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But what does “fair use” mean? They have an easy 1-click install to make that happen. You never know when you’re going to need technical support for your web hosting server. Their site speed is also better than average, coming in under 750 ms. Resources can be adapted based on trends, traffic spikes, and your various needs. This plan includes 100GB bandwidth which is optimal for a smaller WordPress website. If you get stuck or have a problem, they have 24/7 support by phone or live chat.

They also provide daily backups and advanced security features in order to help you keep your data safe and secure. 69/month at signup. One thing we learned while reviewing web hosting services is that reading the fine print matters, especially if you are concerned about keeping prices low.

Please read our review policy page to understand how our host review and rating system works. 99/mo (at time of writing). As your visitors expect your site to be up around the clock, you’ll need to ensure that your hosting provider offers 24/7 support with your hosting plan. The aforementioned features are valuable to the web hosting experience, but none match the importance of site uptime. They have a 99. Net caters to a worldwide audience. Hostinger really packs a full punch with their affordable plans, especially for those that are just starting out. When you get over 50,00 visitors/month, move towards cloud hosting and then a dedicated host if you really need it.

Is shared hosting safe? GoDaddy offers one more hosting package than HostGator. Now that you’re well equipped in common hosting terminology and have a roadmap of features to look for, it’s time to dive into the best cheap hosting plans on the market today. Every time I called I was speaking with a friendly technician within less than 2 minutes. This performance is impressive and one worth looking into, although they’re not technically free and are a pay-per-use model. Excellent page load time, reliable uptime and 24/7 customer support are the most important elements for a good and cost-effective hosting company. Finding a good cheap web host that provides quality hosting for reasonable prices can be a challenging task.


The cloud servers provides load balancing for traffic distribution and high speed website deployment. We were shocked to see that even at 10 simultaneous users, GoDaddy’s web servers were struggling and returning an error for 25% of traffic. However, they have hundreds of templates and themes and integrate with content management systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress. Before (Media Temple): 99/month, and their VPS plans from $10/month.

A CDN is a distributed network of servers around the world, these servers or nodes can serve a cached version of your site from the node that is closest to the visitor trying to access the site. Various hosting providers offer its own kind of security measures, with some providing bot-operated security checks and DDoS protection. Here’s what to look for when choosing an e-commerce host: Web hosting is a service that allows websites to serve resources on the internet with the ability to be accessible anywhere on the World Wide Web. Save over $100 with a free WordPress hosting upgrade at InMotion Hosting! (95 after promo) for multiple websites, 30GB of web space, and support for up to 100,000 monthly visits. 99 per month, so if you sign up now, you can have your website go live for only $1. It has seven data centers globally to meet the needs of users, offering multiple 40GB interface connectivity for fast connections.

Additionally, it uses ConfigServer Firewall and other security tools to protect your site from malicious threats.

Hostinger Web Hosting

So, without further ado, below is our hand-picked list of the best cheap hosting deals. Reliability – Namecheap has achieved its reputation by providing high quality hosting with great uptimes (>99. )Despite being a budget-oriented company, InterServer boasts superb server performances on all of its hosting plans, which includes shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. If you’re looking for an affordable, dedicated VPS solution at a fraction of the cost, AccuWeb Hosting is a solid choice for your business. When that renewal bill shows up, it can be shocking, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than you expect. Finally, the company offers an entire tier of custom enterprise business services.

No one should host their sites on a slow and unstable web host. For game server hosting, users gain access to a control panel designed to ensure a smooth gaming experience, complete with automatic game updates, automatic restart capability for crashes, and much more. Web hosting is kind of like land. We like FastWebHost budget plan for its price and security features. And you definitely don’t want this to happen, with research teams discovering that a single second delay in page response inadvertently causes a 7% decrease in ecommerce conversions. 99 a month (at the moment of writing there was a sale, with pricing starting at $5. )

Features of InterServer web hosting –

95/mo price shoots up to $11. No matter how good looking or smartly designed, your website will count for nothing if it is not drawing the eyes of your target audience. While WP Engine is certainly not the cheapest option out there, they’re definitely one of the most cost-effective when you take into account the value of the security and performance features that they offer as standard. These days, I always get managed WordPress hosting for my high traffic blogs.

95 per month and allows you to manage and run one website and includes one free domain. Second-best choice in this category: What are the storage and bandwidth hard limits?

Includes essential hosting features with plenty of extras.

The Best Small Business Hosting

Hosting is effectively the process of using a server to host a website, and there are all sorts of different types of hosting available out there on the market. You might have affordable hosting this month, and surprisingly expensive hosting the next. Downtime to a website selling products is just like… burning money To be fair, many e-commerce sites are packed full of high-resource features like high-resolution images, streaming audio and/or video, and more. You also get 1 MySQL database, 30 Email account and 50 FTP user account. However, this free plan comes with many drawbacks including not being able to link your custom domain and enforced Wix ads on your site. Load time or speed is one of the most critical elements you’ll need to consider when choosing your cheap hosting service. So how do we evaluate web hosts?


That doesn’t feel great. Starting at just $5. Now, this is a question which many of you might ask. One-click WordPress transfers are free; professional transfers (managed by an actual person) are also free above the basic tiers. Ground zero of FatCow is the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder in the control panel that allows you to select your domain name or website address. We were very intrigued to see that the company offers low-end Atom-based dedicated servers as well as the more traditional Xeon-based machines. VPS Web Hosting: On the other hand, determine what is NOT worth it for you to spend your money on.

