NameCheap and HostGator will sell you the domain name and then ask if you want hosting. For this example, an About section was added to the template. One thing we liked about InCom was, unlike Placester, agents have the option of unlimited pages on their site.

If you're a Follow Up Boss user looking for more ways to use Placester, check out our support article covering different setup styles.


Deciding whether to have a website for your real estate business is a pretty easy decision to make – I’m sure we can all agree on that. Updates from the theme developer will generally overwrite any of your additions. This sort of insider information can help nurture your leads with just the right messages from you at the right times. RealGeeks – is the all-in-one real estate sales and marketing solution, which allows creating customizable and full-featured websites that actually drive leads. A fast loading site provides a better user experience. Browse the reviews of the best website builders the article provides, explore the features they offer and test them to select the service that comes up to your real estate web building needs.

Just because a plugin is available does not mean that it is secure, will do what it claims, or will perform quickly.

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During your initial installation, you’ll be given the opportunity to change the admin name to anything else. Bluehost has you up and running in under 4 minutes. Build your QR Code in any of our photos editors. It’s high time to review the most outstanding services in details now. There’s no reason to get notifications and feel you need to update files if your site does not need them, so remove them to reduce stress. It’s been a great relationship so far. 95 Premium Templates Chime Growth: I have a team and generate my leads through my website and social channels.

If you want your website to stand out, you need to think bigger.

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Plus, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which can be extremely helpful if you’re explaining local real estate trends to a potential client. 95/mo, covering a rich spectrum of your website hosting needs. Eventually, I chose WordPress. SSL is an absolute must for website security.

This negatively affects your lead generating opportunities, creates a possible loss of income, your SEO ratings drop, and the overall professional online presence suffers. About a month ago we had a person contact us after searching Realtors in Oklahoma City. But do kick things off with it and upgrade later on. The ADI feature created a simple, logical site layout that’s perfectly suited for a real estate agent.

A2 Hosting vs Media Temple (March 2020)

Plus get access to bonus resources. Get up and running quickly and easily with our simple, intuitive interface. How much should a website cost: Drag-and-drop images also allow you to place pictures quickly. In addition, photos, listing sheet information, along with other relevant information are all automatically created. Today, the first showing is taking place online. With our BREW, as long as the customer is willing to pay for the 3rd party tool, we integrate it so that it functions on the real estate agent’s website.

And you can even start for free and later upgrade to a premium plan, only if needed. 11 best hosting resellers in 2020 (reviewed and compared). The top providers on our list of recommendations offer free domain name registrations; unlimited domains, email, and storage; and as much as $200 in free advertising credits to get your new real estate site noticed by potential buyers. Build excitement about upcoming events and get people waiting eagerly for it! This includes your name as the focal point of the homepage, room for a tagline, pre-written real estate-related copy, and free industry-related stock photos. You will save over $100 by hosting your site with WPEngine. This really makes WPEngine stand out because most other hosting services don’t offer free CDN.

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A simple way to look at it is that your real estate website is renting server space and technology owned by the hosting company to allow your website to be live on the internet. Remember that long tailed keywords help very much as well. There are definitely many legitimate sites that publish genuine reviews based on their own experience (not based on how much each company pays in commissions). Here is the list of the most remarkable Bookmark features: Asa rule of thumb, your focus should be on creating content that your audience wants to read. After all, most of us don’t just want a website. Given the extensive reporting, lead tracking, and lead generation tools, this plan is ideal for brokerages that have found an effective marketing and sales strategy and need to ensure it remains successful. For example, you can set the Cloudways system to take a backup of your server every seven days.

SSL Connection. Best wordpress hosting in 2020 (top 10 comparison), in addition to offering a reliable hosting platform, InMotion Hosting equips users with the right set of tools for ensuring optimal operations. Google’s own Search Console requires you to set up separate profiles for subdomains. Dedicate a little time to work on this as a side project and you’ll never regret it. BoomTown offers all of this, taking the website building process out of the individual’s hands and making it an office solution.

No need to be stuck behind your desktop computers anymore, 8b take web development to an entirely new degree.