Topping the offer is a robust network connectivity rocking impressive 300Gbps, paired with geo-redundancy technology, free web design software as well as around-the-clock access to a top-notch support team via phone or email. 9% Uptime – HostPApa guarantees 99. 95/month Term: Security should be a top concern for most businesses, especially those that are running an eCommerce website. And if you run a small site that uses few resources, your host will never bother you or complain. I hope this evaluation has been useful to you. Hostinger single shared hosting | $7. With their cheapest plans starting at $3.

WordPress is popular among customers because it lets you build a professional custom website using a variety of templates, plug-ins and widgets. As your website grows, you may need more control and flexibility over your hosting server. These increase your number of websites, SSD storage, and monthly visitors.

Support Gets Busy At Peak Times

You might think that using a free web host will save you some money but in the long run, it’s going to cost you your website’s performance. On average, Australia hosting companies (sample size of 22) charge $7. BlueHost is currently hosting over 2 million websites.

FatCow also utilizes wind power to run its hosting, which is pretty unique. There you have it, our list of the 20 best cheapest web hosting providers. StartUp at $3. A few things you’ll need to consider are: They also have a hassle-free 90-day money-back guarantee. Hosting newcomers can easily get roped into coughing up hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars toward getting a website up and maintaining it, so it’s no wonder the cost of web hosting is so daunting to many folks. The company also offers 24/7/365 phone support option and free cPanel offering for most plans.

HostGator tends to rank highly on tech publications like PCMag, but customer reviews are pretty dreadful: However, the generic shared plans are lacking some WordPress-related features — such as automated backups — that are found elsewhere at this price point. 99 per month with 5 GB Raid-SSD and unlimited bandwidth and domains. A2 Hosting uptime record (Jun 2020): Freehostia offers users free plans that include 250MB of disk space, 6GB of monthly bandwidth, app installers, three email accounts, and MySQL and PHP compatibility. – When we started using Media Temple, our sites were lightening fast.

A2 Hosting $2.96/mo (12 months) | Renews $8.99

Mostly because of their excellent and reliable performance and 24/7/365 live chat to all of their customers. It does have an industry-leading free trial period — a full 97-day money-back guarantee — and transparent pricing that doesn’t increase after your initial contract. Long-term expenses can be significant, so make sure to consider then when choosing your provider. Most people running a business fear to have too few server resources allocated to their shared plan, just in case they enjoy a spike in internet traffic and web sales. Aside from cost savings, it enables you to manage both the domain and hosting under the same account. If you want a hosting plan that’s cheap and includes support, this is the host for you. 99/month plan for 48 months.

  • To guarantee reliability, all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Most web hosting companies offer a significant introductory discount for new account sign-ups with shared Linux plans available as low as $2 to $3 per month.

Choose a fine-tuned Web Hosting Services solution!

Get on live chat, open tickets, hop on the phone as much as possible to see if you like what you’re being served up. Web hosting, gateway mail to/from UUCP (if compatible UUCP software is separately installed). If you are unsatisfied with the hosting plan you can avail the 30-Day money back guarantee and refund your money. Buy now before the price goes up!

Any small business owner has a lot on their plate. Remove any unnecessary code or plugins. Check 'em out below: If you’re looking for the best hosting option, I recommend their highest-tier plan. DreamHost boasts outstanding features that should satisfy most expert users, and a new easy website builder tool makes the web host more welcoming to newbies as well.

Measuring Results

10,000 subdomains. I was also told that while promotional pricing does go up at the end of the offer period, if you contact customer service, InMotion has a "loyal customer discount" that may bring the price back down. Find the best host for blogging, ecommerce, portfolio sites or forums. Dedicated hosting gives you your own separate computing hardware to host your website.

Problem #2: Rushed servers

To see a quick walkthrough of WP Engine’s interface, as well as what it’s like when you first open your account with them, watch the video here. A small business site? Great value for money. Cheap web hosting services, and online store owners will be glad to hear that SiteGround’s higher plan is PCI (compliant with recommended e-commerce security standards) . Website visitors are sure to have a pleasant time browsing pages, with GrenGeeks using SSD RAID-10. Extra goodies – 1&1 hosting provides tons of benefits for better website performance along with the hosting, which includes. If you find frequent outage, it’s best to upgrade to a higher plan so you can create a stable hosting environment for your site. Sites with low traffic or only a few pages will require less resources from a host.

5% improvement on an already very good page speed. Going with an eco-friendly web hosting provider is a great start. While most of their shared and dedicated server plans are priced at normal market rates, ie, not discounted, they do offer a shared web hosting plan which is especially cheap: Let’s get to it.

What’s Hosting Bandwidth?

GreenGeeks lowest price: 75 for 1/12/24/36 months. They include eCommerce management, content management, built-in email solutions, one-click app installs, and a multitude of apps that seamlessly fit for any business industry. There are literally dozens, if not more, of server monitoring tools available online – some are free and some costs upwards of thousands of dollars annually. 15 per month only, but this offer is limited to those who register for two years. Shared hosting starting at $1.

(99 after promo) for unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and unlimited email accounts, and spam support. The best hosting for client websites and why you should host, best of all, you’re not constrained by any storage or bandwidth limits in their paid plans. Another benefit to this pay-as-you-go model is that you can easily upgrade your services over a specific time if you expect a boost in traffic. For this list, we listed price of the brand’s cheapest plan on a 12 month basis which is $2. In any of the above scenarios, we recommend iPage email hosting, which includes webmail, SPAM filtering, virus protection, and a free email address (at your free domain name).

Admin and site maintenance get a lot easier. Is your site being backed up daily and can you restore it within 15 minutes if something goes wrong? How much you know about designing a website, maintaining it, and updating it. As of February, Wix Turbo was introduced which considerably improves the speed and the performance of websites.