Best for Google AdWords & Facebook Lead Generation: fitlink slug=”real-geeks”]Real Geeks

Get started on Bluehost now. Security, this test was carried out in 2020. For those who hope to add more pictures, videos, or any other media and see more traffic to their site should consider a host that can scale up with you as you need it. If you want to install custom themes or third-party plugins, you’ll have to go with the Business plan. The themes have pre-installed plugins, which add functionality as well as usable images and text. This is the surefire way to track and display up-to-date property listing data on your website to keep the target audience informed 24/7.

Or, you can choose a web hosting plan that allows for more customization and control, but takes a bit more work. Overall, Squarespace is an affordable, open-world option for real estate professionals who want total control over their website’s aesthetic and don’t mind integrating their website with other real estate products like a CRM or email marketing system. Placester offers an Agent Pro plan and a Broker Pro plan for both NAR and non-NAR members. Start with the 14-day free trial and see how superb Moonfruit is. The text will appear just as you expect it to look on your site’s published version. One of the major challenges for any broker striking out on his or her own, or for someone trying to grow an established agency, is making yourself stand out. It ranges from a monthly rate of $29. When I searched for real estate templates, it gave some fantastic recommendations, with the Bryant template being a perfect fit.

I recommend Siteground or Bluehost as discussed in this guide to Website Hosting for Real Estate Websites and because WordPress endorses these hosting companies. Propertybase offers several services for real estate professionals, but the only package that includes a website is its Blue package for $399 per month. Without the high cost of BoomTown Advance or Chime Enterprise, Placester gives brokers the ability to move leads through the pipeline and track the efforts of agents. We have reviewed thousands of WordPress themes and are able to see the themes that work well for tens of thousands of agents and Realtors, as well as those that may cause you a headache. We first thought that this is our fault and so this is us who need to take better care of our stuff. They’ll also send your login info to sign in to the WordPress website dashboard to begin customizing your real estate website.

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There is no bulkiness to Weblium, making sure you complete the project as quickly as possible. Bluehost is our recommended web hosting solution. Because the BoomTown websites are designed for larger groups, your ability to customize them is somewhat limited. The system offers an opportunity to use a handy Real Geeks mobile app, which integrates with your local board’s MLS® service to let new leads search property objects on your website and receive instant push notifications about recent updates, using their mobile devices. What a calming situation it is, right? Make sure you use short paragraphs (1 – 3 sentences) and plenty of white space on the page. I found a tool that allowed me to embed an instant home value estimator on my own website.

Whatever option you will go for, you’ll get a bonus domain (or an opportunity to connect the one of your own), extensive marketing customer interaction options, corporate email related to your own domain like [email protected] One of the best places to start is themes dedicated specifically to creating a WordPress real estate website. Duda comes with loads different at your service. Creating a unique and high-performing space that will attract new customers is just around the corner with Weebly. We are also different in that you are buying your platform, not leasing it. It can be used as an addon on your real estate website to manage appointments between clients and agents. It is amazing to be able to see all your servers and all your websites in such an easily available and user-friendly interface.

It also has fewer accounts on the server.

Thanks to digital, home buyers are entering the process more educated about market conditions, what to look out for in a property and more. When you use one of the website builders listed above, you get what you need to showcase your properties and give your potential buyers important information that will help them make one of the most important decisions of their lives. Make sure you are using only one H1 (header) tag on the page.

Over time, I grew frustrated with what the industry offered us as real estate agents.

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Agents can set up their blog to have any number of looks, many of which are so polished and attractive that they could be mistaken easily for major news outlets. – Monthly starting price from $3. Over time, it has become more of an “article” publishing platform. Don't want to use outside programs? Be bold but not garish.

As you scroll through different reviews, you should look out for a plan that will give you the highest amount of support and resources at the lowest prices.

They’re building a dream in their minds – can you fulfil it? In fact, it even has an entire section dedicated to real estate agencies and realtors. All you’ll need is a domain name, website hosting, and perhaps either use a website builder or a WordPress template to make things pretty and functional. It is flexible, affordable and intuitive enough to be mastered and used by all types of users, including first-timers.